How to meet your new military neighbors

    Some people believe that meeting your new neighbors can be really hard. But, they are often wrong! Especially if you are meeting someone who is just like you, in the military service. Let us help you ease your mind with our few guidelines on how to meet your new military neighbors! That way you can have a good start when building a nice relationship with your new neighbors and possibly new great friends!

    Meet your new military neighbors over a drink

    As we all know, the moving process can be really hard. Especially if you moved from a base that is far away. Now, you are in a completely new setting with just a few people you know as friends. This is the time when you have to make friends, but it can be really hard sometimes. That’s how most of the people feel when they move to a new city or neighborhood where they barely know anyone. It can be very stressful to get to know their new neighbors! But, this is where our guide comes in handy! A simple hello can mean a world to people who are new in town! Which is why you should meet your new military neighbors over a drink! Brink some soda or other refreshing drink with you and introduce yourself to them. That way they will know they are not only surrounded by good neighbors, but also, good friends.

    People cheering with drinks as a good way to meet your new military neighbors
    Meet your new military neighbors over a casual drink

    One thing is for certain here! There are many tasks people need to complete during the moving process that they can’t think about meeting someone after they move in. Moving can be a very stressful process. Well, not exactly! If you get help from reliable and professional military movers then you can easily focus on your post-move activities.

    Talk about your previous deployments and work

    Now if you are both in the military service you can easily strike up a conversation with your new neighbor. There are a lot of topics you can talk about and you can even introduce him to how things work in your neighborhood. A lot of veterans and soldiers can easily make great bonds between them, knowing that they have someone to rely on not only when they are deployed, but off the field as well. And there is no other thing more reassuring than knowing you are coming back to where you are loved and welcomed with a kind heart.

    people sitting and talking
    You can share your experiences and feelings with your new military neighbors

    If your neighbor was deployed far away, then this is something almost completely new for him and his family. A sudden change of lifestyle can be a bit shocking. Which is why it is a good idea to have a nice talk and that way to meet your new military neighbors. You can also talk about their moving experience and how well they handled their long distance relocation. As well as how good their long distance moving companies in Florida were.

    Organize a barbecue

    The best way to become friends with anyone is over food! That’s right! Over the course of history, people bonded over good meals and vine. Which makes it a good idea to make a small get-together and turn up that good old barbecue and get some refreshing drinks. People are much more relaxed when they are surrounded by friends and neighbors who wish them well. There are some easy barbecue meals you can learn to make that are both simple to cook and very tasty. Try to use them when you want to meet your new military neighbors!

    a barbecue with food on it
    Food always brings people together

    Talk about common interests

    People often bond easily over the things they have in common. Whether those things are sports, politics, religion or some hobby, they will always find it easier to talk with someone with whom they have something in common. Don’t let that take you by surprise! Because that may be one of the easiest ways to meet your new military neighbors. If you, for instance, have a shared interest in pets, you can discuss pet related topics!

    woman petting her dog
    You can always talk about your pets

    Once in a while people tend to talk about their common interests, and in this case pets. And if you also have a pet, then you will get yourself a good new pet buddy owner! Who knows, maybe if you are planning to move with your pet in the near future, they can help you with some tips and tricks on how to do it properly!

    Do some DIY projects together

    Perhaps the best idea you can do with your new neighbor is to do some DIY projects! It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as you have a good time and bond together while doing it. For instance, you can both either make some bird feeders and houses or some other interesting projects. And if they have just moved in, you can help them by sharing some interesting ways to decorate home! Some of which you used with your own place. Because we know there are some cheap ways to decorate home, we know they can be easily done by anyone.

    a bunch of stacked bird houses
    Making birdhouses is an easy DIY project you can do together

    If you are aiming to be a friendly neighbor and want to meet your new military neighbors then these are just some of the best ways you can do so. Bring some food, pies and welcoming drinks. Strike up a casual chat with them about any topic that you may all enjoy and start your new friendship with ease! It will mean a lot for them to know that there are some friendly people around.