How to pack fine china and porcelain

    Multicolored dishes

    When the moving time comes, there are going to be many fragile items that you will need to pack properly in order to make sure that all of them survive the move. Starting with glassware all the way to sensitive electrical appliances, there are many different ways that you can approach packing your items. One of the things that you are going to have to pay attention to is how you are going to pack fine china and porcelain. The objects made from this material are very fragile. So much so that one wrong move can end up in a disaster. This is the reason why today we are bringing you an article that is going to help you pack fine china and porcelain in such a way as to move them safely to your new address. Bear with us till the end to find out the professional packing tricks.

    A pile of dishware of different shapes and sizes
    All of these are going to need moving. Pack efficiently.

    The best ways to pack fine china and porcelain

    If you would talk to your friends about the best ways that you can pack fine china and porcelain, you would probably receive different answers. Therefore, in order to choose the best packing technique, you should get in touch with professional movers and packers Florida. After all, who is going to be able to give you the correct answer to this question than the people who do it every day?

    To help you make the best decision, we asked our colleagues the question of what is the best way to pack fine china and porcelain. Following are the answers that we received from them:

    • Use quality packing materials when packing fragile items
    • Wrap each item of the set separately
    • Pack them in cardboard boxes and place cardboard in between each part of the set
    • Place bowls one into another in order to save space and ensure their safety

    Quality packing material is one of the crucial prerequisites for successful packing of fragile items

    One of the most important things that you should do in order to ensure that your porcelain items arrive safe and sound to your new home is to use quality packing materials for their packing. Quality packing material is easy to come by. Almost all moving companies sell it. However, you should not be spending a fortune on it. Therefore, you should get in touch with recommended military movers for they usually have good quality packing materials at affordable prices.

    Wrap each item separately from the rest

    The second thing that you should take care of when preparing your china for moving is to pay close attention to every piece of the set. Dedicate the same amount of effort and attention to detail to all of them when packing. In practice, this means that you should wrap every item singularly in order to make sure that it will go undamaged through your long distance move Florida.

    Image of cardboard panels
    Cardboard is a great insulator thanks to the air pockets seen in this picture

    Fine china is very fragile. If you decided against investing money in professional packing material, there are alternatives that may help you ensure maximum protection for your fragile dishware. Newspaper is something that you can use for protection in this case. All that you would have to do is to obtain them in large quantities. Then, wrap each item in a few layers of them. It should prove protective enough.

    Cardboard boxes are going to be your best friends for packing fine china and porcelain

    In the case that you are among those who has bought quality moving material, you should have no issues packing well. Cardboard boxes are something that you will be using in large quantities both for interstate and local moves Florida. However, there are different ways that you can apply cardboard in order to pack fine china and porcelain.

    Cardboard is one of the great materials for insulation. No matter whether you need insulation from temperatures or from other objects. Now, in order to protect your items, you should place a piece of cardboard in between each of the pieces in the set. It traps pockets of air. Therefore, it is a very good suspension mechanism when moving. Even if something unexpected comes up, it will protect your items from suffering damage.

    Packing efficiently ensures the safety of your belongings

    In order to make sure that your belongings will be moved in one piece, pack them efficiently. However, with some items, this is easier said than done. Some pieces of fine china will be easy for packing efficiently. Such items are the dishes for example. They have a unique shape and size. However, bowls made from fine china can give you headaches. So, what do you do with them?

    Pack fine china and porcelain in such a ways as to protect each item separately
    In order to protect your fine china, make sure to place cardboard in between all of the items

    Packing each of them separately is an option. Nevertheless, not an efficient one. In order to pack them efficiently and protect them well, make sure to place them one into another. Given the fact that many of them are similar in shape but different in size, they should fit. The handles on them will ensure that they do not have much room to move in. No room to move equals good protection. 


    Preparing fine china and porcelain for moving can represent a challenge. However, if you approach it from the right standpoint, you will be able to do it the right way. When you decide to pack by yourself, make sure to buy quality moving material. Then, make sure to wrap every item separately in order to ensure maximum protection. Use cardboard as an insulator and pack efficiently. When you unpack your items and find your porcelain undamaged, you will be happy that you had put in so much work into it.