Is Hollywood still the same in 2020?

    Is Hollywood still the same in 2020?

    Florida is full of amazing cities that you can explore and discover. Hundreds of people flock to the Sunshine state annually, both for vacation and to move here. One of these amazing cities is the city of Hollywood, Florida. With the amazing weather and beautiful beaches, it is one of the most popular destinations for everyone coming to Florida. But is Hollywood still the same in 2020? The COVID-19 crisis has shaken everyone – even the most wonderful cities. Should you be calling the most reliable moving companies Hollywood FL has to offer and planning your relocation here? Keep reading to find out.

    There are many things that make Hollywood amazing

    You will find the city of Hollywood in Broward County, Florida. It sits on the midway point between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, two of the biggest cities in the state. One of the reasons why so many people come here is amazing weather. If winter is your enemy, and you despise cold and snow, you will feel right at home here. The temperatures in Hollywood average between 68 and 83 degreed Fahrenheit.

    palm trees
    The wonderful weather and the Atlantic ocean – what more do you need?

    The city is not huge, but it is not small either. As of July 1, 2019, there were 154,817 people calling it home. This makes it the twelfth-largest in the state of Florida. However, it is a principal city of the Miami metro area, which counts a population of over 6 million. This number is not insignificant. And since Purple Heart Moving Group service this area – it is a perfect city that you can move to.

    But Is Hollywood still the same in 2020 – or has it changed?

    To understand the city, we need to look at its layered history. There were many people who wanted to make a city along the breathtaking beaches of the Atlantic Ocean – but Joseph Young was the one who created the city of Hollywood in 1920. He had a vision of large parks, golf courses, schools, and churches. Therefore, he poured millions into the construction of the city and became its first mayor in 1925.

    The city only rapidly grew from there. In 1960, it counted more than 2,400 hotel units, and over 12,000 single-family homes were in the process of becoming a reality. The city didn’t stop through many obstacles. The 1926 Miami hurricane took a lot from the city, but it kept going. It also survived Young’s death in 1934, the stock market crash, and many other hurricanes. The biggest recent obstacle has been due to Hurricane Irma in 2017, after which Rebuild Florida helped with its Housing Repair Program.

    Hollywood, Florida
    Hollywood is always growing and improving.

    So, is Hollywood still the same in 2020? While it has been through a lot, some of the things never changed. The infrastructure is still important, just like they were to Joseph Young almost 100 years ago. However, today’s focus is on the new generations which are growing up in the city. If you want your kids to be a part of them, make sure to contact us today. Let us help you plan your Hollywood move and relocate to this amazing city.