How to thank your friends for helping you move

    Friends are great! And we are not talking just about the TV show, either. Having someone to help you move is a great thing. Movers can cost a lot of money and if you can delegate some parts of the move to your friends, you’ll be saving it and spending some quality time. But, don’t consider that you are doing them a favor by gathering them together. They have to schedule your move and then spend their time and energy in properly moving you. Well, in order to thank your friends for helping you move here are some tips.

    After the move

    Consider the situation your friends are in. They’ve just spent the whole day loading your stuff, unloading it and helping you distribute it around the apartment. And that is not counting the packing. So, with all of that in mind, how would you feel? Tired, hungry and thirsty, right? Right! Therefore, it is up to you thank your friends for helping you move by getting them some well-deserved food and drinks so they can chill out for a bit. They just did you a huge favor by helping you with moving to Florida, and it is only fair that you refresh them in return.


    It the old day’s you would probably have to make the food for your friends. You would have to go and buy all the ingredients and start making everything from scratch. Well, luckily, in today’s world you can simply order in. And that is what you need to do. First, find out what kind of food everyone would like. If you are planning on surprising them,  go with pizza. It is considered the most popular food in the U.S. Just make sure that you consider if there are any special preferences (lactose intolerance, vegan) and that you get the right pizza for them. There are many different ways in which you can find food delivery in your new neighborhood and you should consider only the restaurants that have positive customer reviews. Only by checking out the unbiased reviews can you find a good place to order food online.

    Pizza is a tried and true way to thank your friends for helping you move.


    For drinks, beer seems like the most obvious answer, but it doesn’t have to be. If your friends came by car, they will need to be able to drive themselves back home. And if they are tired, the alcohol will have a greater impact on their driving skills. Consider getting some non-alcoholic beverages so that your friends don’t have to risk getting a DUI. If on the other hand, they are not driving themselves back home that night, you can have a nice little party. Ask your local movers Miami to recommend you a good, local beer if you are not from around there. It will be a nice change of pace you and your friends. Just get one of them to sneak out with you and get the beverages without anyone else knowing. It will be a great surprise for them.

    There is nothing better than cracking open a nice, cold one.


    The best way to thank your friends for helping you move is to relax them. Food and drinks will go a great deal in helping them feel appreciated, but a nice, friendly, chill environment is what they truly need. That is why you are getting comfort food and alcohol. So that you will relax and enjoy yourselves. The moment you are done moving, you should pull out your laptop and play some chill groves. Talk about some well know things that you are sure will spark no arguments. You’ve just finished a big project and there were definitely some tensions along the way. Now is the time to unwind and let go of everything unpleasant that happened. Unwind and talk about the new life you are going to have in your new place.

    Throwing a party to thank your friends for helping you move

    Now, this is something you do at least a week after the party. If your move was complicated and your friends went above and beyond to help you realize it, then they truly deserve to have a party thrown as an honest thank you. And, it doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. A well-organized party with good energy is what everyone wants and if you are clever and attentive, that is what you will give them.

    When to throw it

    Let’s start off with timing. Your friends are going to need to recuperate from moving you and you are going to need to settle into your new place. That takes time. Therefore, you need to schedule your party at least two weeks after you move in. If you want to be on the safe side, make it a month. Make sure that the date works with everyone and that everyone is up for it. Don’t be afraid to ask outright if you think that your friends are not really up for it. There is no point in forcing them to come. When you have your date figured out, it’s time to start planning the party.

    Throw a party to thank your friends for helping you move.
    Games are a great way to make a party more fun.

    How to throw it

    Rember, it’s not about the money. It’s about the energy and the vibe. First off, consider who you will invite. You are throwing this party to thank your friends for helping you move, but if you think that someone else might fit in, invite them. If you have made any new acquaintances or friends during your time in the new neighborhood, you should consider giving them an invite. But, do not do so if you think that they won’t fit in with the rest of your friends. This party is about them, after all. When it comes to music, food, and drinks, stay simple. Take one thing and make it special, the rest should be usual. So if you are getting some exciting food, keep your drinks normal and your music mainstream. But, above all, be a good host. Remind your friends how thankful you are for their help.