How to relocate a hot tub with ease

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    When people talk about moving, they usually talk about how stressful and complicated it can be. Now, that really is the truth when it comes to moving, and there is no doubt about it that it really is very stressful and complicated. There are so many things to think about and a lot of these can go wrong no matter how much effort you have put into planning the move. And while people are, rightfully, aware of all the packing that is to be done, they tend to forget how hard it is to move certain objects. For instance, who wouldn’t rather carry ten boxes instead of taking a wardrobe down the stairs? One of these hard-to-move objects is definitely the hot tub. It is a luxury item to have, and while it really useful, it is hard to move it. So, how to relocate a hot tub with ease?

    It is interesting to see how a person’s attitude towards a hot tub changes when it comes moving. Usually, it is such a blessing to have, as it is really relaxing and fun. But, when the moving day comes your way, you will probably start hating really, really much. Things like pianos, and pool table, or jukeboxes can make things really complicated when moving, and a hot tub is no exception. We have listed the three options that you can choose from how to relocate a hot tub with ease. Before we start, let’s just make one thing clear first. Moving a hot tub is definitely not something that one person can do, so look for help. Whether you are looking for relocation assistance Florida bound, or on Alaska, or anywhere in between, you are making the right decision!

    Now, let’s begin!

    There several options to pick from if you want to relocate a hot tub with ease, the first one it – To not move it

    This one may sound ridiculous, but this really is a viable option to think about. There are several reasons that support this idea, and we will lay them all out in front of you:

    To relocate a hot tub with easy is not something that can be done very often
    Sure, hot tubs are fun, but they are real time and money consuming and also dangerous to move
    • The relocation cost will be expensive – No matter how far away you are moving, it is going to cost you a lot. Sure, it will cost less than it did when you bought it and it is such a nice feeling to have it in your backyard. That is probably why this idea didn’t even come to mind when you were thinking about what to do. It is hard to estimate really how much will it cost to relocate a hot tub with ease (or just to relocate it). The only thing you can do is to ask the movers to give you an officially estimated sum. It is up to you then whether you will pay it or not, but at least you will know what the price is. If you choose a moving company carefully, you can save money and time.
    • It may cost you your precious time – Now, when you are moving your home, you will need every second you can take. This is why you should always plan to leave some extra time, just in case. Whatever the plan may be, to relocate a hot tub with ease (or just to relocate it), will be a long process. So, you should take that into consideration when thinking about what to do with the hot tub. It will take a lot of your time to pack it, transport it, unpack it and then reassemble it.

    And the last, but not the least

    • It is dangerous! – These things can weigh for several hundreds of kilos, which makes it a great potential risk. Only one moment of insecurity or a misstep may be enough to cause some real damage, both financially, and, more importantly, personally to you or one of your friends. This is something that you have to aware of.

    So, if you decide not to take it with you, there are two options on how to save money. First one is that you can raise the cost of the property (in case you are selling your old home). The second one is to see if anyone would like to buy it separately.

    4 people in a hot tub
    Are the risks worth the fun?

    You can always hire movers!

    If you decide that it doesn’t matter whether you are going to relocate a hot tub with ease or not, but that it has to be relocated by any means necessary, you should consider hiring movers. If you are moving to Florida, then you should ask around about the top moving companies Miami Gardens has to offer. When things get tricky while moving, it is always best to have professionals by your side. They are experienced and they know how to do all the things that you may have problems with.

    Still, before you hire them, make sure that you chose the best ones. How to do this? Easy! Ask around about the best moving companies and check their internet reviews. After you pick a few of them that have the best reviews, you can call them to come and give you their best estimates. You can then pick the best one and let them do their job.

    This is, without a doubt, the easiest way to relocate a hot tub with ease! 

    A hand writing with a pen in a notebook
    Plan the moving of the hot tub carefully!

    You can move it yourself

    So, you have decided that you don’t want to leave the hot tub behind? And you don’t have money to spare on hiring movers even though that is the best solution? Well, there is only one option left and that is to do it by yourself. The most important thing, when it comes to doing this by yourself is to be aware of how dangerous this is. You are going to have to think it through carefully. Also, don’t do it alone! Have some friends come over and help you.

    First, make sure that it the tub will fit the truck you are going to use. Then you can have your friends lift one side of it and put it on the dolly. You can that push it to the truck. Make sure that you have put straps on it really good while doing this. When you get it to the truck, you can then, while still using the straps, carefully lift into the truck. No matter how close to the finish line you may be, be careful! Don’t rush it, and don’t go through it if you think you need more people!

    Good luck! Stay safe!