How to relocate a king-size mattress

    A bedroom.

    The only thing in this world that could make moving more difficult than it already is would be to add oversized furniture. This is the moment in time where you have to sit down and consider whether that furniture is worth it. The worst of the worst, the one that carries the dreadful title is the bed. More specifically the mattress. So, it doesn’t hurt to know how to relocate a king-size mattress. And, if at all, YOU should move it? Or, hire a professional moving company to help you move it? Like expert moving companies Miami Gardens that could do the hard work for you.

    Moving any bulky furniture is a tough business, especially if you are forced to do it cross country. But, when it comes to moving your bed it could possibly be the most difficult element of it all. The only thing worse than having to relocate a king-size mattress is having to relocate king-size mattress times two. Or even three, although we are not sure whether such nightmares exist. Still, there are certain things you need to do and consider before jumping into this task. You need to think about whether your bed is worth moving, and if so how are you going to pack it for moving. Will you be doing it on your own or will you hire professional moving assistance? These are all very valuable questions that Purple Heart Moving Group will try to answer.

    Relocate a king-size mattress – how to

    The first thing you need to evaluate before anything else is whether the mattress is worth moving. Sometimes the return of investment in such an event is simply not worth it. In this case, you would be better off just leaving it behind because transporting something this big could be quite an effort. On top of all, it is very expensive to relocate a king-size mattress. Not only do you need the manpower and the skills to get it out of the bedroom (which is usually the room that is the furthest from the entrance to the home), but you also have to leave a lot of free space in the moving truck. This fundamentally means that fewer things will be transported in that go considering the amount of space is taken when you relocate a king-size mattress.

    So, do you need it? Evaluate the condition of the mattress. If it’s half-used maybe you could get something for it on websites where you can sell your stuff, and for the difference that you saved on moving it buy a new one. Or, if it is worn and thorn, maybe it is best just to get rid of it. On the other hand, king-size mattresses are not that cheap, so if it is a relatively new and well-kept mattress you will definitely want to relocate it.

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    Consider all the options, before you decide to move the mattress

    The fact of the matter is that moving is very expensive as it is. Any additional expense that you can meet should be avoided when possible. It is a money saving game!


    Another very important factor when deciding whether and how you should relocate a king-size mattress is distance. If you are traveling halfway across the country, then no matter how new the mattress is – it is not worth it. But, you don’t have to believe us. Call a professional moving company that does long distance moves and ask them for a quote.

    The best thing you could do in this case is selling it online and try to get back as much money as possible. Given the value of this item, you should be able to find someone to buy it off you rather quick. Otherwise, the trouble of transporting something this big and heavy across the country is not worth it. Sell it, save time and money.

    A road to travel and relocate a king-size mattress
    The further you are moving the costlier moving of the mattress becomes

    In the case of international relocation, it is not even a matter of choice. You are probably not going to be so daring as to rent a container on a ship just for the mattress. Or worse, rent out a storage compartment on an airplane. This would just be insane. Still, some people do it. It could have had sentimental value or any other value that would be strong enough to force them to take it abroad. If this is the case… Good luck. We will offer some insight into how to transfer it, but luck will play a huge factor.

    Packing a mattress for the move

    The one attribute comfortable and high-quality mattresses have is the price. They are very expensive. The best way to ensure that your mattress is transferred safely to the new location is preparation. You need to invest both time and resources into packing your mattress for the move. The better you do this the safer the mattress will be.

    The first step is removing anything from the mattress in terms of bedding and other items. Make sure the mattress is clean and has nothing on it. To be triple safe, you could simply place the mattress in contact with direct sunlight in order to be one thousand percent sure that it is fully dry. This is so that you can catch any potential infestation in time. If there are such signs, the mattress should be disposed of immediately.

    A light and spacious bedroom
    Remove everything from bed before you even consider doing anything with the mattress

    Following this, you wish to get a specialized mattress bag for moving. These bags are not expensive and they can be purchased off of your local moving company, or you could simply google this solution. For example, you could call relocation assistance Florida and ask if they sell these bags. It costs somewhere between 10 and 20 dollars. Definitely, something you can afford. This should offer very elaborate help in regards to dirt, dust, moisture, and pets. It is definitely something you want to invest in.

    Make sure that the mattress is fully inside of the bag and that the bag is sealed on all sides. Once all of this is verified your mattress will be ready for shipment. Now it is all the matter of loading it into the truck and seeing it go on its road. Good luck as to relocate a king-size mattress, you’ll need it!