How to prepare your pet for relocation

    Moving is usually stressful, and not just for people —it’s tough on pets especially. If you’re moving with your pet and wondering how to prepare your pet for relocation, we’ve got your answers. You can make the whole process a little smoother by following these expert tips by long distance moving companies in Florida before, during, and after your move. But helping your pet adjust to your new home will start in your old home.

    Most dogs love crates, but no one wants to be forced into one for the first time on moving day. Crate train your dog first!

    Plan ahead to avoid surprises

    Check the local laws for your new state, town or neighborhood:

    1. Check if you need a new license,
    2. What the leash laws are,
    3. See if there are breed bans in your new area.
    4. Your new landlord might be OK with a large pet but your local governments, the neighborhood association, or insurance company might not allow certain breeds.
    5. Find a new vet to help prepare everything for relocation.
    6. Don’t wait until your pet gets an injury or gets sick.
    7. See if they’ll need any new vaccinations or even preventative medications. Does your new neighborhood have a lot of ticks, heartworm, or leptospirosis?

    Keep old routines if you want to prepare your pet for relocation more effectively

    All of the disruptions associated with relocations are inevitably stressful, so do what you can to keep as many things the same as possible. If you can keep your old routine as similar as possible, that will be helpful to your furry friends. So, if you are helping prepare your pet for relocation and they are used to first getting up, going into the yard, then eating breakfast and finally going on a walk, you should try to follow that same pattern in the new place. (This will, of course, be easier if you are simply looking for last minute movers near me!) Once your pet is happy again, additional changes will be easier to incorporate and follow.

    What to do with your pet on moving day?

    • Give your pet a break at a pet sitter’s home. During the chaos of the move, boarding pets for a few days with a pet sitter will, in fact, be a calming experience for them.
    • Pack essentials for your pets: In addition to the basics like food and water, we recommend you prepare your pet for relocation by taking a few of their favorite toys with you. Pack extra towels, and bedding.
    • Don’t clean! Trainers say that taking the smell of the old house to the new one eases your pet’s anxiety.
    Put an ID tag on the pet’s collar and have your veterinarian microchip them for permanent identification.

    Prepare your pet for relocation and think of the worst:

    • Prepare medical records, current microchip numbers and a current photo of your pet for moving day.
    • Keep them cozy in the car with you. They need enough ventilation. Safety belts are a must!
    • Feed them lightly, especially if they are very sensitive to driving.