How to pack your office for relocation

    A conference room should be included when you pack your office for relocation.

    If you are obliged to move your office or you simply want to be at one of the best places to rent office space in Florida, you are about to face a serious challenge. Unsurprisingly, coping with it will be far from easy. However, nothing is impossible for an organized, responsible and hard-working person, so don’t be intimidated by this. Although you will need the help of professionals to relocate your office smoothly, there are some tasks you can or will have to complete yourself. Here are a few useful tips on how to pack your office for relocation.

    Get ready to pack your office for relocation

    Even though you will need the help of reliable commercial movers Florida at some point, you still need to pack your office for relocation. How to prepare for it? Here are a few simple steps.

    Step 1 – Make an inventory list and deal with some decluttering in the process

    It will be time-consuming, though, but it is worth it. Firstly, you will know the type and the number of items to be relocated. Secondly, you will be able to get rid of those items you don’t need anymore. Finally, the list will help you significantly when unpacking and settling in the new office space.

    Step 2 – Decide on the strategies of labeling boxes

    Labeling boxes is a must whether you do the packing yourself or you opt for packing services Florida. When you pack your office for relocation, chose a pattern that all the employees involved in the process will apply. You can use various colors for different floors, departments or offices. Not only boxes should be labeled, but also furniture items like desks, chairs, lamps, etc. Also, your labels should be clear and visible to all those who will deal with loading, unloading, and unpacking later on.

    Step 3 – Deal with some measuring before you pack your office for relocation

    Even with commercial relocation, some measuring is inevitable. Having new premises means having new measures to fit. Pay special attention to those heavy and bulky items that need a lot of space, like a conference room table, for example. If they don’t fit your new office space, you can find a way to get rid of them and thus succeed in saving money on corporate moving.

    Step 4 – Assign your employees packing related tasks

    Inform your employees that they are to pack their own desks. They should start with the packing on time and not leave everything for the last minute. Otherwise, your careful organization and division of tasks will turn into complete confusion. Also, remind them to label their boxes properly. Although this is an important part of every move, it is yet one of the things people often forget when moving.

    A group of people fist bumping.
    Assign packing related tasks to each of your employees.

    Some useful packing techniques to apply when you need to pack your office for relocation

    Some office items are significantly easier to pack than others. Yet, nothing is unachievable if you make an effort and try hard enough. Here are some useful techniques you can apply when packing your office for relocation.

    How to pack desks?

    This isn’t quite of a challenge. Firstly, you need to deal with office supplies like pencils, pens, paperclips, etc. Using envelopes or plastic bags for these is a good idea. Then, all of them can be put into a single box or two, sealed and labeled afterward, and the job is done. Should there be any of your personal items, like plants, pictures, decorations, take them with you and then find a proper place for them in the new office. When you empty your desk, fix the drawers by using tape if there aren’t any locks, and label the desk as well. Only this way can you be sure that you’ll receive the same desk at the new location.

    How to pack pictures and posters?

    This shouldn’t cause any serious difficulties. All you need to do is to provide thin flat boxes and poster tubes. Once you have the packing supplies, you can finish packing in a few minutes, depending on the number of pictures and posters to pack.

    How to pack shelves and bookcases?

    To start with, you need to empty them, organize their contents and pack them into boxes. Then, label the boxes accordingly. Afterward, you can deal with the shelves and bookcases themselves. Take away all removable parts. Also, you should contact your movers and ask whether disassembling of these furniture items is necessary in order for them to fit the moving vehicle. In any case, DIY packing is an acceptable option here.

    A room with pictures and a wall shelf.
    Consult your movers before packing bookcases and shelves.

    How to pack filing and storage cabinets?

    The packing technique used for filing and storage cabinets will greatly depend on their size and weight as well as on the amount of stuff inside. Some movers will advise you to leave everything inside and just lock the drawers or secure them with tape. Others will suggest emptying the cabinets and packing their contents into boxes. If you opt for the first option, be very cautious not to lose the keys to the cabinets’ locks. Put them into a labeled envelope and pack them with your personal items. Should you choose the latter option, put all stuff into moving boxes and then label them appropriately.

    How to pack telephones?

    Pack all the telephones with their cords into labeled boxes. The more important thing here is to check with the phone service provider whether you’ll be able to keep the current numbers on your new location or you and your employees will receive the new ones.

    How to pack computers?

    When you need to pack your office for relocation, pay special attention to packing computers. This should be done in such a manner that each of the employees gets his/her computer once you settle in a new location. Pack all the monitors and hard drives so as to make them safe during the transport. Also, include the matching wiring and cords into each of these boxes. Finally, label the boxes clearly to avoid confusion. If there are computers that you don’t need or use anymore, consider donating them to those who do need them. The National Christina Foundation is a good starting point.

    A room with computers and chairs.
    Make sure that each employee gets his/her computer once you settle in a new office space.

    How to pack IT equipment

    This is the toughest part when you need to pack your office for relocation. What is the proper way to pack printers, fax machines, copywriters and similar items? Firstly, service them before the move. Then, protect them well before putting them into boxes by using bubble wraps, for example. Finally, label the boxes properly. Labels should also the information on the desired place in the new office. Having done all this, now you are ready to move.