How to pack and move collectibles

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    When it comes to packing for relocation, there are several things we need to worry about. Gathering the right packing materials and then sorting out the things we want to pack. But, what takes most of our time is when we have to pack and move collectibles! They are rare, valuable and most of the times, fragile. Learn about the ways to do it properly, and you will move them to your new home without issues!

    Get packing supplies before you pack and move collectibles

    An essential part of every move is to collect the packing supplies. Furthermore, if you start collecting them in advance, you might have a better chance of doing a proper packing job. Which is why it is important to spend more time on packing materials first. Based on what kind of collectibles you want to pack and relocate you will need:

    • Packing peanuts. They are perfect for filling oddly shaped empty spaces in moving boxes. Use them when you pack and move collectibles for your relocation
    • Any wrapping materials, such as air-filled wrappers, old t-shirts, blankets, towels, etc
    • Packing tape, duct tape
    • New cardboard or plastic boxes. Depends on how fragile your collectibles are
    • Specially designed hard cases meant for transporting valuable items. If your collectibles are very expensive and rare then you should opt for this!
    Packing peanuts used to pack and move collectibles
    Packing peanuts are great when you want to pack and move collectibles

    Most of the times you can find these items in your household. But, if you need anything more special, then you can hit up your local home depot or other stores. They will surely have boxes you need for your valuables. Make sure you know where to find moving boxes Florida before you get to pack and move collectibles on your own!

    Don’t forget to wrap your collectibles

    Based on what kind of collectible you are packing for relocation, you will need different packing material. For instance, if you are packing breakable items you will have to use more layers of wrapping. In such cases, you should use soft fabrics and air-filled wraps. If your collectibles are sturdier and harder, then you could use some other material. But remember, every collectible item is valuable and should be wrapped no matter what! It will protect them during the relocation, as well as give much-needed stability. They can easily lose balance and fall down, causing them to get damaged. But, thankfully you will wrap them so nothing bad will happen during their transport.

    A half broken glass over a word "fragile"
    Always wrap breakable items

    On the more positive side, if you are moving locally, you do not have to put that much effort in wrapping your valuables. When you hire movers North Miami Beach Florida, do not forget to mention to them about your breakable and highly valuable items. They will handle them with special care.

    Try not to leave any free room in the moving boxes

    This part is especially important to remember! Any free room may cause the box to crumble, therefore damaging the collectible item. What you should do if there is some empty space is to fill it with something. Another box, fabrics or something else you can use to fill it up before you seal it! This is especially important if you are packing breakable items! It wouldn’t hurt to know tips and tricks on preparing glass items for transport! It will help you a lot with your relocation!

    Packing china and other breakable belongings

    When you want to pack and move collectibles you must have a plan first. If you are moving China and other highly breakable items you need to prepare yourself for the task at hand. First things first, wrap every piece of your china set separately. You should even use a few sheets of packing material. Never, and we do mean never get that packing tape on the china directly. The chemicals and glue on it can easily damage the china and rip some of the paint.  It is important to learn about preparing China for transport before you move.

    image of tea cups
    Take good care when packing china

    Once you wrap your china, place them in the moving boxes. As we mentioned before, you should place soft fabrics at the bottom of the box. After that, fill the empty space with some cushioning materials like towels or packing peanuts. Do not forget to label the moving box with fragile! Use thick markers that movers can spot when they start loading them!

    Use original casings whenever you can

    A very important part when you want to pack and move collectibles is to use their original boxes in which they came. This boxes will cover them perfectly and at the same time, won’t allow them to move and fall down. The closest thing you can get to original small boxes is to use shoe boxes when packing for relocation. They are sturdy and small enough to pack those collectible items and protect them during the relocation. You can also use them to pack small pictures and frames from your home. As they are perfect when you need to pack glass items for relocation.

    Load them last into the moving truck

    Yes, you should leave the boxes containing your collectibles last! Once you load the moving truck with big and heavy boxes and items, put those fragile ones on top of them. You can use duct tape and rope to further secure and strap them. Make sure they are not near the edge or some other item that can fall on them!

    To pack and move collectibles you need careful and long preparation. From gathering necessary packing materials to actual packing! Once you are done with it, mention to your movers about your collection, and load them! If you did everything correctly, you will be on your way to your new home without having any issues at all! We hope our guide helped you with your relocation!