How to protect musical instruments in storage?

    protect musical instruments in storage

    No matter if you are a musician who is going on a tour or a beginner who loves music and relocates, you may have to store your musical instruments. To protect your valuable belongings the right way, there are numerous thing you should take into account. Here are few tips from the professional movers on how to protect musical instruments in storage.

    Finding the best storage option for your instruments

    Your musical instruments and musical equipment may be very valuable. That is why you shouldn’t choose the first storage unit that comes into mind and leave your instruments. To properly protect musical instruments in storage, you should make sure that the storage unit you choose is the best option.

    First off, you should find the best storage facilities in your area. Even if you need to find more affordable storage Florida, you should research each company you like individually. You should always make sure that the storage company you choose has a license.

    After you research the area for the most affordable storage options, make sure to contact each storage company. The operative should be happy to give you the license and the id number. When you receive it, make sure to search online and see if the company is reliable. After that, make sure to check the company’s official website. Quality moving and storage companies usually have a great online presence. Their websites will provide general information about their business and the services they offer.

    original case
    The best way to pack your musical instruments is to use their original boxes.

    It is best if you choose the storage company with years of experience. Experienced movers and storage specialists know how to protect musical instruments in storage. They can give you advice on the best way to pack every piece correctly. On the other hand, if you don’t have the original packaging for your musical instrument, storage professionals may provide you with the best packing materials. Also, they can give you advice on the best type of a storage unit for storing musical instruments and other music gear you have.

    Choosing the right type of storage for your instruments

    When choosing one of the best moving companies in Miami for keeping your musical instruments in storage, make sure to ask about the insurance policies they offer. Every moving and storage company should offer various insurance options for your belongings while in storage. They should also have:

    • To notch security systems
    • 24-hour surveillance
    • Different types of storage units to offer
    • Storage units that are climate control

    Choosing the right type of storage unit for your valuable instruments Is very important. The storage facility manager can help you make this decision. Quality moving specialists that work in a storage facility know how much space you may need for your belongings. Also, they can help you choose the right type of storage unit for storing such delicate high-value items.

    Professionals will advise you to choose indoor storage unit and protect musical instruments in storage. This way your valuable instruments won’t be at the long distance location with minimal security. Also, they will be protected with the latest security protocols and surveillance. Your instruments are also sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. For this reason, it is recommended you choose a storage unit that has climate control.

    How to protect musical instruments in storage?

    Use original boxes for your instruments

    The best way to protect musical instruments in storage is to pack them in original boxes. Original packing boxes your items came in with have Styrofoam in various shapes. Your instruments will fit perfectly inside the boxes and will have double protection while being transferred from your home to a storage facility. This way they are also protected from humidity. If you have the original packaging for your music gear, seal the boxes after packing.

    Invest in hard cases when moving an storing musical instruments.

    If you don’t have the original packaging for your instruments, you can always get a traveling case for each piece. This is a good investment because you will need quality cases for your instruments when traveling or carrying them anywhere. These hard cases for instruments will keep the items safe even if accidents happen. The instrument case can move or slide, or even get dropped to the ground while traveling. For this reason, you should consider having cases for each piece to protect musical instruments while in storage.

    Get professional packing supplies

    In case you don’t have original packaging’s or hard cases for your instruments, don’t worry. You can use professional packing supplies and ensure their safety just the same. Consider buying professional packing supplies and specialized moving boxes for packing.

    Your movers can help you choose specialized moving boxes that are similar in shape to your instruments. If that is not an option, you can use standard moving boxes that are bigger than your instrument. In this case, you will have to provide enough padding so the instruments cannot move or damage inside the box while in transport.

    You should protect and wrap each piece in double layers of bubble wrapping paper. This way your instrument will stay intact while you store if for a longer period of time. If you are unable or don’t know how to protect musical instruments in storage consider hiring a professional packing service in Miami. The packing professionals will handle your valuable instruments and protect them to the best possible standards.

    If you have to move a big piano, consider hiring professional movers.


    How to store big pianos?

    In case you have to store big and bulky musical instrument like a hard or a piano, consider hiring reliable movers to do the job for you. Pianos are very heavy, bulky and expensive. That is why they require special care when moved. Professional movers have the necessary equipment and tools to move your piano without any damage. They have moving dollies and shoulder straps that help them divide the weigh and move this instrument with ease. It is recommended that you shouldn’t move a piano by yourself. It can easily damage and you can get injured in the process. You should consider hiring quality movers to protect your musical instruments in storage the best way possible.