How to reward friends for relocating you

    Always reward friends for relocating you

    Tale as old as time says that every moving is complex and that it consists of many parts each of which has to be carefully planned and thought through. But, if you don’t think you can do the job all by yourself, there’s no reason not to call for help. You can look to hire some of the best moving companies in Miami who can definitely make this relocation much easier. Furthermore, they’ll take all the stress away that has been piling up. Those who want to save some money when moving out, usually hire some good friends to help them out. If you recognized yourself in the latter, they might want to think about the ways to reward friends for relocating you. Well, we might just have what you are looking for as we are going to give you some interesting suggestions.

    Why ask friends to help you move?

    We already mentioned that most people opt for this solution when they want to save as much money as possible. Of course, in case you have some special items to move, it would be wiser to contact specialized crew for that kind of relocation. Still, nothing can beat working hand in hand with the people you know best and who mean well to you. That is why it is so beneficial to have your friends help you speed up the relocation process. And for that to be successful, it is necessary to have a serious conversation about it, define ground rules and make a proper plan. Only like that will you be able to function as a team. And after a job-well-done, it would only be fair to reward friends for relocation you the right way.

    Have some snacks prepared to reward friends for relocating you

    delicious snacks
    Make a break by having some healthy delicious bites

    Who likes to work when hungry? Well, don’t try out something like that when you have invited your friends to selflessly help you pack and move out. One of the ways to express deep appreciation for what they do for you is to provide some good snacks. We assure you that everyone will be in a much better mood to do some heavy lifting, cleaning, packing, moving, and do every other moving-related tasks. The best part is that there are so many options for amazing healthy snacks you can easily make yourself.

    If it is possible, and the conditions permit, make sure to provide a proper meal once a day. If it’s within your budget limit, perhaps you could ask your friends if they had any special requests food-wise. That way you will really show them that you care about their needs, as well.

    Offer drinks and coffee

    Together with nice meals and snacks, it would be nice if you would offer them some drinks and coffee to refresh themselves. If the professional moving crew is also around, do offer them as well. It is a nice token of affection. It will make the working atmosphere more pleasant. Moreover, everyone will be eager to work and put more effort.

    Pay for their expenses

    Your friends probably live in different parts of town so they need to spend either the money to pay for the gas or for bus/train/metro ticket. Another way to reward friends for relocating you is by paying for these expenses. After all, they are giving you the most precious thing and that’s their time and love.

    Reward friends for relocating you by giving them some things you won’t need any more

    If your plan is to leave behind some things in your current home or throw them away, perhaps a better idea would be to ask some of your friends whether they need some of those items. Make an agreement about the price, or you can even give them that for free. For instance, if you have a lot of houseplants and you simply can’t take all of them, give them as a nice gift. And while being on topic, you might ask for some tips on how to properly pack and relocate your plants.

    a gift
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    Store away the remaining items

    After you’ve made an agreement with them about the things you’ll give away, if there are still some items left but you currently don’t have a place for them, there’s a way for that too. Have all of them organized, and safely transferred to some of the cheap storage Florida until the moment you figure what to do with them and whether you’ll be using them in the next period.

    Be there for them when they need your help

    What is a better way to show someone you care for them and that you appreciate their help, if not to return the favor? It doesn’t have to be the same thing as with you – moving out, but with something else they ask you to help them with. A real friend is the one who’s there for those who once helped them. What is more, this is a beautiful way to give a great example for others in your community as well as your children.

    Go out together

    After the whole work is done and you’re finally in your new home, it is time to relax. You deserve to have some fun and reflect on a great job you’ve done as a team. So, go ahead, do something that all of you would make happy such as going on dinner, organizing a party, or taking some short weekend trip together. If the weather is nice and warm, reward your friends for relocating you by going on a picnic. We are sure everyone will vote for either of these ideas. After all, spending some quality time with good-hearted people is a reward for itself.

    friends on a picnic
    Have fun going on a picnic together

    Relocation is definitely something everyone needs help with no matter how much experience he/she has had so far. Therefore, it is always wonderful to show how much you appreciate all of them who offered their assistance. Once you’re in a new home you can finally relax. And you can finally start thinking about things you need to buy for the new house. Perhaps you could also organize a house-warming party. Don’t forget to invite all of those friends who were included in relocating you.