How to declutter your storage unit

    The thing is, when the time comes to clean out a bit of stuff, we tend to procrastinate. That amount of work can scare people into postponing it for long periods of time. We come to you with advice on how to declutter your storage unit and help you start and finish the job. Do not worry, and let us unite our strength and do this.

    Manage your time right

    Do not think, even for a second, that this can last only a day. Even if your cheap storage Florida is smaller to fit your needs, it can take some time. The first step when you want to declutter your storage unit is to manage your time. We know we said procrastination is not good. But if you can’t take some time to do it now, postpone it until you can.

    A clock showing the time you need to plan in order to declutter your storage unit
    Time managing skills are important when you are about to declutter your storage unit

    The best thing to do is clean out while you already have some time off of work. That way you won’t feel pressured, because this will be emotional. To manage your time effectively, you have to make a plan. This means dividing your storage into sections to declutter in particles. By doing this, you are saving precious time not doing it chaotically.

    Ask for some help to declutter your storage unit

    We are sure you can do this alone, but everything is better with friends or movers Hollywood  FL. Make sure to call earlier as you prepare to make a plan yourself. Give your friends time to manage their stuff as well. Help from your friends can be valuable in ways you won’t even know. Some of your friends may not be into it. Do not be mad about that, but accept it.

    friends hugging each other
    Ask your friends for help if you can

    Friend will help you get rid of stuff you don’t want to but need to. They will keep you on track by keeping it real. Also, having friends help you declutter your storage unit is a huge time saver. And you will also probably have a good time. Better than doing it alone and procrastinating.

    Prepare your supplies

    Packing supplies are essential when the time comes to declutter your storage unit. Make sure to buy only what is needed and not clutter your storage even more with unnecessary boxes. Plastic containers are great for storing in units because they will keep your thing from harm. Even if your storage has climate control, somethings are better sealed. Do not save money on supplies because, as we said, they will keep your thing from harm’s way.

    a plastic box
    Plastic boxes are sometimes the best choices for your storage unit

    Keep your priorities straight

    This process will be emotional. That means you will have the desire to keep things you shouldn’t. Especially if you are doing it with friends and some memories pop up. But, they are there to keep it real for you and not let you stray from the course.

    car tires
    You will have to get rid of some items you do not need anymore

    To declutter our storage unit means you will throw out a lot of stuff. The longer they have been there, the more of a chance it has to be tossed. If you can not remember the last time you have used it, throw it right away. If it is something useful, then you should donate it. There are so many people in need of a lot of items. You will help someone out, and rid yourself of the burden of holding it.

    Some things can be used as gifts for your loved one. You may have found an old beautiful painting your mother would love. Take it to a professional to take off the garnish and give it to her as a gift. Yup, we mentioned it would be emotional. Store the items you selected to be gifted in your home. It would be a shame if they got ruined in the process of cleaning out your space.

    Place your items strategically

    To declutter your storage unit means to place your belongings strategically when you are finished with throwing out or donating. We mentioned the plastic containers and how great they would work. Another plus for the plastic containers for storage is that they fit perfectly on top of one another.

    On the bottom of the piles, you are going to make, but the heavy stuff. The contains will protect the lighter ones too, but this is a more stable and secure option. In the back of the unit, put the items you rarely use such as old furniture you were planning to sell. In the front part goes the stuff you use more often, such as clothes for the winter or summer.

    Some things to keep in mind when you declutter your storage unit:

    1. Contact a thrift store to pick up stuff you want to donate
    2. Clean in sections
    3. Hire a service to clean the storage
    4. Make an inventory

    Label everything

    To ease yourself the pain of going through it all over again, label everything.  Every box should have a label. And put similar items near each other. Do not toss your jacket in the middle of the storage but your snowboard all the way back. To keep it organized after your effort to declutter your storage unit, this is needed. If your unit is big, take an extra step. Divide it into sections and put a sign above each one. You may forget your new layout of the storage. Or some family member can find it confusing to manage. Make it a bit easier for them as well as yourself and put a sign over each pile of containers.

    Do not hesitate to listen to your friends’ advice. Or a family member who is experienced. They are there to help you out. Make a plan for storing extra supplies that are left when you finished cleaning out.

    Moving is somewhat similar to this. To declutter your storage unit means you will go through the same steps as if you were to move. That means you can get frustrated at times. Remember to take deep breaths and do not give up. We are here to help you out alongside professionals, friends and your family members.