How to pack like a pro?

    Pack like a pro

    You decided to move. But, now it is time for the difficult part. Packing! It is the important part because you probably do not want to end up with broken and damaged stuff. Learn with us how to pack like a pro and secure your belongings. Wherever you move, you have to pack all your belongings. Purple Heart Moving Group can help you sort and pack for your short or long distance move

    What to do before you start to pack

    Start a little bit earlier than you think it will be enough. Emotions and other obligations will slow you down. Preparation is the key. Collect everything you might need. Especially if you have kids, they will slow you down too. Start on time, and little by little it will be all done.

    Find boxes

    Collect the boxes earlier. You do not have to buy them if you want to save some money. Find them for free. For example, every time you shop, pick them up from the supermarkets. You will need a lot of them. Bars and restaurants also have boxes. You can go to the local store too and ask. Packing like a pro does not mean you have to spend too much money.

    Cardboard boxes for safe move
    The first step in packing process – finding clean and sturdy moving boxes

    Decide what to take

    Our advice is to go through each room and think what to move. It does not matter where are you moving, do not take every single item. Think about the size of the new apartment and the weather. You won’t need 5 winter jackets if you going to the sunny place.

    Do you not know how to pack like a pro? We have some tips

    It is not a problem if you do not know how to do it. It is not complicated. Follow our tips and make it simple and easy. For beginning collect the equipment:

    1. Boxes – Like we mentioned before if you want to pack like a pro, boxes are “must have”.
    2. Duct tape – To close the boxes and secure them.
    3. Plastic wrap with bubbles (air bubble foil) and newspaper – The ideal equipment for fragile items.
    4. Marker – Label all boxes. That’s how you will know what is inside of it. For example, write “kitchen” or “books”.

    Fragile items

    The most difficult part. But, with the right equipment and tools, it is not a huge problem. Wrap your fragile items in the air bubble foil individually. Then make a ball with newspaper and fill the bottom of the box. When you did that, put the fragile item in the box and surround it with newspaper balls. You can do it with a glass vase, lamp, tchotchkes etc. When you are packing plates, put them in small box vertically, and place the heaviest item on the bottom of the box. But, do not overpack the box. Another important thing is that the box must be firm and new. It is because they can become flimsy over the years.

    Protect your fragile items before you out them into moving box
    Secure and protect fragile items with air bubble foil and newspaper

    Clothes and shoes

    First, do not take all of it. You will buy new clothes and new shoes for sure. But, clothes you will take with you, pack well. You can use suitcases and when you spend all the bags and suitcases, use boxes. Make categories and label. For example, dresses should be in one box, jeans, swimsuits, boots, high heels and other categories. If you want to pack like a pro this is one of the things you should do. For pillows and bedding use vacuum bags. It will save a space. Donate or sell clothes you won’t wear.

    Pack your clothes and shoes
    Do not take all your shoes and clothes. You can always buy a new one. Just bring your favorite pair of shoes.

    Paintings and art

    Are you thinking about how to pack your paintings like a pro and not damage it? It is not a problem, if your painting is framed with glass, you should make an “X” across the front of the painting with masking tape. This trick can protect the paintings and secure them too. After that, cover the top of the painting with a piece of heavy cardboard. Wrap the painting with the air bubble plastic wrap (plastic wrap) and close the box with duct tape. And that’s it. If you are packing the sculptures, wrap the sculptures with air bubble wrap first. In the end, find a box that fits and put them there.


    Another expensive item to move. Television. It will need a special attention. First, remove all accessories. Unplug the TV and remove the power cord from the TV. Clean it before you pack it up. This will protect from scratching. The best box for TVs and laptops are the original boxes because the packaging is specially made to protect it. This is the easiest solution. But, if it is not a case, you will need special materials. Collect soft materials such as newspapers, air bubble foil or moving blanket and wrap the whole TV. Then, secure it with tape. Place heavier protection over the TV. Measure the size of the TV and cut the cardboard and tape it on the TV. If it is too complicated for you, buy a packing kit that is specially made for packing TVs.

    Protect your television against damages
    Be careful how you pack your television and other electronics.

    Like we mentioned before it is not difficult to pack like a pro. And now you can see it is true. With these few tips, it’s not. Prepare yourself and your family for moving. Work together. If you have children, they can help you with labeling and wrapping. Also, talk with them what they need and want to take and move. Moving is the new chapter, so start to collect your boxes and other equipment you will need and go. Do not waste your time. Good luck with the packing and moving.