How to keep your kids safe during a move

    How to keep your kids safe during a move

    Worries about your kids’ health and well-being are constant. There are special occasions when you need to pay more attention and one of them is a home relocation. Moving is almost always a stressful and life-changing event. In order to keep the level of stress minimal, good preparation and organization are what you need. Firstly, make a good checklist and find a moving company that can provide a different kind of services. Having professional help will for sure make moving easier. It is even harder to handle everything when you have to think about the well-being of your loved ones. Paying attention to yours and your kids’ mental and physical state is a crucial part of a moving process. In this article, you can find good advice on how to keep your kids safe during a move.

    Organization and preparation

    Good organization is key to the fulfillment of your plans. In case of moving you need to make a checklist. By following well-planned steps, you can prevent most of the unwanted situations from occurring. One of the steps on the list is to cover all the items that are potentially harmful. Also, you need to do a home inspection of both the old and your new house. This way you can have a better picture of most of the situations and prevent them from happening.

    Making a good moving plan is from a big importance when moving
    Making a plan is a key to successful moving

    Prevention as a way to keep your kids safe during a move

    In order to keep your kids safe during a move, prevention is one of the most important things. There are many situations that you can prevent. You can find them in the text below.

    Hazardous items

    Depending on your child’s age, some of the items in your home are more hazardous than the others. Sorting and keeping them out of child’s reach is very important. You want to keep your kids safe during a move, but at the same time to avoid damaging your belongings. That is one more reason to pack certain items by yourself. Jewelry, precious and delicate items are easily breakable and they should not end up in the hands of a child. Keep your floors and surfaces clean at all times and pack boxes one by one. This way there is less chance that your little ones will stumble over boxes or choke on hazardous items.

    Toxic materials

    One of the things that need special care is handling toxic materials and chemicals. They can be dangerous to everyone, not only to your children. You should inspect and tighten all lids to avoid spillage and create labels if any of them is missing. Use plastic or wooden containers and seal them with duct tape or a rope. Keep your kids safe during a move by locking toxic materials and chemicals away from their reach.

    Dangerous packing materials

    While in the process of packing we should pay attention and avoid leaving packing materials behind. Items like scissors, box cutters are very dangerous and can cause serious harm if they are left unchecked. Packing tape, plastic wrap and bubble wrap sometimes seem like fun, but they are dangerous as well. Keep your kids safe during a move by keeping all packaging materials you are currently using at one spot.

    To keep your kids safe during a move keep them away from packing supplies such as scissors, bubble wrap and box cutters
    Some of the packing supplies might be harmful to your kids

    To keep your kids safe during a move do a home inspection

    When you pack and move boxes and items around the house, things change and if overlooked, a hazardous environment can be created. Inspecting your home before packing is a smart thing to do. Decide which area of your home will contain boxes and delicate or fragile items and secure it. Unpacking is equally important as packing and that is why inspecting your new home is important as well. You need to know where and in which order you will place your items. Also be sure to check all the outlets, smoke detectors, windows, and handrails. You need to be sure everything is in good shape before you move in.

    Send your children away while organizing the move

    Sometimes you don’t have enough time to properly prepare and make a moving plan. In such a situation one should search for last minute movers near me. They can help you move in the shortest time possible. Due to lack of time and unforeseen circumstances, you will need to seek additional help. Family and friends can be useful, but the help of a babysitter can be of the highest value. It is also possible for your child to skip the moving process altogether. Your children can be at school, daycare or grandparents until you finish the preparation. That way you can keep your kids safe during a move.

    Kids and their grandparents having fun
    To keep your kids safe during a move send them to their grandparents

    Entertaining your child

    Another way to keep your kids safe during a move is to involve them in the whole process. If circumstances are such that your child is present at all times while you are packing, try to make the best of it. Playing games and having fun is a good distraction for your child. Engage in art projects or play with toys and coloring books while at the same time you pack slowly and stress-free.

    One more way to keep your kids safe during a move is to put their mental state in the first place

    As we already mentioned, relocation can cause a lot of stress. There is a lot of pressure when moving comes along. Even if you have plenty of other tasks, make your kid’s feelings and mental state a priority. Adjusting to the changes is more challenging to kids than to adults. In case you feel nervous, try not to pass the nervousness on to your child. Support between family members can provide calmness during your move so talk to your kids, explain to them what this event is bringing and be realistic. Do not present the negative sides only, but also try to highlight all the perks of a new home. That way you might help you kids in adjusting to the new environment.

    Conversation and connection between parents and kids are very important in the process of moving
    The feelings of your kid should be in the first place

    Keeping your kids safe during a move is not an easy task, but a necessary one. Since sometimes you cannot do everything by yourself, a helping hand is always welcome. The biggest help in the moving process can come from a professional moving company. By hiring one of the reputable moving companies Miami Gardens you will be able to spend more time with your kids. We wish you safe and stress-free relocation.