Moving to Miami might sound like a dream come true, especially if you’ve never visited this city before. However, planning the entire move can be a daunting job to do if you don’t hire professional help. At Purple Heart Moving Group we make sure that every move goes flawlessly. If you are moving to Florida, our movers Miami will help you plan your relocation down to the smallest detail. Whether it’s a commercial or residential move, you deserve one of the best moving companies in Miami. Keep reading to find out more about the services you can get after hiring our local or long distance movers Florida. In case of further questions you can always give us a call!

How to prepare for moving to Miami

Miami for newcomers

If you’ve never been to Miami, you are missing out a lot! This beautiful city is home to nearly 5.5 million people, with more newcomers moving to Miami every day. Its popularity among families, millennials and young singles has grown a lot during the last few decades. The reason is obvious – Miami has something for everyone to enjoy it. Whether you like a laid-back lifestyle or sports and fitness are your thing, you are most likely to fall in love with Miami.

Miami buildings
Let our movers help you pack and relocate to Miami with ease

Before you hire a moving company…

If you are planning to relocate to Miami, there are many things you should consider. First of all, this city is not affordable for everyone. Considering the average cost of living in Miami, which is pretty high, finding a reasonably-priced housing might be a challenge. Make sure to avoid mistakes when moving to Florida and get as much information as possible about Miami before the move.

Another thing you should keep in mind is finding the perfect neighborhood in Miami to live in. If you are moving with your family, your local Miami movers should relocate you to one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. While choosing the right neighborhood, consider the factors like the commute time to your work, general surroundings of your future home and the distance to your children’s school. After your housing is ready for you to move in, it’s time to choose one of the best moving companies in Miami!

Purple Heart Moving Group can organize your relocation

Making a moving plan

What takes the stress out of the relocation process is a good moving plan! Considering the number of moving companies Miami that you can choose from, there is no need to stress about the move. If you choose Purple Heart Moving Group to relocate you, you will get the best quality moving service in the state. We’ll manage to plan your relocation to every last detail by simply listening to your needs and working as a team. Our local movers Miami will make an inventory of your belongings and walk you through the details of our moving services. In the end, our moving experts will make sure to adjust the moving service to your own needs.

Miami road
Purple Heart Moving Group offers the best-quality moving service in the state

Planning the moving day timeline

Planning the day of your relocation can depend on various factors. For instance, moving locally in Miami will not be the same as moving overseas. No matter your moving situation, we will make sure to organize it in the shortest period of time.

In case you are moving last minute, consider hiring a reliable and long-standing moving company. Purple Heart Moving Group is one of the best moving companies in Miami, with a high-quality moving service. If you are planning your relocation on a budget or moving last-minute, our movers Miami can help you plan the moving day, one step at a time.

How to choose the right moving service?

Most people worry about their relocation costs, especially if moving long distance. It is true that local moving will cost way less than the other one. However, when it comes to choosing the right moving service, a good moving company will always put your budget in the first place. If you are not sure which moving service you should pay for, here’s a short description of our most-wanted moving services:

antique items
Our movers always pay special attention when packing sensitive and fragile items
  • Transportation services. If you are moving locally in Miami, our moving specialists can transport your belongings from point A to point B. At Purple Heart Moving Group, we make sure that all of your moving boxes arrive safely to your new home.
  • Packing services in Florida. Whether it’s last minute moving or the lack of organizing skills, you don’t have to worry about packing all the moving boxes. Our professional packers can pack, secure and label all of them, making sure nothing is lost or damaged. We will take care of packing fragile items and reassembling your furniture pieces.
  • Storage services. People are usually looking for a convenient storage unit after the move. If you possess more items that you want to keep after the move, our movers Florida will suggest the best Florida storage units for you.

Are you moving with your family or relocating a business?

When looking for the best moving services in Miami, you should hire professionals who have years of experience in the moving business. Whether you are moving your family or relocating a business, reliable movers Miami should consider all the aspects of your move. At Purple Heart Moving Group, we put our clients’ needs first. Take a look at the short description of our residential and commercial moving services.

