How to find reliable movers for your move from Ohio to Florida

    It's necessary to know how to find reliable movers for your move from Ohio to Florida.

    Moving from one place to the other is a task that can be challenging. Whether you want to move an office or a home, you’ll have to prepare a lot of things, create a plan, and, ideally, stick to it. This might seem to you like an easy task, but it can be really tricky… especially if this will be your first relocation. However, you can avoid all of the potential problems that may appear during the big move in a simple way. All you have to do is hire movers! Unfortunately, today, there are so many moving companies that aren’t as good as they represent themselves. Because of this, we have decided to help you find reliable movers for your move from Ohio to Florida. If you stick to us and keep reading our blog, you’ll find them with ease!

    To find reliable movers for your move from Ohio to Florida, you’ll need help

    In case this will be your first move, then you probably don’t know a thing about where and how to find reliable local movers Florida. This is why you’ll need help! And this help doesn’t include just us and our opinion. To find a good and quality moving company, you’ll want to ask different people whether they can recommend some movers.

    • Talk to the people in your surroundings. You’ll want to find someone who has moved recently with the help of a moving company, ask them about their experience. Make sure to ask as many people as you can! Friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues… all of their opinions might help you. And, don’t look only for positive comments. If someone hired a bad moving company or was scammed, you’ll want to know the name of that moving company to avoid it.
    • Use the power of the Internet. Whether the people from your surrounding gave you a recommendation on movers or not, you should always check the Internet to find online reviews and ratings. For example, you can do this by checking out the popular website This is probably the easiest way of finding a moving company that has moved a lot of people successfully. However, don’t let good ratings and reviews make you take your guard off. Even though one company has good a good score, that doesn’t have to be the proof that they’re really good. However, it’s a good starting point to finding reliable movers for your move from Ohio to Florida.

      Man writing in his notebook.
      Make sure to write down the names of all of the moving companies that are considered to be good.

    Check the moving companies’ info

    In order to find the best movers Davie Fl, you’ll have to do some online research. Getting a recommendation on a moving company from a couple of friends or reading good reviews online won’t be enough. Moving scams is something that can happen to every person that’s not on alert. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you’re dealing with experienced professionals and not scammers. One of the most important steps for doing this is checking everything about the moving company. So, it’s necessary to visit their website and to check whether the information they have provided is valid. You’ll have to check their address, phone numbers, and their reviews.

    A man writing on his white laptop.
    Inspect thoroughly the website of your potential movers before hiring them.

    To find reliable movers for your move from Ohio to Florida and to avoid moving frauds, there’s one last thing to do. Check whether a company has a license or not. Pay attention now because this is of the utmost importance! Every moving company needs to be licensed. And, they have to give their license number to whoever asks them for it. After you get a license number, just go on a website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) and type in the number. If a moving company doesn’t have a license, or they don’t want to give their license number to you, avoid them at any cost! This is a major red flag and a sign that you’ll be dealing with possible scammers.

    How to recognize moving scams?

    We want to talk a little bit more about moving frauds and scams. Who knows how many times you’ll be changing your address, so learning how to recognize potential scammers is of the utmost importance. So, we have already told you that if a moving company rejects to give you their license number, that should be considered as a red flag.

    A warning sign on a laptop to warn about potential scams you might encounter when finding reliable movers for your move from Ohio to Florida.
    You should always be careful when hiring a moving company in order to avoid moving frauds.

    But, what are other red flags you should watch out for, especially when searching for last minute movers?

    • A moving company gave you a “too good to be true” moving estimate. This goes for moving estimates that are incredibly low.
    • They demand to be paid upfront. If someone asks you to pay for their services before they even relocate you, don’t do it! There’s a high chance that they’ll just rip you off and never show up again.
    • They ask to pay them a huge deposit.
    • They don’t want to send their estimator to your home. Instead, they give you a blind moving estimate.
    • They don’t have trucks or other vehicles that they could use for the relocation.

    Compare moving companies

    After completing the steps from above, you’ll be one step closer to moving to Florida with moving experts by your side. In order to choose a moving company easier, you’ll want to narrow down your search. Ideally, find at least two or three companies with good reviews and compare them! Contact them and ask about the services they offer. In case you want to move some valuable art pieces, or your precious pool table, you’ll need movers that can provide you with these special services. Also, don’t forget about getting a moving estimate. This will help you find a moving company that’s both reliable and affordable. Each moving company is obligated to give you a free moving quote. And usually, you can get on their website.

    After completing all of the steps that are listed above, you’ll find reliable movers for your move from Ohio to Florida! With professionals by your side, you’ll relocate in no time and with ease!