How to pack and move picture frames

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    Moving requires a lot of time and patience. There are so many small and fragile items that you need to properly protect. If you rush things you can easily end up with broken or scratched items. And some items hold much more than monetary value. They are important to us not because they are worth a lot. But also because they mean something. That’s why, when you want to pack and move picture frames, you need to be extra careful. You need to carefully select moving boxes. And properly protect your picture frames. That way you will ensure that they survive the move. And that they can decorate your walls and tables for many years to come.

    It takes time to properly pack and move picture frames

    The first thing that you need to know is that to properly pack and move picture frames you need patience. They are small and fragile. And you need to pay special attention to their packing. Many people just pack as many as possible in a single moving box. And while it is space efficient, it can lead to damaged or chipped picture frames. So, arm yourself with patience. And you will have the same cherished memories on your walls and tables in your new home.

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    It takes time and patience to pack your fragile picture frames.

    Find a good moving company

    When you want to pack and move picture frames that are important to you, you need to find the right kind of help. And that means finding a good, quality moving company that you can rely on. You want to find experienced and skilled movers. There are many moving companies Boca Raton. But you need movers who will handle your items with care. It doesn’t matter if you are transporting your picture frames to local storage or across the country. The quality of the movers is very important.

    Make a list of your picture frames

    Before you get to the actual packing part, you need to know what you are dealing with. Some of the frames have been hanging on our walls for so long that we forget they are there. So, go through your home and make a list of all the picture frames that you have. You will need to know exactly what you have before you pack and move picture frames.

    A woman making a plan how to pack and move picture frames.
    You should make a list of your picture frames and their sizes.

    To save time later, you can take them all off the wall and put them in a single place. That way, when you get to packing, everything will be in one place.  Your valuable picture frames will be the first on the list of packing priorities. You can use one large box for this. But make sure that you gently put them in. And try not to move that box too much after you’ve put picture frames in it.

    Measure twice – buy boxes once

    Picture frames come in all shapes and sizes. And that’s why it is important to correctly measure them. If they have an even shape you can just measure the length and width. But if they have an odd shape make sure you measure the longest sides. That way you will know exactly what size and type of moving boxes you will need. And you won’t have to go out again and buy more.

    Buying moving boxes

    When you want to pack and move picture frames you need quality moving boxes. When buying moving boxes you have a few options. You can either buy a few larger ones that can fit multiple frames. Or you can buy sperate moving boxes for each picture frame. It all depends on how far away you are moving. And on how fragile your picture frames are. Maybe you found cheap storage Florida and you just want to store them. Or maybe you are moving across the country. The farther away you are transporting them the better they need to be packed.

    A man carrying moving boxes.
    Make sure to buy quality moving boxes of the right size.

    For fragile picture frames make sure to buy separate, medium-sized, moving boxes. That way you will be able to properly protect your frames. For not-so-fragile ones, you can buy a few larger boxes. You will still have to wrap each individual frame. But you probably won’t have to worry too much about them getting damaged.

    The moving boxes should be sturdy with reinforced bottom. If you are using used boxes make sure that they are clean. If they aren’t, carefully clean them of all the dust and grime. You don’t want your picture frames getting dirty in the box.

    Use proper packing materials

    Aside from the moving boxes, you will need additional packing materials. So, go to your local hardware store or contact your moving company. You will need packing paper, air-filled plastic foam and packing tape. You will probably be putting at least some of your frames together in one box. Therefore, you will also need cardboard separators. You can either cut a moving box and use that. Or you can buy specifically made separators. They mostly work the same.

    Packing picture frames

    To properly pack and move picture frames you need to carefully wrap them. It doesn’t matter if they are priceless works of art or your photo frames. You want to protect them during transport. So, begin with dusting them. It will keep them nice and clean. Then take packing paper and carefully wrap them. Try and avoid wrinkles in the paper. You want the front and back sides to be flat and not flex too much. After you’ve done that, give them a good plastic wrap. By using air-filled plastic wrap you will provide them with some extra protection.

    Boxing your picture frames

    When putting picture frames in a box you need to be very careful. Even if the box is empty you still don’t want them to hit the bottom hard. Lay them on the bottom and try to find an angle in which they won’t move around too much. And make sure to label which pictures go into which box. It will make the unpacking process much easier.

    For picture frames that are going in individual boxes make sure to fill the gaps with packing paper. That will prevent the picture frame from bouncing around in the box. And it will give it even more protection in case you accidentally drop the box.

    When putting multiple picture frames in a single box you need to be even more careful. First, you need to make sure that they are all of a similar shape and size. You don’t want too much space to be left around them. But make sure that you are not pressing them too hard. You don’t want to overload the box. Make sure that there is at least some space in between them. And to properly pack and move picture frames in one box you will need cardboard separators. Put them in between each frame. Again, fill the gaps with packing paper or plastic air wrap.