How to set up a home office

    Home office

    Times are changing, and more and more people are working remotely. Working from home sometimes means using your dining table as workspace. That is when productivity suffers and you need to set up a home office. Having your own work corner is something all of us need when working from home. Now, let’s dig into ideas for your new at-home office!

    Find available space to set up a home office

    You will need to remodel your place according to your plans. If you have a spare room, congratulations! You’re in luck and you don’t need to bother creating additional space. You can start working in your home office right away. Long distance movers Florida will move the necessities for your office and you can start remodeling.

    If you do not have a spare room, do not worry. We can create that extra space with decluttering the least used area of your home. That can also be the attic or the basement. Or just a corner in the living room for that matter. You won’t need that much space to set up a home office, you just need to be creative.

    Positioning is the key

    Getting enough sunlight is not just for plants. For you to be productive you need sun and direct sunlight. If it is possible to position the table right in from of a window, that would be amazing. Your productivity levels will rise. Just being in the well-lit area can do a lot. Opt for curtains as well to dim the area when you feel like it.

    a pot with a plant you can use when you want to set up a home office
    When you want to set up a home office make sure your plants get enough sunlight

    Moving and storage Florida will do all the hard work, but it is up to you to create an atmosphere. If you cannot place the desk in front of the direct sunlight, make sure you light up the area well. Plants and warm lighting can also make a huge difference. Although, different jobs need different moods. Artistic people might enjoy working in a dim area. Whilst people dealing with a lot of paperwork need a well lit working area. Make sure you know what you need and follow your instincts.

    Proper set-up

    Your desk needs to be 29 inches from the floor to be of perfect height. That is the norm if you are of average height. It can vary as well, so choose carefully. Working on a computer means your forearms should rest parallel to the floor when dealing with a mouse or keyboard. If they are bent upwards, your desk is too high. The desk is too short when your elbows are bent more than 90 degrees.

    Desks are usually built for writing, so choose carefully if you work on a computer. Picking your working area to set up a home office is more than a half of the job. If you are working a lot, choose a comfortable and flexible chair. Gaming chairs are amazing for hard workers and long days in the office. You can also lookup hand made chairs just for you, if you don’t mind  waiting for the delivery.  Picking the right chair is money and time well spent.

    Consider storage areas

    Storage areas in your home office are important if you want to keep some order. Renting storage space for those with bigger needs is also an option. But if you have a normal amount of paperwork at home, there’s no need for a storage unit. You can just find a way to store it inside of your home with some help.  To set up a home office you will need:

    1. Desk with drawers
    2. Shelves
    3. Plastic containers
    shelves with books
    Shelves are always a good option

    Whatever suits your space is great, just keep it organized. Call some friends to help you install shelves in your working area. There are a lot of shelf types and you can choose according to your needs and liking. Messy working areas can lower your productivity levels and you will start stalling. If you have an entire room as your office there is no need to worry about storage areas. But if you have a corner of a room you will need to think bigger. Basements or attics can also be used to store paperwork you do not use very often. Keep what you need at hand, and store the rest somewhere else. Your working area should be free of clutter at all times.

    The aesthetic is important

    Do not be shy to decorate the way you want. This is your home and your office and if you love bright pink, then pink it is. You want to set up a home office you love working in. So if this means crazy colors and plush toys you do exactly that. Corporate buildings are not so much into customization of the place, but at home, you can do anything. If you have a friend artist that can help, even better. Listen to some of their advice on the renovation of your home office.

    computer on the desk
    Set up your home office the way you will enjoy it

    Wallpapers are an amazing tool in changing the atmosphere of the place. Start from wall customization and match your shelves and decorations. Decorating on a budget is also an option. Not everything needs to be expensive. You can do this over time, no need to rush. The important thing is to make it functional at first, and then decorate it the way you want over time. Pick and choose carefully and you will enjoy every day in your new office.

    Working from home makes it easier for a lot of us. But it can also blur the line of work and personal life. Make sure you leave your work behind once you leave your working area. Set up a nice home office you love working in, but do not use it for personal needs. This is a line that divides the two and it will make your life easier. Enjoy your new beautiful working area, you have worked hard for it!