How to make new friends after moving from afar?

    How to make new friends after moving from afar? Moving to a new home, especially across a larger distance is a really special occasion for anyone of us. One part, usually a really big one, is behind us and a whole other one is right in front of us. There is so much happening around us that it may seem quite overwhelming to actually deal with all that and stay calm and composed. Hiring a quality group of Florida movers is, for instance, one of the things that you should do. Then there is that whole question of actually timing the moving date with your current and your future job. Another thing to take care of is to move your medical and other papers to your new corresponding center. Then there is that whole practical part of actually packing all of your belongings. 

    It is not hard to make new friends after moving from afar
    Making friends is a process, but it is easier than it sounds

    Stress is always just around the corner during a move. This is especially the case if you are moving somewhere where you will be a total and complete stranger. If you are moving from your childhood home to a town where you already have some friends or relatives, things will definitely look at least a little bit better. If you are actually moving from somewhere where you honestly do not know anyone but yourself then things can feel pretty rough. However, we have some good news for you – This will not last forever! We are here to answer the question of how to make new friends after moving from afar. Before we delve into this topic directly, there is something that we should talk about first.

    Having the right mentality is key to make new friends after moving from afar

    When getting ready for something as important and big as is moving to a new home, it is really important that you are able to “not lose your cool” throughout the whole process. Moving from Chicago to Florida, for instance, can be a really big shock, especially if you are not very experienced in moving. This is where and when you have to be able to stop yourself for a moment and say to yourself that everything is going to be alright. The thing about human beings is that we, quite often actually, tend to be overly dramatic. We tend to take things that happen to us too seriously. Most of the time that is actually not necessary. Bad things will happen and we will go through them. At one point, those bad things will just be bad memories, or even just regular memories. 

    bonfire surrounded by group of people near brown hill during daytime
    Staying positive and easy-going will draw people to you

    Each and every one of us has gone through some personal kind of trauma. Life is, after all, a mixture of the good and the bad. That means that having the mentality of someone who takes everything negative that happens too hard will make your life even harder. The key is in acknowledging the fact that bad things will happen and making peace with it. Yes, bad times, such as times when you will be alone after a far-away move in a strange, new city may come. You will find new friends eventually. It is impossible not to do that if you just go out and interact with other people. Do not put pressure on yourself. Things will eventually get better.  Just ask yourself – In six months, will this matter? If not, then there is no reason to be disturbed by it. In six months, you will have new friends!

    Take the easy road – Ask your colleagues for a drink

    One of the most important aspects of almost every person’s life is that we have to work. We have to have a job. That is how things are. We spend a lot of our time at work earning money to support ourselves. Chances are that we are not going to be alone at work. Other people work also. So, in order to make new friends after moving from afar to your new home town, the easiest first step to take is to ask your colleagues for a drink. The first day on your new job, make it a personal challenge to memorize the names of as many people as possible. Throughout the day, point at your colleagues and say their names out loud while laughing. Make a gag from it.

    women near bonfire at night
    Embrace the fact that you are the stranger here and things will be a lot easier

    It will show people that you want to connect with them as soon as possible, but also that you are someone who is fun to be around. Even if you are not a very extrovert type of person, you can still do this. If you think that you are awkward in social situations, so what? Embrace that. Announce that out loud with a smile and try to do the “memorizing everyone’s name” thing. If you tell people that you are nervous and feel out of place a bit, they will subconsciously feel the need to root for you and to help you adjust. Make those first steps, and they will do the rest. Ask some of them at least to go with you for a drink or two after work. There you can share some of your interests with them. Perhaps they know about a really cool art gallery?

    Do what you like to do and people will come to you

    Settling in a new city does not have to be complicated. Make it easy for yourself and go and do things that you like to do. Do you like to jog? Go and jog then. Do you like going to movies? Go to movies then. Going to see a movie by yourself is quite a liberating feeling actually. If you are interested in a certain sport, then search the Internet for places that fans of that sport gather. Do you like a particular type of music? Find a place that plays that kind of music and go there. It won’t perhaps happen the first time, but eventually, it will – You will meet new people and you will then look back and think how easy it actually was to make new friends after moving from afar.