How to plan and organize last-minute projects?

    Plan and organize last-minute projects

    -“Oh, alright, eight weeks to go before my moving date. I have all the time in the world to get everything right and organized.” Wrong! Moving is particularly known for a phenomenon called “time lapse”. We never actually get to experience it, unless we fast forward something on our laptop or on our phone; we are everything but introduced to a real-time time lapse. Then, moving happens. And, there it is! As if God descended and you were the first one there, just a passerby. Struck would be the word. That’s what moving does to you. You’re joyously procrastinating, and before you know it – you’re out of time. How, how on Earth can you get your things straight and organize last-minute projects before your moving date? It shouldn’t be that hard, should it now?

    Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize

    All of a sudden, it is only two weeks before your move-out/move-in date. Maybe less. Oh me, oh my. Where do you buy moving supplies? What to get? You need those numbers! What about packing, though? How do you efficiently pack everything, without spending weeks sorting your belongings after the move? Maybe it’s about time to get some help!

    From A to B

    There are myriad hiccups and worrisome thoughts headed your way. It’s all good. It’s simply bound to happen when you organize last-minute projects. We’ve all been there before. Remember school days. Remember those sleepless nights. If you pulled it off then, you will swing it again. The most important thing, needless to say, is figuring out your ride to your new destination. That’s your number one priority. Let’s check your options.

    Help, loved ones

    You know it. Friends and family are friends and family for a reason. Of course, if you’re a proud owner of a functional vehicle, you can manage things if you’re packing a studio apartment, or a 1 bedroom, best case scenario. If you’re more of a shotgun type, you need those beloved people with engines running.We all have someone who knows someone who owns a van. It’s time to call that someone! – you’ll think of a way to thank them later.

    Trucking can do the trick

    It turns out, you don’t know that someone who knows that someone with a van or a truck. Get a rental. It’s a viable option from a financial perspective. Hopefully, though, you will not be moving during summer, as it’s virtually impossible to get a hold of a truck. Also, bear in mind, depending on the quantity, you will probably need to drive to and fro a couple of times in order to get all your stuff from A to B. If you’re in beautiful Miami, let’s say, and moving locally in North Miami, you’ll be fine.

    the type of vehicle not to choose when you organize last-minute projects
    Choose your vehicle wisely.

    Moving like a pro

    Being a pro in moving requires certain qualifications. If you want to get the job done without stressing out, a lot more smiles, a lot less tears; you know what to do. Give those professionals a call. Yes, it could cost a bit more than handling your hippie van like you’re suffering from driving Tourette’s, but at least you’ll be sane. You can’t put a price tag on that. Don’t call too late, though. At least a week’s notice would be appreciated, as the moving company might not be able to accommodate your belongings.

    Remember storage

    Alright, you’re a bit behind your schedule. So what? You might be panicking a bit, and panic you should. Stay on course, though, and organize last-minute projects like you mean it.  You’re in the process of grouping, sorting, labeling, and you realize you have things you wouldn’t necessarily want to move to your new home. Don’t. There are plenty of cheap storage options, you just need to gather information and opt for the one that suits your needs.

    Packing season

    Packing is the culprit! For being late. For forgetting things. It’s that time-consuming. How can you make it work when in a pinch?

    Getting supplies on time is the way to organize last-minute projects

    But, we can work around it. It might be cheaper for you to stalk your local deli and get some used boxes with a pretty please and a big smile, but, sometimes, you just don’t have the time. If that’s the case, we go supply shopping. It’s not as green as it could be, but it will do the trick. Go to your local office supply store and get some boxes, sharpies, color code tapes. Plastic bins are also an option, but it’s a bit more costly.

    a dog in a cardboard box
    Go supply shopping sooner than later.

    Use it all, use it wisely

    The clock is ticking. By now, you have probably sorted and grouped and regrouped your belongings. Packing season starts now! Be sure to label each box meticulously, especially if it’s a “mix-and-match” one. You think packing is difficult? Try unpacking, it takes just as much time! In order to avoid misplacing and not knowing where to find a particular item, use color code tape to label everything and write everything on the box. Making an inventory would help a lot. It might devour each and every second of your day, but it’s worth it!

    Get that overnight bag ready

    This is a big one. Hopefully, you did not forget to contact your utility providers, so you will be indulging in warm baths and your favorite TV shows. But, please, don’t forget that bag. You need your toiletries, PJ’s, a fresh pair of underwear. It’s the little things. Even if you decide on hiring a moving company to help, there are things you should personally transport. This is one of them.

    toiletries bag
    Bag those essentials.

    In the end

    You will make it either way. But, opting for efficiency and good strategies is the way to go in order to organize last-minute projects regarding your move date. Stay focused, stay calm and you will succeed. That’s the spirit.