How to pack fragile items?

    Take care when you pack fragile items.

    It is time to move. The first thing you have to do is packing. Probably you are thinking how to do it, it is difficult and boring. Especially when you must pack fragile items. Do not worry, because you have already made a good decision. You chose to learn something about it and to get a few tips. Wherever you go, you cannot skip that step. When you are done and if you moving to another country, hire reliable long distance moving companies.

    Scissors, bubble foil and tape to pack fragile items.
    Equipment for packing fragile items. You cannot do it without this few things

    What will you need from equipment?

    1. New boxes – it should be new and firm box if you pack fragile items. It is the safest place for them
    2. Tape – standard packing tape is fine (about 2 inches). But, heavier fragile items may require reinforced tape, to secure them better.
    3. Paper – Newspapers are great for wrapping. And they are free. Grab your old newspapers and use them.
    4. Air bubble foil – This will protect your fragile items from breaking. Air bubble foil has small pockets with air so your items are safe.
    5. Packaging material – For example, foam peanuts or puffed corn starch pellets too will be good. Packaging peanuts can fill gaps in your boxes and provide extra protection. Also, you can use socks and small items as filler.

    Find different boxes

    You maybe think to buy boxes that are all uniform in size, but it is not the best way. A variety of sizes works best. If you put a small item in a large box it will break. It is ok to take a little bit larger box so you can put packaging material or newspapers around the item. Avoid moving mistakes and follow our simple tips. You should have boxes ranging from shoebox small to ottoman large. Pack heavier fragile items in the shallower boxes or place heavy fragile items at the bottom of deeper boxes and add lighter items on top.

    Different sized boxes for moving.
    Find different boxes. In all sizes. It will be much easier for packing and the fragile items won’t be damaged

    If you have glasses and cups, you do not need to have one box for one item. You can also use a box for Christmas ornaments. It’s more important to wrap (with newspaper or air bubble foil) each item up completely and then put it in the box. When you close the box you do not want to hear a sound of the glass. Items such as goblets and vases, stuff them with crumpled packing paper. After that wrap them individually with more paper and put them in the box. For flat items (pictures and frames), wrap each item in packing paper and place them in a box vertically. And then, of course, put a sheet of bubble foil between them.

    Do not overpack the box when you pack fragile items

    Pack like a pro and do not save on the boxes. First, choose the right size box. If the item is small do not take a big box. This will damage your item. Do not overpack and hope that applying extra tape will keep it covered and secured. It will be much harder for your movers or you to put it in the moving van or truck. Collect more boxes than you think it will be enough. Cardboard boxes have a shelf life. They can become flimsy over the time. So, because of that do not count on old ones that have been in your basement forever to keep your stuff safe.

    What to do with odd-shaped items

    Be generous with the boxes, because particularly fragile, irreplaceable things deserve a box to themselves. The solution for odd-shaped items is to place a blanket on the bottom for example. And then, on the carefully wrapped item, put a pillow on top. When you pack fragile items you must be careful. 

    Communicate with the moving company

    Label every box, especially box with fragile things (on the top, sides, and bottom). But, aside from putting the labels on your boxes, you should tell the movers (or whoever will be handling your items) in which boxes are fragile items, just in case. It will make them pay special attention to these boxes. Of course, you do not want broken things when you open your moving boxes. But, keep in mind, that there are some items movers won’t move. 

    Woman taking on the phone with moving company about packing fragile items.
    Tell your moving company which boxes are with fragile items.


    Prepare everything and take care. So, let’s make a conclusion about how to pack certain things:

    • Plates – Pack it vertically. Put them in small to medium boxes lined with crumpled packing paper (on the bottom and top). Place a bubble foil or newspaper between them.
    • Lamps – You can place bases in a large box, if necessary, and bubble foil used where appropriate and lamp shades should be boxed separately.
    • Glasses – Wrap them individually with packing paper. Then, place crumpled newspapers or packaging material inside the large pieces to diminish empty space. Spaces around glasses should be filled with papers too. Do not forget to put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box. Always.
    • Pictures – Wrap them and place in paper lined small to medium boxes (with crumpled paper in between each piece). Pictures that too big (over 3 feet) should be secured with a moving blanket, plastic wrapped and moved separately.

    Now when you know how to pack fragile items you can start. Start with packing as soon as you can. Good luck with packing. Fragile items are so demanding and gentle, but in the end, it is worth it. Your favorite vase or picture will be with you in your new home, and it does not have a price.