How to move from NYC to Florida with pets

    move from NYC to Florida with pets

    Moving is probably one of your least favorite things. It’s just the little things that most people wish they would just skip — the packing, the heavy boxes, the boxes that were never unpacked from the last move. Maybe you should just throw it away already? We understand it can be really stressful! But there are things you can do to set your pets up for success before, during, and after the big move. By planning ahead and following the steps movers Hallandale Beach laid out for you below, we assure you that your pets will settle in quite well to your new home. If you want to see your pets relaxed and acclimated after you move from NYC to Florida with pets, read on.

    French bulldog
    Even though your schedule can get quite busy as moving day gets closer, make sure that your dog is still getting enough physical exercise.

    Get your pets used to the sight of moving supplies

    In the few weeks before you move, try to make your pet accustomed to the sight of moving boxes and other moving supplies. Especially the sound of packing tape. Dogs tune in very quickly to things that predict a change in routine. For example, when they see a suitcase they know you’re leaving on a trip. Sometimes this can trigger anxious behavior, especially if your pets already suffer from separation anxiety. Place some moving boxes that you got from one of the top moving companies NYC to Florida against a wall or in a corner. Let your pet explore them at their own pace. Your goal here is to make these moving supplies a neutral occurrence in your pet’s mind.

    Keep your pet’s regular routine unchanged

    As moving day gets closer, try to keep your pet’s routine as regular as you can. Stick with their regular exercise and feeding times. Take them out for their usual potty breaks. Consistency prior to your long distance move from NYC to Florida with pets helps them relax and feel safe since they know what to expect. If they experience too many changes too quickly, they can get anxious because of the lack of structure in their day.

    To-Do List prior to your move from NYC to Florida with pets:

    • Update your dog’s microchip with your new address and make sure your contact info is current.
    • Check with your veterinarian about any vaccinations or additional parasite preventatives your pet might need in your new area.
    • Make an introductory appointment with a veterinarian in your new neighborhood.
    • Provide lots of physical exercise for your furry friend. Off-leash time in a safely enclosed area to play or wrestle with their furry pals is helpful in keeping your pet in great shape and less stressed.
    Dog sleeping before your move from NYC to Florida with pets
    To help ease any anxiety throughout the move, you can also put an Adaptil pheromone collar on them or start them on calming supplements.

    Give your furry friend a safe space during your move from NYC to Florida with pets

    A safe space is essential to help your furry friend feel calmer during your relocation from NYC to Florida with pets. This gives your pet something familiar and comforting that’s consistent between the two places. You should also make sure to give us a call and your pets lots of love and reassurance when they ask for it. Give them some cuddles, praise, and pet them when they seek it out.