Residential movers Miami

Moving your home might take a lot of time if you do it without the help of professional movers. If you have a full-time job and you are a parent, organizing the relocation might sound too complicated to deal with. However, our movers know that every moving scenario is different, which is why we helped many families plan the moving day.

car traveling on the road
You don’t have to stress out by packing your home for an entire week. Let our professional movers do all the hard work!

What does a residential moving service include? First of all, we will let you decide which moving service you want to hire our movers for. However, we will make sure to fit within your moving budget and offer you the best solution for your relocation process. Residential moving service usually includes packing, loading and unloading of the moving boxes, transportation of the boxes and getting them safely to a new destination. However, depending on your needs, we can offer you various additional services in order to ease up your move. For instance, we can supply you with all the necessary packing materials, disassemble bulky furniture pieces and reassemble them after the move.

Our movers Miami will also make sure to discuss the order of packing and the timeline of your moving day with you. In the end, professional labeling of the moving boxes will allow you to easily keep track of all your belongings.

Commercial movers Miami

When it comes to moving a business, many company owners need additional help with the moving process. The reason for this is almost always the same – running the business takes a lot of time. At Purple Heart Moving Group, we know that keeping all of your employees and customers happy is a tough job to do. This is why we offer detailed planning of your business relocation to Miami, whether you are moving locally or long distance. 

office space
Commercial movers are our specialty!

When it comes to the safety of your company’s inventory, our Miami movers will take special precaution during the move. We know that most of the items from your office are valuable to your business. This is why we always guarantee the quality of our moving services. We also make sure to keep track of the entire inventory. After making an inventory list of your company’s stock, we will discuss the best way of securing all of them for the transportation process.

Our commercial moving services also include disconnecting all the electronic devices and computer cables before the move. After everything is properly packed, our commercial movers in Miami will transport your office supplies in the shortest period of time.

Local Movers Miami

Moving locally in Miami is definitely less complicated to achieve than a long-distance move. However, we make sure to pay attention to every little detail in order to perform a stress-free relocation. Our local movers Miami have years of experience in moving families, local businesses and corporate firms. If you are wondering what our local moving services includes, here’s an explanation:

  • If you hire our local movers Miami, you’ll get the best moving service from a licensed moving company. Our business has a long-standing reputation amongst residents and business owners. Choose only the best movers in the city for a stress-free move!
  • We offer the high-quality moving services in Miami with the best value for the deal. The one thing we put first is our clients’ budget. We are ready to discuss all the details of your move and adapt our services accordingly.
  • Our movers will consider your valuable time and resources. If you need to spend the time with your family or you are moving last minute, we will handle all the planning. Share your story with us and our local movers Miami will make sure to meet your needs.

Ask our local movers Miami for a free moving quote

If you want to hire affordable movers in Florida, you’ve come to the right place! We are one of the few best moving companies in Miami that offer a free calculator of the moving costs. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can plan your budget before signing the contract with your favorite movers. After entering your name, current, and future home destination, you can get a rough estimate of your moving costs.

calculator and a sheet
We will help you calculate your moving costs – just ask us for a free moving quote!

Moving locally in Florida can be affordable, too! If you are wondering how to save money during your move, here are few tips and tricks:

  • Plan your move one month prior to the moving day. This will allow you to organize your home, declutter every room and establish a moving budget. If you are not sure how much money will you need, you can get a free moving quote on our website.
  • If you can choose the time of your relocation – move offseason. This is the time when most moving companies have less workload, so you might get a significant discount.
  • Your relocation costs will depend on many factors. For instance, if you are moving locally, the main factor that will affect the price is the number of the moving boxes. However, moving long distance is a different situation. Depending on the distance and the timing of your move, you might save more or less money. The most important thing is telling your movers all the details concerning your moving budget. If you think you can’t afford a professional moving service, do not worry. Our specialists will make sure to find a good solution for your move.

Choose the best moving company in Florida

In the end, hiring Purple Heart Moving Group for your local Miami move is the right choice! We know that you deserve only the best-quality moving service. Local movers Miami that we hire are highly-skilled and specialized in complicated moving cases. Whichever moving service you decide to hire us for, we will make sure to honor your time and your wishes. Let us do all the hard work and plan your stress-free relocation in no time!

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