How to store your boat in the off-season

    Store your boat on the sand.

    You must have had a glorious summer! With your new boat (or with your old one), you must have been the king of the waters! However, unfortunately, the season has come to an end and now you have to figure out where and how to store your boat. For example, should you rent storage, or buy one, or something completely different. This is one of those things that you do not really think about in the spur of the moment. So if you need storage but don’t know where to look, storage Florida could be the right place for you.

    Most boats are bought in the summer when there is plenty of use for them. Rarely do people think that this is something that awaits ’round the corner. Furthermore, whether we wish to admit it or not, boats are pure luxury. And these are more often than not bought on a whim. And in this whim people rarely see the flipside that is that you need to store your boat. So when the moment comes, and you must find a way to store your boat, people are without a plan. And this could be financially painful.

    Fortunately, we are here to attempt to prepare you for this moment. We are hoping that after this article you will not be blindsided by this event. Furthermore, it would be great if you could account for it when making the actual purchase. It’ll make your life far easier.

    Where and how to store your boat when the summer ends

    When the cold season hits and you have to store your boat, there are several options for you to consider. However, it is definitely time to say goodbye to having your boat stay in waters. The most common time to place your boat aside is somewhere at the beginning of September. This is the right time to winterize your boat in order to make sure no long-term weather-related damage occurs. You do have to keep in mind that owning something as expensive as a boat requires very careful maintenance and care.

    A boat on the snow.
    You don’t want to be moving your boat once the winter comes.

    So, we here at Purple Heart Moving Group will share four tips as to how you can make sure that your boat is very well protected and prepared for the cold weather season. Following these steps will most likely ensure that no long-term damage occurs, with proper watching of your precious water strider.

    #1 Clear out your boat in detail

    This is one tedious task, however, it is very unavoidable if you wish to do it right. The definition of a clean boat is one that is entirely pest free. For starters, any food compartments must be emptied before the coming winter. This is of vital importance, because if any food was to let rot – it could attract all sorts of unwanted vermin. Furthermore, if you have cabin storage, any rotten food will make it smell so bad, you won’t be able to clear it half a season.

    So, make sure that any and all perishable items are taken care of in order to avoid any rodent, ant or other pest infestation.

    #2 Try to find a driveway to store your boat

    Everyone is in the money-saving business, regardless of how much money they actually have. Hence, the best way to save the most amount of money is by storing your boat in your driveway. Or a driveway. It doesn’t matter whose it is as long as it is safe and well protected in case of some theft or vandalism.

    A look on a house.
    If you have a driveway that you can spare, there is an option of leaving your boat there.

    The downside is, you have a boat in your driveway. The bigger the boat – the bigger the inconvenience. This is why you need to carefully assess this potential way to store your boat. Even though it does save a lot of money, it can usually end up being in your way. This is, of course, not valid if you have a huge yard. In this case, it can be stored safely anywhere within the yard, as long as it is not near anything that could potentially bring harm to it. Make sure the boat is not in the way of any parking spots and similar locations. For this, you might need the help of local movers, so consider giving them a call to get a quote.

    #3 Make sure to rust-proof any metals that are exposed on your boat

    The next most important thing you can do is make sure to rust-proof the exterior of your boat. You could do the same with the interior as long as there is a piece of metal exposed. This could cause irreversible damage to your boat if you fail to do so in time.

    A boat on the water.
    Don’t leave your boat at the whim of the weather, proof it from elemental damage.

    This is a rather fast and simple procedure you can do, and in the long run, it saves a lot of resources and time. Not to mention nerves. Coat your boat metal areas with the isolator in order to make sure it is weatherproof and long-lasting.

    #4 Invest in personal boat storage

    If you could afford the boat it shouldn’t be a problem to invest in personal boat storage. There are countless benefits to storing your boat in this manner. First, you will have access to your boat 24/7, without any exception. Secondly, you can save tons of time by storing it here since it includes protection from all weather conditions that could reign outside. If you need help getting your boat to your storage location, movers Pompano Beach FL can easily help you with it.

    Overall, maybe a pricier solution but in the long run, it could prove to save a ton of money. Furthermore, you will be quite safe since these personal boat storage facilities have very advanced security. Your boat will be protected from prying eyes, sticky hands and awful weather conditions. What more could you ask for?

    All in all, these are our recommendation as to how you can store your boat. There are countless other approaches, but these ones work. Tested and approved. Best of luck!