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Every summer there are more and more moves in Florida. It’s not necessary to say that the moving industry is blooming. Unfortunately, this also means that there are ever more scams and frauds related to moving. In order to avoid falling into traps when relocating and have a safe move, you should use reliable, local moving companies, such as the Purple Heart Moving Group. Our experienced relocation coordinators are the way to go if you need movers North Miami Beach Florida. With us on your side, your relocation will be easy and stress-free! You’ll want to give a Purple Heart on our reviews, just as the most of our clients.

Why should you hire professional movers North Miami Beach Florida?

Choosing whether or not to hire professional movers is a tough call. For the most part, you’d like someone to aid you. Research shows that two-thirds of people who attempt to move by themselves call movers halfway through their relocation. Likely, you won’t need our help! However, it’s better to have it and not need it then to need it but not to have it. So, for your south Florida relocation, we suggest that you hire some professional movers.

Hiring movers can help you reduce the effort you put into your relocation. Moving companies in Florida have specialists which will assist you in every aspect of your move. From packing services to organizing your moving day and planning with you. You can choose only the services which you’ll need and tailor your Florida relocation to your wants and needs. We even have long-distance moving services if you need to relocate outside of the Sunshine State.

Hiring movers North Miami Beach Florida is a good idea when relocating.
When moving to or from North Miami Beach make sure you hire movers.

Apart from this, using movers can make your move cheaper in the end. If you don’t know how to properly move some of your items, you might end up damaging them. However, this will never happen if you hire moving services. Because of the care our professionals put into even the smallest move, you can rest assured that no damage will befall your items. So, by investing a little in the right direction, you can save yourself from paying more than you previously thought. Not to mention that you’ll avoid damage some fo your priceless items which cannot be replaced. Thus, the best idea would be to call your local movers Miami and schedule a moving day.

If you need it, we provide it!

Finding the perfect relocation services is hard. Some of them are too expensive, some look unreliable, and some you plainly don’t offer what you need. Well, we’re here to ask you to look no further! Here, at the Purple Heart Moving Group, we provide all the services you might need when you’re moving!

  • local movingget aid from our movers North Miami Beach Florida with moving locally. Our experienced personnel will relocate you in a flash!
  • long-distance relocation – moving far away doesn’t scare us either. Just call our representatives a little in advance. This will give both of us enough time to schedule the perfect moving day and prepare for the move.
  • packing services  – if you’re tired of packing all your things, or afraid you might damage them, you’ve come to the right place. With the best packing and equipment, our professionals will literally do the heavy lifting for you.
  • storage services – finally, sometimes you’ll have to store your items during a move. Or you’ll need to keep them somewhere safe until you find the perfect place for them. This is why Purple Heart Moving Group has some of the best storage units in Florida. Your items will be safe with us!
Our movers North Miami Beach Florida provide provide support.
With our services, we’ll provide support for your relocation!

Other things we do…

Of course, there are various other services we provide related to relocation. If you’re looking to move your business or offices, we provide corporate moving services in North Miami Beach. On the other hand, we’ll also make moving your home easier. There is no office too small nor a home too big for us to relocate. Apart from this, if you’re a member of the military you get special treatment with us! Our reliable movers North Miami Beach Florida will help you relocate to or from any base in the country!

A soldier in uniform in front of the American Flag.
Our movers North Miami Beach Florida also provide military relocation services.

Why should you hire our movers North Miami Beach Florida?

Well, there are many reasons why you should decide to hire Purple Heart Moving Group. Apart from the fact that our moving services can be perfectly tailored to your needs, our staff is polite and professional. All of this has allowed us to consistently maintain a 98% customer satisfaction approval rating. Our referrals and reviews speak for themselves, but if you’d like to dig deeper, you can check our standings with the Bureau of Better Business.

Apart from our stellar record or customer appreciation, our services tell their own tale. We dedicate ourselves to provide the best services without compromise. You’ll feel your items safe in our care and we’ll relocate them without wasting any of your time. No matter the relocation task, we’ll be up to it! In addition to this, our moving services are localized in South Florida. So, if you want to move a short distance, consider a local Florida moving company with experience. Our relocation specialists do their best work on home turf. They use their intimate knowledge of neighborhoods, traffic movements and allies to move your items in the shortest possible time. Avoiding traffic jams and finding shortcuts are only some of the tools in our moving arsenal.

A giant traffic jam.
Our local movers will avoid any and all traffic jams and deliver you to your new home in no time.

Finally, you can count on our movers to do the job right. No cutting corners or leaving jobs half-finished. With our movers North Miami Beach Florida, you can rest assured that the job will be done right and in no time! You can count on their honesty as well. Our movers are vetted carefully, so you can trust them and count on them to be professional. What more can be said about the Purple Heart Moving Group but that we are the right choice for your next Florida relocation!


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