How to sell your home without stress

    Your home is most often your most valuable asset. Yet again, it’s not just walls and furniture you invested a lot of money in – it is much more than that. It’s where you became who you are now. With all the downfalls and phoenix alter-egos, where important moments and souvenirs of your past were collected  – where you hosted your friends and family, had birthday parties and both exciting and sad evenings by yourself. It’s more than a house, more than walls, furniture, clothes, shelves, and plants. It is your life and your home.  All of this adds up to an emotional attachment that can get the best of you and give you a distorted perception of your home’s value. That’s exactly why selling a house can be a disaster on many levels. But, it has its benefits! Let’s see what you can do to sell your home without stress.

    Think it through

    If you are buying and selling at the same time, press the brake, reverse and ask for some advice first – ask your accountant for guidance, ask your friends who are in the real estate and finance business how to tackle this.  Your financial state, local market, and feedback from your real estate agent are the most important factors – take it all into account and make a strategy. While making your plan, try to be realistic – yes, you might prefer the idea of selling your house within a month, but what is the current market telling you? Ideally, you should move out before the viewings at your current house take place, but can you afford it? Make an Excel sheet, list all the factors, reasons, pros and cons and see what works best for you.

    preparation kit for how to sell your home without stress
    Gathering information and thinking your each step through is crucial.

    Make your house more appealing to potential buyers

    In order to sell your home without stress,  ask your real estate agent and/or your artistically inclined friends for guidance on improving your home’s presentation before putting it on the market. They can give you useful tips on what buyers expect in your particular market and at your home’s price point, as well as how to actually make your cozy nest more appealing and chic! Whatever the reason of your moving – family, military or other job opportunities, you should put your best efforts into selling your current home. Is the fence of your yard really rusty and old? Maybe a new paint job would help! What about the cupboards and tables, are they old and covered in stains? Clean it, paint it and add some plants!

    Unnecessary stuff – be gone

    There must be at least a suitcase-worth-pile of things that you haven’t actually used in more than 2 years. The statistics suggest it is more than likely you will never use them again. Get rid of them! This is a useful tip even if you’re not moving.  Just by de-cluttering a bit, you are making your life way easier – your house will be faster to clean for a sudden viewing. Potential buyers will be able to picture their furniture and belongings in a space that’s not swimming in someone else’s stuff. Eventually, your moving costs will decrease – the fewer things you move, the less it will be painful on the pocket. (even when hiring a moving company, some of your belongings should definitely go with you)

    Just an idea for your de-clutter debut:

    • make a list of your possessions
    • divide into the following categories:
    • the “to keep pile”
    • the “possibly wanted on craigslist” or a garage sale pile
    • the charity pile
    • and the infamous “it’s worth nothing” pile
    assorted fruits
    De-clutter for viewing and packing purposes.

    Don’t compromise your peace and health

    You want to sell your home without stress and the quickest way possible. This can take months or years (fingers crossed it won’t), so don’t let it drain you and leave you too tired. Let the agent know your boundaries, schedule viewings. If most viewings are happening on weekends, use it to have a nice lunch, go for a massage, have a picnic, visit your grandmother. Whether you’re moving to Miami Gardens, or you’ve decided on relocating to Alaska, you will need a lot of energy. Replace that chocolate cake with fruit salad; instead of waiting for the bus – power-walk it, start packing lunch for work – take care of yourself.  If possible, take a vacation during this period. It can be financially tricky, but if you have planned it already – now is the time. Also, one’s thoughts are more clear and sharp when we are rested and at peace.

    To sell your home without stress,  keep yourself informed

    Yes, it sounds tempting, leaving it all to the professionals. It is one thing to keep your stress to a minimum (especially when moving pregnant!), however it is crucial to be informed on how many people saw your house so far, what were their comments (some of them might be very useful for you in order to improve the looks of your house before the next viewing), if the current local market is changing etc. Having information will make you more confident and in control of the situation.

    Having necessary information about your home will give you the upper hand when selling.

    Keeping it on the bright side

    Once you manage to sell your home without stress, a new chapter of your life will open. Even if selling your house wasn’t your first choice, it can lead to good things. Changing your address might be challenging too. Instead of being stressed and anxious, try to get to know your new neighborhood, have a coffee with your new neighbor, do some paperwork (change the address at your bank, see where the nearest post office is, check the shops etc.).  Your old house will be someone else’s new home now, embrace it as a memory and be open for new experiences.  Don’t forget to enjoy this big change in your life because you will remember it!