How to organize the unpacking process

    So, you have moved to your new home? Well, congratulations! You have completed around 60% of the move! Yep. There is some more work to do still! Now you have to settle in your new home and that means a lot of unpacking! Packing has to be the more difficult of the two, we won’t argue about it. Packing is generally the hardest thing to do during a move and unpacking is a bit simpler, but you should definitely not underestimate it. As is the case with every other part of the moving process, the unpacking has to be planned well, before you start with it. So, how to organize the unpacking process? Well, the key is actually in the packing phase. When preparing for the move, even before the packing, you first have to make an inventory list of all of your belongings.

    In order to organize the unpacking process in the right way, you have to plan it
    Making a plan is a key to successful unpacking

    Why is this so important? There are several good reasons for this. The first is that when you make a complete list of your belongings, you can organize your packing much more easily. So, divide your list on rooms (kitchen, bedroom etc), then make a detailed list of every single thing you have. So, whether you hire commercial movers Florida offers, or you are moving your whole home, you will make things a lot easier for yourself, by actively using the inventory list during the packing. You can easily see what items you can throw or give away when you have the list. Next, inventory can be quite useful to see right away as you are unpacking, what items have been damaged or got lost. And lastly, if you have made an inventory list, you can organize the unpacking process more effectively.

    So, let’s now in what other ways can you organize the unpacking process.

    Time is your best friend (if you have time for it)

    People often tend to underestimate how tough, complex and important can the unpacking process actually be. That is why they often don’t even try to spare enough time for unpacking and that leads to it becoming a complex and annoying process. So, if you want to organize the unpacking process in the best way possible, then you should make yourself available for packing. This does not just mean one weekend or even one whole day. No, this means that you should take several days and dedicate just to unpacking. Whether you can and will do this depends on several factors, of course.

    Firstly, maybe it is not possible to take several days of work (this is a very often occurring problem, and it is perfectly understandable). Secondly, if you are moving to a dorm, for instance, you probably won’t need several days to unpack everything. But if you are moving your whole house, then yes, it is likely, that you will need several days to unpack. If you have kids, that complicates things even more, and it would be best if you could hire a babysitter for a couple of days, to take care of them while you unpack. Another thing that you could do to organize the unpacking process is to make a schedule for every family member. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. For instance, everyone has to unpack three books per day. Doable, but still it should make for a nice pace.

    Money, envelope, pen, paper
    You can save your money by hiring a professional moving company

    Go for the zone defense! Everybody unpacks one room

    Why is this such a good tactic? Well, it is much cleaner and effective to do things this way. Having one room completed is better than having four rooms semi-unpacked. After relocation assistance Florida movers provided for you and unloaded everything, your family are more likely to spread out and go to your separate rooms and start unpacking their own things. But, instead what you should do, is to prioritize which rooms should be unpacked first. For instance, your kitchen and bathroom should be high on your list. Also, the children’s rooms, if they are small, should be done among the first ones.

    Another thing that you can do is do one room together (or two if you can achieve this in one day), and then let everyone unpack their own bedrooms in the evening for instance. Also, if you have at least two grown-up kids, you can divide into pairs, and cover two rooms of you deem it doable. This way, you can cover even more ground, while still focusing you unpacking potential in a good way. Still, if they are small, make sure that kids are safe. The larger rooms like the living room should be left for when everybody can participate. Since not everyone can take days off work to unpack, the weekend is the best choice.

    stack of blankets
    Pack the essentials boxes!

    When having to organize the unpacking process, you should prepare the essentials

    One thing that people often underestimate the importance of is making the essentials box (or boxes). While you move a lot of things can get misplaced temporarily until you complete the move. Since completing the move also means that you have to unpack, you will definitely need your essentials with you. The best way to go about this is to prepare an essentials box for every member of the family. These boxes should be the first one that you will unpack, so you can settle in your new home right away. The first couple of days will surely be a sort of challenge, so you will be thankful that you packed these boxes.

    Another thing that you could do is to mark them in a unique way, so you can find them right away. Also, if you write “important” on them, it would be easier for you to instruct the movers which boxes to move to an easily accessible spot. Next, you can make the essential boxes for each room where you can put the most important items. For instance, you can make the box of essentials for the kitchen, where you will put several of the most important dishes, the cups for each member of the family etc. After you finally finish unpacking, make sure that you clean the leftovers of the move.