How to organize your storage unit?

    Organizes shelves in the storage.

    You rented a storage unit, but it is not the end. You should clean and organize it. Maybe you are thinking it is difficult and impossible, it is not. Trust us. You can rent storage in Hallandale Beach and put all items you do not need currently, in there. After that, you will have more space in your home. But, you should organize your storage unit and make it more accessible. It’s easier for you to find a thing when everything is in place and there is less chance that something will break. So, how to do it? These are our few tips.

    Storage units.
    Rent a storage unit and free up space your home.

    Use of the storage units

    Why should you rent a storage unit? Storage units have two major purposes:

    1. Temporary storage unit – If you are moving and you need a place to store all of your boxes until you find a new home, this is a solution. Packing can be boring and it will take you a lot of time, so you can hire packing services Florida and your items are safe. It is easy to mess up with the packing fragile items. The safest way is to hire professionals. And after that, you can put those boxes immediately in your storage unit.
    2. Permanently storage unit – If you need to organize and clean up your home, then you should rent a storage unit for the things you do not want to throw, but also you do not want them in your home. So, if you organize your storage unit, your valuable items will be safe. 

    Tips to organize your storage unit simple and easy

    Are you looking for tips for organizing? And why is that important? Well, imagine you need your jacket immediately because of the cold weather. You do not have hours for searching it. Isn’t it easier to know where your jacket is, right after opening the door? Of course, it is. Even if the storage unit is in your house, you should organize it. Small things make a huge difference. If you already have a storage unit, open all the boxes and star with organizing, if you do not have, consider buying storage units.

    One size boxes

    Organize your storage unit with one size boxes.
    Boxes will help you with organizing. Get one size boxes and your storage unit will be so organized.

    It does not have to be like this, but it is recommended. Choose one size boxes for most of the items. Small and medium sizes are perfect. Do not overdo the box. If you have large boxes use them for items that are not heavy. It is difficult to lift a heavy and large box. And also, if you put so many items in one box it is harder to find that one thing inside. But remember, not all items have to be in the box.

    Label all the boxes

    Do not forget to label all the boxes. If you want to organized storage unit this is one of the most important things. After the labeling, aline them. The note should be turned to you, so you can see it immediately. If you want you can label them on the top too and write the number (later in the text you will understand why). Especially mark heavy and fragile things. But also mark the rest of the boxes. Such as kitchen, Christmas decorations, kids’ toys, winter clothes, shoes, etc.

    Create the shelves

    Shelves will save you a lot of space in the storage unit. It will be easier to move inside. This is one of the characteristics of the organized storage unit. You can buy wooden or metal shelves, what you prefer more and what is more affordable for you. It is the best way to avoid clutter.

    Shelves in storage unit.
    Shelves on the walls will keep the middle of a storage empty and accessible.

    A map of a storage

    Many people have a map of storage items on the wall. You can create a content list. What does it mean? So, label each box with a number. Then, write down all of the contents of that box. You can glue up that paper on the box, or the better solution is to have those papers on the wall or on your phone. It is very handy when you need to find a specific item.

    Put smaller items in the front

    Larger boxes put in the back of the storage unit, and small forward. So, you will see everything without moving them. Also, another important thing is to put forward items you may need soon. For example, document, winter or summer clothing, holiday decorations or costumes, trip supplies…If you have kids, put the toys forward too. They will be happy about their “new” toys. Consider what you may need soon or what do you need every single year.

    Be ready to throw some items

    When it is time to organize your storage unit, that means also getting rid of the unnecessary and old item you do not need anymore. You can donate them, give it to somebody, recycle it or simply throw it away. If you did not wear a sweater or jeans for 1 year or more, why do you keep it? Also, this can save your money. With the fewer items, you will need a smaller storage unit. Pick the right size storage unit for you after you calculate how many items you have.  A furniture you do not need any more you can sell it.

    Recycle bin.
    Getting rid of the old items is the part of organizing. So, be ready to say goodbye to some unnecessary things.

    Now when you know how to organize your storage unit, get on the job as soon as you can. This is better for you and for your items too. It is simple, but if you feel that you can do it by yourself, call a friend to help you. It is good because sometimes people get emotional when it is time to get rid of some of the items. After that, you can drink a cold beer or coffee together.