How to keep your stored goods safe?

    Whether you need to rent short-term storage during a move or long-term storage when downsizing before your relocation, you want to know how to keep your stored goods safe. Purple Heart Moving Group will help you with some amazing tips. To avoid anyone stealing something from you, and similar problems—follow this guide

    person packing something with brown paper
    Clean all your items as you are packing them and before it goes into the storage facility.

    First opt for a safe, secure storage facility for your needs

    Theft is usually one of the biggest concerns when people are putting their items in storage. To decrease the chance of somebody stealing something from you, look for a storage facility with multiple layers of security in place. Florida storage units offer just that. Our facility has the newest, safest security features currently being installed in the market, including:

    • Surveillance cameras
    • Alarms
    • Fire safety technology, and more!
    • Not everyone has access to the facility. It is constricted only to the warehouse manager. This means your belongings are always out of reach from thieves.

    Why not choose climate-controlled storage?

    If you want to learn how to keep your stored goods safe, it’s good to know that elements can be harsh to belongings while they’re in storage. Oscillations in hot and cold temperatures can damage delicate items. Just the same, high humidity can cause rust and mold. Climate-controlled storage with our Florida movers looks different. We have premium, enclosed storage facilities on the market that offer temperature and humidity controls to protect your items.

    Get proper insurance

    In the event that your belongings suffer damages, or get lost, somebody steals them, don’t worry. That is if you have insurance, which can help you recover. First, check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to verify if you have coverage for off-site items. If you don’t, rest assured that our local movers will keep your stored goods safe while you keep them with us. This way, you’ll have the proper coverage in the extremely rare case of theft or damage.

    Pack properly so that you keep your stored goods safe

    As you start to put your possessions in storage, you should learn how to pack them properly. Start by wrapping loose items and packing them in boxes. We suggest sticking to one or two box sizes to make stacking easier. Also, don’t be afraid to fill each box to the brim. Such a way of packing for storage will keep your stored goods safe because it prevents boxes that are at the bottom of the stack from being smashed. Finally, those at the top will not be shifting and toppling.

    Secondly, we have to emphasize that it is easier to create neat stacks and rows when the boxes are of a similar size and strength. Choose comparably sized boxes (not only for visual reasons) so you can keep all the boxes about the same weight. This is a great hack because it won’t allow the boxes on top from crushing the smaller or lighter boxes underneath. Smaller, heavy boxes stop the stacks from tipping over.

    Person packing something in a white box with brown paper
    Shelving will allow you to make the most out of the height of your unit and help you find what you need without moving a lot of boxes.

    Prepare furniture and appliances before storing them

    Firstly, make sure to cover and wrap upholstered and wood furniture to protect them. Secondly, line mirrors and picture frames. Cardboard is very handy for this use. Next, stack these items together to help prevent them from breaking.

    Secondly, clean your appliances before putting them in storage. It is absolutely mandatory that you dry every piece you put in storage to discourage pests. Along the same lines, leave refrigerator doors slightly open to prevent mold growth.

    Also, try to avoid moving items on rainy days because it may be difficult to dry everything before it arrives at the storage facility.

    Remember, even the tiniest amounts of food debris, bacteria, or other stains could cause mold, attract pests, or stain items that sit without use. You can’t avoid dust, of course, as it will settle on everything while it is in storage. Plus, people track in more dirt when they visit. To keep some level of control in all this, you can keep a broom and dust rag handy in your storage room. Try to use them at the end of every visit.

    To keep your stored goods safe, make an inventory list

    If you have ever kept things in storage before, you probably know how simple it is to lose track of all the items. To make sure you don’t forget what you do and don’t keep in storage, write down all the items as you place them in boxes. For added convenience, our professional movers can give you a detailed inventory sheet for insurance purposes. Plus, it will ensure you never forget what you’re storing with us.

    First label all the sides of each and every box with a number. Then immediately write down on an inventory sheet everything under that box number. Secondly, and more importantly, write down the value of these items. Now compare the total of all inventory sheets with the insurance coverage possible for the unit. Then you’ll be able to see if you have adequate protection in the event of a loss. We suggest you make it a habit to update the list after any removal or addition.

    Keeping up with storage payments will keep your stored goods safe

    Just as it’s essential to pay your monthly rent or mortgage on time if you want to keep your house, you must also keep up with your storage payments to ensure your facility keeps your stored items safe stay and sound. As you will see, storing with us is more affordable than other options around Florida, so it will be easier to keep up with payments. Automatically charging your credit card is often the simplest way to prevent forgetting to pay.

    Person bubble wrapping to keep your stored goods safe
    You cannot store anything living or perishable. The same goes for chemicals or combustible items, and firearms.

    Visit the unit as often as you can

    When we say often, we mean try to stop by at least once a month to check on your items and make sure everything is as you wish. Regular checks enable people to stop problems, like mold or insect infestation, damage, break-ins, or other issues. Contact Purple Heart Moving Group because we offer clean, secure units in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. We are also here to help you create a plan for your unit so everything flows easily during your lease. Call us or stop by to learn more about our rates and services, or to inspect our facility if you want to.