What Items Movers Won’t Move

    The question is what items movers won't move

    You are moving, and it is not the easy job to do. Even movers cannot do everything. The question is what items movers won’t move? It does not mean they are not good. Any moving company wants to keep their good reputation and leave their customers satisfied. But, there are specific things movers won’t move because of legal, ethical or safety reasons. Some household goods are considered too dangerous to be transported. So, find a reliable moving company that is responsible.

    Why moving companies won’t move certain items

    It is all about safety. Your safety and their too. They want to protect their moving company representatives and the moving truck. Also, it is not just about them. They maybe have the customer’s items inside the truck, and yours too. Also, need to protect the environment and to think about health risks to the general public. So, you need to understand that and not to be mad. Each moving company has a detailed list of non-transportable goods. They cannot break a law. Ask them to give you a full list of illegal items.

    Finally, what items movers won’t move

    We have some list of forbidden things. Before you start to pack your boxes, read what items cannot be moved.

    Hazardous Materials

    You should know that movers are not allowed to transport any flammable, corrosive or explosive items. So, forget about it. Goods that can burn, corrode or explode present major risks. It can cause death and serious injuries. List of hazardous materials:

    • Black powder, smokeless powder
    • Igniters or primers
    • Fireworks
    • Lighter fluid/matches
    • Propellers
    • Signal flares
    • Acids/Ammonia
    • Gasoline/Kerosene or other petroleum products
    • Yard equipment containing fuel
    • Motor oil/Antifreeze
    • Lamp oil
    • Fluid cleaners
    • Dyes
    • Disinfectants

    For more information and details ask a moving company you want to hire. They can give you a full list of hazardous materials.

    Guns and ammunition

    Guns and ammunition are items movers won't move
    Moving your weapons can cost you

    It is a big NO! Any type of guns, firearms, and ammunition will not be moved. If you own firearms and ammunition, you should know that each state has its own regulations. So, the best solution  (and maybe the only one) is to leave your weapons at a federally licensed firearms dealer who will ship them safely for you. This will cost you a little, but if you do not do that, it will cost you a lot more in the end.

    Plants don’t like long-distance move

    Live plants can’t survive a long-distance move unscathed. The back of moving truck is extremely hot. Plants must undergo quarantine periods. That cost money and extra time. Maybe is better to bestow your plants to someone. Also, crossing the border with live plants can be challenging. And not just that, it is illegal for moving companies to transport house plants on moves longer than 150 miles. They must have a special license.

    Plants in the house
    Plants are so sensitive. Maybe it is not a good idea to move them

    Separate out perishable items

    Meats, dairy products, previously opened containers, and frozen food can’t be safely transported in a moving truck. It is not safe to eat that after the move. A solution is to eat your food before the moving day. Do not buy new groceries you do not need. Make a goodbye party and your food will be quickly gone. Empty your freezer and fridge. Most of the trucks aren’t equipped with refrigeration units. Spoiled food can also cause damage to other items in the truck.

    Documents and jewelry

    Movers need to take care of your belongings. But you should move irreplaceable items yourself such as documents, wills, passports, medical records, and valuable jewelry. Irreplaceable paperwork can’t be shipped with the rest of your household goods. Keep documents in a briefcase, and take them with. Profesional moving company has insurance. Because of that transporting valuable items can greatly increase liability. That’s why these items movers won’t move. Using a small safe or locked box will ensure your jewelry, coin collection, currency, stocks, and bonds.


    A little puppy
    Your pets have feelings too. Be with them

    No, no. They will not move pets or any animal. Especially if it is a long-distance move. And also, you’d ever want to do is endanger the life of your animal. Your pet is your best friend. The air condition in the van or truck is bad and temperatures can quickly reach extreme values. So, this is too dangerous, it can cause death. Make a plan on how to transport your pet.

    • Professional pet movers – The easiest and the safest solution are to hire a professional pet mover. There are items movers won’t move, but it does not mean no one will move them. Your pet will love it. Make your animal feel safe with them.
    • Air travel – Most airline companies accept dogs and cats but before the move, you must ask them that. Airline companies have a list of Accepted Live Animals.
    • Your own vehicle – Your pet will be calm, and it makes the most sense. They feel something is going on, they can be stressed too. Prepare them. Make sure you take a pet to a certified vet for a  check-up prior to the trip. After that, choose the right shipping container for extra safety.

    Cleaning supplies

    Usually, they do not pack and move cleaning supplies. Liquids spilling over inside the moving van and causing damage to your items. That’s why it is dangerous. So how will you clean your new home? You can buy brand new cleaning supplies when you arrive. It is not expensive.


    Well, it depends. Sometimes moving companies will move liquors. The transportation of liquor and alcoholic beverages vary from state to state. Before you start packing them, find out the laws in your intended destination. If your collection is too valuable, search for a specialty moving company with experience in that particular field.

    These were most of the items movers won’t move. And now when you know this, you can start packing.