Is Florida still an interesting moving destination?

    A pier during sunset.

    There aren’t many Americans that haven’t thought about moving to Florida at least once in their life. After all, what’s not to love about the Sunshine State? Now, we can’t give you an answer as to whether moving from Texas to Florida will be a good decision. Hey, we can’t even tell you whether you will be able to find your happiness in Florida. But what we can tell you is that a huge number of people seem to think that Florida is the perfect state. So is Florida still an interesting moving destination even after being in the spotlight for years? Short answer – yes!

    Florida is the number one moving destination in the United States!

    According to moving giants all over America, Florida has taken over the leading spot and is now considered to be the number one moving destination in the US. It even beat Texas in this race, and Texas was a 2019 winner. The new results are quite clear – people are choosing Florida now more than ever. The metropolitan areas of Florida aren’t the only ones that are witnessing growth. Even the less urban and crowded areas are gaining popularity by the minute. Example number one – Miramar. We should know, as our movers Miramar FL are busier than ever!

    An aerial view of Miami.
    With so many cities that leave no one indifferent, Florida is the perfect moving destination.

    In fact, contrary to popular belief, the majority of people who have moved to Florida have not chosen Miami as their home. The new residents of the Sunshine State opted for less hectic places, including the aforementioned Miramar, as well as:

    Are you surprised to find out that Florida is still a popular moving destination? Well, we aren’t. The Sunshine State has witnessed a steady growth during the last decade, so the number one spot it now occupies was bound to happen sooner or later. Now, we know that knowing all of these seemingly random facts isn’t nearly enough for you to decide to move to Florida. That’s okay. Because after you hear why people are moving their homes and businesses to it, you’ll be on the phone with Purple Heart Moving Group in no time!

    Is Florida still an interesting moving destination for both residential and commercial purposes?

    Let’s say you are the owner of a prosperous business. Or you have a great business idea and want to start your company. At the same time, you are a person that’s dedicated to your family. Would you make a mistake on either of these fronts by moving to Florida? The answer is no. According to many surveys, Florida is the perfect destination for budding businesses and people with families.

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    Bask in the glorious sun in your spare time and work on your business full-time.

    We constantly hear about Florida being a great place for retirement. But we aren’t so aware of the fact that we don’t have to wait for those years to roll around. We can just hire the best long distance movers and make Florida your home sweet home.

    Residential relocation to Florida

    Constant sunshine, beautiful beaches, amazing cities – need we say more? If you are not sure whether Florida is still an interesting moving destination, all you really have to do is visit a city here. Any city will do. With high household incomes, low unemployment rate, and no taxes, Florida is practically a dream come true. In more ways than one.

    A residential relocation to Florida can be recommended to people of all ages. Families with kids will be able to find great schools and cities with low crime rates. Young professionals will most likely stumble upon their perfect job opportunities right here in the Sunshine State. And retirees will love basking in the sun in a city such as Boca Raton. Nothing will be a bigger reward for a lifetime of work than the beautiful sights Florida has to offer.

    So the question shouldn’t be is Florida still an interesting moving destination. No, you should ask yourself when is the right time to move here and whether you can afford it. Because with everything the Sunshine State has to offer, we don’t see it getting any less popular in the years to come. 

    Commercial relocation to Florida

    Deciding to move your business and take that leap of faith is never easy. It goes without saying that you want to find a place that will be better suited for your office. But is that place Florida? Well, according to many surveys, Florida is the third best state for that in the entire US – right after Texas and California. You just have to be careful, though, as a corporate move to Florida will take a lot of work and preparation. So you have to be 100% sure that you are making the right decision. 

    A woman thinking is Florida still an interesting moving destination.
    Sometimes, there is no gain without taking a risk.

    Statistically speaking, your company has the best chance of success in Florida. The metropolitan areas here have a good concentration of start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, and those two combined are what will attract young professionals to the area. And with lots of talented people at your disposal, forming a dream-team will be easier than ever.

    Thinking about moving to Florida? We got you covered!

    So, you have finally decided to take a leap of faith and move to Florida. Great! Now all you have to do is find reputable movers with the right set of moving services FL. Why look further when you can turn to us? With affordable prices and versatile moving services, our movers will be able to cater to all of your needs.

    Is Florida still an interesting moving destination? We would like to believe that after everything you have just heard, you will think so. Just take a look at the latest statistics. They will show that a lot of people love Florida just as much as we do, and just as much as you will!