How to recognize fake online moving reviews?

    How to recognize fake online moving reviews

    Can you remember the last time you bought something or hired someone to help you without first checking out the reviews? Reviews can help you tremendously in choosing the right person, company or even when buying a piece of furniture. They can serve as the guide when eliminating moving companies especially. This is why you should be extra careful when reading them. Spotting fake online moving reviews while searching for the best moving company if you are moving to Florida should be your number one priority.

    two trucks on a highway with a lot of cars and trucks behind them on a daylight
    Finding the right moving company is not an easy task, but when you learn how to recognize fake online moving reviews, everything becomes much easier

    Who would fake online moving reviews anyway?

    You may be asking yourself why do fake moving reviews exist in the first place. Well, with the Internet being accessible to many, there are fraudulent moving companies. They just want to take your money without providing you with the service. This is very common, and fake online moving reviews are helping them achieve credibility. Or, they simply want to cover their incompetence by posting fake comments. Additionally, if a company is reputable, like movers Davie Fl, posting negative reviews can lower their rating. Thus, they are preventing people from hiring them. How convenient is this? Anyhow, it won`t take you long to become an expert in recognizing fake moving reviews. Here are some great pro tips that you can follow:

    • Compare the reviews of the moving company on several sites
    • Always try to find a recommendation from people who used the moving company
    • Make an appointment with the moving company in person

    How to spot fake moving reviews?

    When choosing a moving company, the most important thing is that it is reliable. Recommendations from friends and family or even acquaintances are desirable. However, if you do not know anyone who has recently moved than moving reviews are your greatest guide. You will become an expert in spotting fake moving reviews once you get familiar with the following tips and tricks.

    Everything is perfect

    Let’s face it, moving across the country, or even moving next door is hardly ever going to be flawless. This is why if you spot reviews that praise the moving company over the moon, something is not right. Receiving excellent service for a bargain is not something we should take for granted. There are many ways to how to reduce moving costs, and choosing the cheapest moving company can usually have a counter effect. Too much praise and compliments can only mean one thing: fake online moving reviews. The truth is, if we want the best service there is, we need to pay for it, and the cheapest companies offer services that you are the least likely to be satisfied with.

    rolled dollar bills on a white surface
    The cheapest company with the best quality of service does not exist, but there are a lot of ways to reduce the moving costs.

    Everything is far from perfect

    On the other side, reviews that are too negative can also mean that you are reading fake reviews. This is usually the case when the competitive moving agency wants to decrease the rating of another moving company. But, no worries if you encounter overly negative reviews, they are most likely fake. Statements in the reviews that are exaggerated in any way, be it positive or negative, are probably written by a PR specialist of the moving company, and not by people who actually used their services.

    Many issues can occur during the move, maybe the movers were a bit late. Or you did not pack the boxes for moving properly, but if the issue has been solved on spot, you would never write an overly negative review. The important thing is to know that you cannot avoid fake reviews but to spot them and eliminate them when choosing the moving company.

    Everything is described in detail

    Can you imagine yourself after you have moved to a new house, sitting at a laptop and writing overly descriptive reviews? Neither can we, as writing in too much detail how everything went perfectly is something we do not have time for, nor the need to. When leaving a review we will focus on the most important things and not make a diary out of it. Beware of long, descriptive reviews and forget about them as soon as you can.

    Jack helped a lot with the boxes

    When using a reliable moving company, you will have professionals in your home helping you to move. Becoming too familiar with them, knowing them by their names is not a likely situation. Therefore, whenever you see the usage of personal names in the reviews, know that they are fake online moving reviews. Jack, Josh, and Mike do not really exist, their sole purpose is to create a sense of familiarity with the readers. The importance of checking moving reviews is great, and so is spotting the fake ones, as well.

    a man carrying three boxes one on top of the other in his arms
    If you read in the reviews that John, Jack or Mike did a wonderful job helping you, cross out that review as it is not credible

    The language seems weird

    If you are reading a review and notice that the language that it is written in it is weird then it is usually fake. Artificial language means that someone has invested a lot of effort in trying to sound smart with no reason. When writing a moving review, you will write it in a simple language, not too long, or too short. Just explaining briefly how everything went is the way to go, and using vocabulary that is not normally used is turns out to be a great tip for avoiding fake reviews.

    Too general

    Finally, too general moving reviews are the reviews that you should not take into consideration when choosing a moving company. They are too general simply because the moving experience did not happen at all, so they do not contain any specifics on how it went. And they are usually followed by some expression of personal feelings and gratitude. If it does not concern a specific moving experience than just pass these comments when reading them.

    Fake online moving reviews are very common, but they do not pose any threat because they are fairly easy to spot. Always have in mind that you should expect professional behavior from your movers and excellent service. Good luck!