How to stage your NYC apartment for selling

    How to stage your NYC apartment for selling

    Spring is the peak apartment selling season in the Big Apple. So if you want to close the deal this year, you should hire movers Hallandale beach Hopefully, you have started the process already. But if you’ve gotten that far, did you know you’re supposed to think about staging? Professional staging does not come cheap! If you want to stage your NYC apartment for selling, that can run anywhere from several thousand dollars to over $70,000. It depends on the size of your apartment, however, it can bring in big returns.

    Girl uncovering plastic wrap from a bed
    One stager estimates that good staging can add double the amount you spend on it to the purchase price.

    Let’s dive right in!

    When selling your home, it is crucial that the ambiance appeals to prospective buyers. Most New Yorkers, live in their home while trying to sell it. Rarely do they move out and leave the home empty.
    However, there are also sellers who stage their NYC apartment for selling, which can make the difference between it selling quickly in a sea of inventory. As opposed to it sitting on the market for months and months on end. Think about it, the more successfully your stage, the sooner you’ll be able to hire moving companies NYC to Florida.
    Depending on the size of your home, staging will range from a few thousand dollars for a studio that needs minor touch-ups and furniture, to over $70,000 in a huge home that needs the following:

    • Wallpaper
    • Refinished floors
    • Hefty amounts of luxe furniture and decor

    Follow these practical steps when you want to stage your NYC apartment for selling

    When it’s time to sell, it may be the right time for the Barbie wallpaper to come down in your daughter’s room. Or you may want to convert your tiny nursery back into the walk-in closet it was supposed to be.
    When it comes to essential and cheap renovations, it’s necessary to neutralize and keep it basic. But, how professional staging can make a difference! So really consider investing in experts.

    Living room after you stage your NYC apartment for selling
    Remove any and all clutter because no one wants to see how many items you have stuffed into your closet.

    For those who are still living in their home while trying to sell, here are 3 tips to get your home ready for the market:

    1. Highlight the light – This may mean taking down your precious dark red velvet drapes and replacing them with textiles that are lighter in color. Or leave nothing at all. You can always install some mirrors to reflect light and create more space.
    2. Touch-up the scuffs – Never underestimate the power of fresh paint and inexpensive wallpaper. It is an extremely affordable way to impress your buyer. Just update tired walls and chipped kitchen cabinetry and that already will have a major impact on the overall appeal of your home.
    3. Think like a buyer – When you host an open house, where will the buyers gravitate toward in your home? Will they turn left into the living room right away? Or do they go right into the bedroom wing? There should be a path for them and nothing should be in the way to distract.