Items you should pack last

    books and toys are not among Items you should pack last

    As the moving day is approaching everything is probably becoming a little bit hectic as the panic is slowly knocking on your door. And while that’s completely understandable, we can say that all of it can be avoided if only you contact a professional moving company that can guide you through the whole process. You see, when you have someone who knows which steps should be taken first, everything becomes so much easier and you will even know which items you should pack first, and which items you should pack last. In order to help you prepare more, we’ve come up with the list of the latter. Read it through, and feel free to take notes.

    First, make sure to have all the items ready

    Dealing with this task requires having a clear idea of all the items you want to pack and get ready for transport. It might take you some time to put everything on paper. That is why we recommend starting with it as soon as possible. Be thorough with this one. Perhaps you can make it easier for you by going room by room. Because it is your house, you probably have a pretty good idea where certain things are. Moreover, you probably also have an idea about what to pack. However, to avoid the risk of leaving something important behind, make sure to check every cupboard, drawer, wardrobe, and shelf.

    Everything that you are leaving behind you can either sell, donate or throw away depending on their current state and purpose.

    It’s labeling time

    labeling boxes
    Use different colors to make a difference between the content inside boxes

    One of the first tips you’ll get when preparing for relocating is to sort the items into boxes. Along with that, it is important to label those boxes in a good way. This step will make unpacking faster and easier. It will save you a lot of time. This further means that you’ll settle down in your new home in no time. So, get some highlighters in different colors so that the inscription would stand out.

    This is especially important if you have some fragile items or sensitive office equipment. But if you’re moving your office, the best would be to contact and make a deal with commercial movers Florida. Moving office is also a delicate piece of work and you can’t let just about anyone lay their hands-on expensive equipment and important documents.

    But what items you should pack last?

    Fragile things from the kitchen

    Our kitchens are full of fragile dishes. We have to be careful how to deal with them on a daily bases, let alone on moving day. Dishes such as:

    • plates
    • bowl
    • glasses

    are just some of those items you should pack last. The reason is simple. The longer they stay stored inside the kitchen cabinets, the safer they will be. Just imagine the scene where the movers are going all around the house. The more circulation through the house is going on, the bigger the chances are that someone might trip and cause damage to some of those items in case you had stored them inside boxes. Anyway, you should really let the professionals handle the packing task. With the amount of experience, they have under their belt and the appropriate packing materials, it should not be a problem for them.

    Make use of basic tools as long as you need them

    You never know how long the relocation will last. This means that you might need all the tools you might get especially if you decided to try to disassemble some pieces of furniture. But you know that there’s more to these tools than just reassembling the furniture. If you have a garden, you can’t neglect it. You need to maintain it regularly. Garden tools are of course handy in this situation. Sometimes you’ll hear from those who have a garden to say that day-to-day maintenance is not one of the advantages of having a backyard or a garden.

    gardening tools
    Even though you’re moving out, your garden still needs maintenance

    Cleaning products

    Perhaps you don’t want to hear this, but before you lock the doors of the house for the last time and move to your new one, it would be nice if you would clean up after yourself. We know this is not particularly a fun task, but in case you leave it dirty, it would only speak badly of you.

    What is more, you will need these cleaning products once you get to your new house. You will need to disinfect every single thing to ensure a healthier life in this house.

    Sheets and bedding

    Moving out is something that lasts for at least a couple of days. In some cases, it could last longer. And so, while the process is active, you really don’t have to struggle to sleep on a bare mattress. Quality sleep is of the utmost importance. Therefore, these are items you should pack last. But if you’re wondering whether you should pack all of the blankets, that might depend on the place you’re moving to. In case you’re moving to Florida, more precisely the region of Miami, you won’t need the thickest blankets due to high temperatures. But what you’ll need is the assistance of professional movers. And who better to help you move here than Movers North Miami FL who know every rock?

    Don’t pack the first-aid kit

    We do not want to make assumptions in advance, but these are always necessary. God forbid you to hit your finger or hurt yourself in some other way, while the help is on the way, the first-aid kit is something that provides immediate assistance.

    First aid kit
    Have the first-aid kit somewhere close

    Pet food

    In case you have pets we suggest you leave enough supplies of their food until the last day in the old house. Don’t let your furry friends starve.

    Always have some coffee

    Those who are the true coffee lovers would consider it a crime if someone would deprive them of their daily dose of coffee. Plus, coffee is great to serve those who are helping you pack and move during the breaks.