How to declutter your walk-in closet before you move

    Declutter your walk-in closet before you move and you will get a perfectly organized wardrobe

    Now when you decided to move, there is a lot of tasks you will have to finish. Thankfully, you have several weeks to prepare and organize your move. For sure this is a fact that will make your life easier when the moving day comes. So, it seems like moving from Texas to Florida will be a pleasant and exciting journey as you have enough time to set it all up in advance. Before you start searching for reputable moving companies, make sure to clean and organize your home and all belongings you will bring with you.  In order to conduct your packing stress-free, make sure to sort your belongings as soon as possible. One of the first things you should do is to declutter your walk-in closet before you move. With our simple tips and tricks, this task will be pure fun.

    Take your time to declutter your walk-in closet before you move

    Although organizing and decluttering your walk-in closet sounds like a true joy, sometimes it might be difficult. In case your walk-in closet is full of clothes you no longer wear, decluttering and organizing could be extremely demanding. Not to mention all those piles of jam-packed clothes that make your clothes get wrinkled. Besides, you may have issues finding clothes you need for a long period of time.

    declutter your walk-in closet before you move
    Get rid of the clutter inside your walk-in closet.

    According to all this, it is the last minute to whip your wardrobe back into shape and increase its functionality. Well, now you realize that moving comes as a blessing. If it wasn’t for the upcoming relocation, you would never find the time to organize this mess in your lovely walk-in closet. As you might admit, this is a great moment to invest some time and turn your wardrobe into a perfectly organized space. Our experts at Purple Heart Moving Group will help you get a clutter-free walk-in closet before you move. We will share with you a few essential tips for making the most out of your walk-in closet.

    Research affordable storage options

    No matter if you are going to sell, donate, or put most of the clothes you don’t wear frequently in storage, you will still have to organize your wardrobe. A good idea is to rent Florida storage units and start transporting your seasonal clothes there. This will make the decluttering process far easier. You will have enough space to sort, organize, and arrange your walk-in closet and even plan out how to organize it once you reach your new home. Now you have two reasons to get to work: to declutter your walk-in closet before you move and to organize your clothes while you are living in your current home.

    Girl and a walk-in closet
    Decluttering will provide some extra space that will prove to be valuable

    Follow these steps to declutter your walk-in closet before you move

    • Before you start sorting, first take everything out of your walk-in closet. Secondly, make sure to wipe down, dust, clean, and vacuum all the shelves.
    • Set aside clothes you are going to donate. Separate those items that need dry cleaning.
    • Get new hangers from IKEA and use them to separate your favorite pieces of clothes. When putting everything back in the closet, you can hang and sort your clothes by color. Additionally, keep commonly worn items easily reachable.
    • When you have to declutter your walk-in closet before you move, make sure you get rid of all those pieces you haven’t been wearing for years.