Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens is a small city in the beautiful, rolling, Florida landscape. It is a very popular town for those who enjoy rural tourism. Another thing that this lovely town has are its movers Miami Gardens Florida. Moving and relocation bring good economic prospects into this little town. However, moving (and therefore, economy) would collapse without reliable movers Miami Gardens Florida. Our job, and we’re proud to say that, is to pump the lifeblood of this little town’s economy.

Who are we and what we do

We’re not your average moving company, and that is, to say the least. In such a small town, you’d think we’d run out of business, but that is simply wrong. In fact, we provide job and movement opportunities for a lot of people. We have a tough set of standards to follow (more on that later) to stay in the business. And we’ve been in business for quite a while now, so feel free to draw your own conclusions. We are primarily movers Miami Gardens Florida, however, our influence when it comes to moving stretches far beyond what one would usually expect. We operate across the entire state of Florida, and even further if the need arises.

Our standards and regulations

We conform to two types of standards when we operate: the first one is set by the government and third-sector agencies. When it comes to those, we have to oblige by rules, regulations, and standards proscribed by:

  • The Department of Transportation (DoT);
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA);
  • American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

Aside from these, we also have to abide by the high standards set by our customers’ demands, and, of course, by the competition. If they can do a better job, they’re going to get the job, and, as a result, we will run out of business. That’s why we’re committed to being the best local movers Miami has to offer.

Your movers Miami Gardens Florida are up to the highest standard proscribed by organizations such as FMCSA, whose employee can be seen in the picture signing documents..
Your movers Miami Gardens Florida are up to the highest standard proscribed by these organizations.

We are primarily movers Miami Gardens Florida

This means, in short, that if you want your things moved from or to Alaska, we’ll do it if need be. Our base of operations actually has very little to do with our moving operations. Generally speaking, long distance moves are the basis of our operations. By distance, our services can be divided into the following categories:

  • Short distance moves – these are the ones that we perform quickly, with ease, efficiency, and practicality. They are the easiest, but they are by no means easy. As is the case with every other move, it has to be done with care, speed, and accuracy;
  • Long distance moves – these are the toughest ones. The long roads, different climate and long working hours are sure to tire anyone. However, this is why this is a job for your movers Miami Gardens Florida. We can easily take care of problems such as these because our team is trained to do so;
  • Medium distance moves – These are hard to define, but the usual distance is between two bordering states. A medium distance move can be done in less than 24 hours is what our company specialized in.
This globus with a magnifying glass signifies the capabilities of you local movers Miami Gardens Florida.
We can move you anywhere you may need.

We also offer other forms of services

As your local movers Miami Gardens Florida, we also offer a set of special services. The main reasoning behind this is that no two moves (nor two clients) are the same, and that is why we adapt to new environments, clients, and their demands. This is why your local movers Miami Gardens Florida also offer some very specific services, such as:

Musical instrument moving

Musical instruments sometimes have as many parts as a, say, car. One example of this is a piano, which sometimes contains almost 12 thousand pieces. Pianos and other instruments are also incredibly sensitive. They contain a lot of breakable parts. That’s why, if you’re moving a musical instrument, you need to take special precautions, especially if they are wooden. Sometimes, it is even required to disassemble and reassemble them. There’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t hire your local movers Miami Gardens Florida if you’re moving musical instruments.

Moving a piano such as this one should only be done by professional moving companies.
Do not fret about moving pianos – we’re here to help you out.

Fine arts moving

If you’re moving fine arts, you should know that they’re sensitive to the elements. Water, rain, snow, precipitation, speed bumps… anything can crack your statue or rip the canvas apart. In order to avoid that, the best option is to hire the professionals – your movers Miami Gardens Florida will be more than happy to oblige. If you have a work of art that needs moving, call us. If you have a statue or a painting that you’re not sure if you can move it yourself, call the professionals. Our team will be more than happy to help you.

Furniture and heavy items relocation

I know what you’re thinking, every moving company can do that. But can they? Moving furniture is a difficult, brutal and thankless job. There are very few moving companies that do it without trouble. You see, even when professionals move heavy furniture, they’re at a risk of sprained back, discus hernia and other injuries. Good furniture movers are not. This is why you should call your local movers Miami Gardens Florida if you need a heavy items relocation.

Durniture such as these brown chairs and one brown sofa are very heavy and require special services.
Furniture moving is difficult and should only be done by pros.

Our local movers Miami Gardens Florida offer storage facilities

If you need someplace to store your items during, before or after the move, we can offer our storage units. We have implemented climate control because we know that the right surrounding is key to maintaining your valuables during their stay. That is why our storage units are at your disposal any time you may need them.

Other military moving companies offer good services, but we’re the cream of the crop. So why don’t you come and check us out, or give us a ring?

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