How to help your kid adjust to new school

    two kids in school

    Starting a new chapter of life in a different city is always something you enjoy. It is the perfect moment for you to organize everything and maybe get rid of some old habits you have. For instance, if you are moving to a new house, make sure you decide to keep it always fresh and clean. But, if you are moving with family there is one more thing you need to think about. If your kid is going to school, he will need to adapt to such a big change as changing school is. He needs to say goodbye to all his friends, and start all over in a different city, different school, with new different people. And that can be pretty hard. That is why you need to help your kid adjust to new school. Here is how you can ease such a big change for your kid.

    Involve your kid in the relocation process

    It is very important for your kid to be happy as you are about upcoming relocation. And if you just bluntly tell him that you will move, and do not involve him in the process, he might feel bad. He will only think about leaving his school and friends, and that can make him very sad. That is exactly the thing you can and must prevent. The first thing you need to do is to point out the benefits of changing the surroundings. You need to be very gentle and patient and make him understand that this will be a good thing for him.

    help your kid adjust to new school
    Make sure your kid is part of the relocation

    Before you start with the strategy to help your kid adjust to new school, you need to make sure he feels useful and important during this big change. That is why you need to involve him in the moving process. Let him pack his room, and always make sure you hear his ideas. Especially about the look of his future room. Not only this will help you as well, but he will be occupied and excited. And that is exactly the state you want him to be in.

    After the move

    So you finally moved, and your Florida movers have unloaded your belongings. Before you start with unpacking, which is quite long and sometimes hard process, take your kid to see his new school. Let him explore playgrounds and the interior of a new school. This will help your kid adjust to new school, as he will be familiar with some things on his first day. If possible, try to organize a welcome party with his new teacher and classmates. As he will be the center of this event, he will feel very special, and will not have problems with adapting to this change.

    Once you finish with a school visit, it is time for unpacking. Make sure your kid unpacks his own things and arrange his room as he wants. It is very important for him to feel relaxed all the time, as any additional stress could cause troubles. That is why you need to keep your kid safe during a move.

    Help your kid adjust to new school by meeting new friends

    It is really important for your kid to have at least one friend before his first day at a new school. Not only he will not feel completely alone but will have someone to introduce him to other kids. So, what you can do is something from the following:

    • If your neighbors have kids that go to the same school,  go and say hello
    • Throw a move-in party 
    • Check with his teacher if he can organize some kind of welcome day 

    These are all good ways to help your kid adjust to new school and make new friends. This is particularly important if you have only one kid. When you have more than one kid, he will at least have someone to spend his time with after school. But if you have only one kid, you need to make sure he finds some company.

    kids party
    Organize a party for your kids

    Be very patient

    One of the most important things you need to know is that you need to be very patient. There is a pretty big chance your kid will have a hard time sometimes. And that is when you need to be next to him and give him a positive vibe. Make sure you talk to your child. You need to listen and hear what he has to say and to try to explain him anything he wants to know. Only this way you will be able to know what is bothering him and try to find a solution to his problems. Remember that you are the one who is responsible for the well being of your kid.

    Help your kid adjust to new school by taking him to school

    Even if there is a school bus, it would be best if you take him on his first day. Even better if you can make it happen to take him the whole first week. This will remove some stress form him and he will be able to adapt faster. One more thing you can do is to have regular talks with his teacher. That way you will know how his adaption process is going. Even if your kid doesn’t tell you everything, it is important for him not to know that you got info from his teacher. Try to be subtle.

    Your kid should have a company on his first day at school

    Stay positive

    Make sure you stay positive all the time. Your kid can feel if something is not ok, and that is something you need to avoid. Especially during the process when you are trying to help your kid adjust to new school. Additionally, remember that you have one more thing to think about – the relocation. In order to ease yourself that part, make sure you find good movers Davie Fl. The fewer things you have to think about, the more time you will have for your kid.