How to re-use packing materials

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    How nice of you to support the idea of a green relocation and re-use packing materials. We salute your efforts into making this planet a nice place for all the inhabitants. What’s more, we offer a helping hand. Since you already want to re-use packing materials, and need no convincing as to why this is beneficial, we will go straight to your options.

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    Congrats on putting and effort and making a difference.

    What to do with cardboard boxes?

    After every move, one is left with an abundance of boxes. And, having that movers and packers Florida recommends acquiring various shapes and sizes, options in which you can use them are many. Let’s see our picks:

    • Organize your storage with the help of sturdy boxes. Even if you were so wise as to de-clutter prior to the move, you will still probably be left with items you do not want to throw away, but that requires storage. Now, certainly at least some of them can be consolidated for cardboard box storage. Things like magazines and textbooks often come to mind. Make sure to label the boxes, as to keep them neatly organized.
    • Boxes can serve the purpose of chemical waste containers. This goes for your small or medium moving boxes. Since oil and paint cans are notorious for leaving marks behind on the floor, use a cardboard box as an added layer of absorption. Besides protecting your garage floor, it will also help with organizing your chemical cans.
    • Help your garden flourish with some home composting alternatives. Since corrugated cardboard is a biodegradable waste product, you can turn it into compost for use in your lawn and garden soil.
    • Boosting your child’s creativity. Since all the kids are always lacking new toys, why not go for the cheaper options, that will also be beneficial to their creativity. Surely enough, it’s easy to imagine a castle if you are put inside one. However, how about imagining one on your own? Boxes are great for making forts, castles, puzzles and pretty much anything else you can think of.
    • Use them as gift boxes. This mostly refers to smaller and medium packages. They can also be great for mailing, especially during the holiday season. You can send toys to your nephew, or a care package to your daughter at college. Options are many since boxes are naturally great shipment containers.
    Two gift boxes, resembling moving boxes
    Who knew that these presents once used to hold kitchen appliances? The gift receiver surely didn’t.

    How can you re-use packing materials such as bubble wrappings?

    Is there a person immune to the calming effect that popping an air bubble foil brings? We believe not. Just ask your cheap movers Florida if they ever get tired of it. Still, there are other uses of this glorious packing material:

    • Enhances plant hydration. Since air bubble foil is generally pliable and water-proof, you can use it to your advantage. Wrap wet plant roots or stems after a move and help the plant keep the water within.
    • Great for shipping food. Fruits, baked goods, as well as dried meats will all be safe and sound when wrapped in air bubble foil.
    • The fun of it. Not really the greenest way to re-use packing materials, but it still counts. Popping air bubble foil is a well know and enjoyed an activity, that even a Japanese company created an everlasting bubble wrap toy. Still, you needn’t go to the extents of buying it. Simply use what you have and have fun.
    • Practical lining. After you’ve finished your popping spree, know that the time for a trash can has still not come. Use your popped air bubble foil as lining under carpets and doormats.

    What about plastic bags?

    Although it does not seem eco-friendly possible, reusing plastic bags is highly feasible. Let us present our case with the following:

    • Plastic bags are great for shopping. Nowadays, most grocery stores charge for their plastic bags. We see this as their way of telling you that you should be bringing your own supplies. As a matter of fact, reusing plastic bags for any type of shopping will reduce waste in both your home as well as in landfills.
    • The option of gift bags. Think outside the box for this one. Once you’ve spent all of your boxes for presents, it’s time to add a bit more creativity. Still, you really won’t need much. Plastic bags come in a variety of colors and sizes as it is. Yours will be only to decide which bag matches with the present you are gifting.
    • Perfect lunch boxes. Having that many plastic bags have handles, they can be used to hold and transport any meal. Just make sure that you are using a quality bag since any spilling ought to be avoided.
    Lots of gift bags
    You can re-use packing materials with much elegance. All it takes is a bit of creativity.

    Any ideas for packing peanuts? They are surely one of the packing materials to re-use

    But of course! While being truly indispensable when it comes to protecting your fragile belongings when moving, even packing peanuts have made it on our list of ‘re-use packing materials’. Use those endless supplies that keep coming out from all corners of a moving box for what follows:

    • Improvised cushions. Take any kind of zipped cover and fill it with packing peanuts to the best of your ability. Voilà! A soft cushion for you, your offspring, or your pet.
    • A useful drainage system. Place your packing peanuts in the base of a flower pot, as see how it does wonders as a drainage system for plants.
    • Playing with decorations. Who knew that something possibly worthy of your Christmas tree will come out of your relocation process? When you spray peanuts with glue, cover them with glitter, and connect with a piece of string, what you get is a garland. Use it to wrap your tree, holiday wreaths, candles, or perhaps re-purpose as hanging decorations.