How to move in less than two weeks?

    if you are wondering how to move in less than two weeks you have come to the right place

    Moving can be hard and stressful, all by itself. Imagine that you have to move in less than two weeks. If you are part of this group of people who are rushing with the move, this might be the perfect article for you. We will focus in today’s article on how to prepare for a move in less than two weeks. If you are interested to learn more feel free to read this article or our blog in general.  Moreover, this article will help you prepare for a move in general. Follow our instructions and you will be in a new apartment in no time.

    How to move in less than two weeks?

    For someone who has never moved before moving in less than two weeks will seem like moving on short time notice. However, two weeks is all it takes if you have a good plan. For that reason, before you can research last minute movers near me online or you can hire them you need to plan some things first. The most important thing to do in a situation like this is to not panic. You need to stay calm in order to be able to focus on the important things.  Therefore here is the list of things you need to do before you hire a moving company:

    • Make a budget. The budget is an important part of every move. You need to know how much money you are ready to invest in the moving process. You need to try not to exceed your budget even if that means you will only have to use second-hand moving supplies.
    • Make a checklist. Especially when you have a short time period to prepare for a move, moving checklist can save your move from being a disaster. You should put everything on paper and recheck it few times. If you are certain that you have packed everything you need you can move to the next step. Therefore, you can not move in less than two weeks without the ultimate packing checklist.
    • Stay focused. We know that moving on short notice can be overwhelming. However, you need to stay focused during the whole process. Just take a couple of deep breaths when you start doubting yourself and remind yourself of the next step of the plan.
    a man writing the list
    Double-check your moving checklist the night before the move

    How to pack for a move that is less than two weeks away?

    No matter how much time you have the packing process is always the same. First of all, you will need moving boxes and you can easily find them in some online shops. However, you might not have time to wait for them to arrive. For that reason, you should buy them in person and don’t buy more boxes than you need for your move. Make sure you have enough packing supplies. You will need to have enough packing supplies in order to be able to pack everything from your moving checklist

    You should also hire a professional packing service to help you with your packing. With them by your side packing and unpacking in a hurry will just seem to be hard things to manage. We suggest hiring professionals. You will learn some of the best packing tips and tricks from them.

    Woman writing moving boxes labels
    Don’t forget to label all of your boxes.

    However, if you do not have enough budget to hire professionals that does not mean you will need to pack on your own. You can always ask for help. Call your friends, especially ones that have previous experience with moving to help you pack. Yet another thing, you should declutter your home and get rid of junk by donations or by the making a garage sale.  You can also give your friends time to check everything you are going to sell or donate, and see if they need anything.

    Finding the last minute movers – how to do it

    It is not that easy to find last minute movers especially when you have less than two weeks to prepare and move to another home. For that reason, you will need to make sure your movers gain your trust in a short time period. Before hiring them you need to ask them for a moving estimate. Just because you are moving on short notice your moving expenses will be higher when it comes to movers. In that kind of hurry, you should research for the best moving and storage Florida has to offer, and based on reviews choose the perfect movers.

    You need someone that you can trust your move, and also in order to have less stress, you will need to give them all of the details about the move. Your movers will help you guide you true whole moving process and they will be on doing all heavy lifting. Those are only some of the advantages of hitting professional movers. You will have more than enough time to relocate if you hire professional movers and packers.

    Other things you can’t forget

    In all of that moving chaos, you can easily forget about the paperwork you need to finish before you move. That in the first place includes filing for addresses changes within the post office. Also, you need to schedule the shut-off and transfer of your cable internet gas electricity, and other utilities. However, you should be prepared to wait for some of the services to be transferred you your new home just because you will have to organize everything in two weeks time period.

    Yet another thing you can do is hire a cleaning company at your old and new location. If you are moving out of a rental apartment it is only logical to clean everything. The same goes for when you are moving to a new apartment. Just because you will be busy with planning everything and coordinating moving tasks it is for the best to hire professionals to help you.

    A lady with glows and cleaning supplies
    Hire a professional cleaning company in order to enter a fresh and clean home after relocation

    This will conclude our article on how to move in less than two weeks. For more information feel free to contact us or contact your moving company. We wish you the best of luck with your move.