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Moving can be a tough ordeal, but luckily, our West Palm Beach movers are there to help you! If you moving anywhere in the West Palm Beach area you’ll find our services up to the task! We at Purple Heart Moving Group do our best to provide relocation services tailored to your every need!

West Palm Beach is a seat of the Palm Beach County in Florida. With its location in the southeast of the state, this city is home to slightly less than 110 thousand people. And the population seems to be growing. With new positions opening, real estate prices starting to climb and the crime rate dropping this town seems like the place to be! In addition to this, the city’s rich cultural scene probably drew a few people. If you like art, dancing, and theatre, you’ll find many interesting things to do in this city. This city is also famous for its history and science museums. None of this captures its true spirit, though – a diverse environment where everyone’s welcome!

Street art in West Palm Beach picturing a boy and a girl drawn on the side of a building.
Urban art is what draws many people to The Orchid City.

Choose the best West Palm Beach movers

It seems that there are a lot of people who want to live in the Orchid City. This city increased its population by eight percent in the last couple of years. A steep drop in violent crime is drawing more and more people to this city, as well. Because of the many people pouring to the city the moving companies West Palm Beach have had their hands full. However, you shouldn’t opt for any company. Such an increase in demand for moving companies brought a lot of inexperienced movers. Apart from this, there are some moving companies that will try to scam you or trick you.

Luckily, there are companies you can count on! Our local movers Florida are trained and experienced in relocation. This will ensure a quick and stress-free relocation for you, and another satisfied customer for us! Don’t risk your belongings when you can count on our West Palm Beach movers! If you choose to relocate to the Orchid City, we’ll be there to help you out!

Good for business?

The number of people surging to the Orchid City means that there will be a lot of business opportunities. With the property prices on the rise, now would be the time to act! Moving your trade to a new market might be just what it needs to skyrocket. Call our commercial movers Florida and schedule a moving day for your business! Our team of West Palm Beach movers will relocate your place of work without your business missing a beat. You won’t need to worry about any damage to your equipment because our Purple Heart team is trained for commercial relocation. In addition to this, our movers will treat your business with care and your relocation will be speedy and stress-free.

Many shops in the city relocated by experienced West Palm Beach movers.
A downtown office in West Palm Beach may be just what your business needs.

Tailored services

There are a lot of different people relocating to the Orchid City. From daring entrepreneurs and families to students  All of them have different relocation needs and preferences. Thus, we made it our mission to provide a relocation tailored perfectly to your moving needs. This is why our movers provide many different services.

  • packing – hire the help of our West Palm Beach movers when packaging your items. Our experienced movers use tested packing materials to save your time. Don’t risk getting injured or damaging your items when you can call our pros to pack your things.
  • storage – if you need a place to store your things for a while, we’ve got your back. You can use our units to keep your items safe until you find a place for them in your new home.
  • army moves – relocation especially tailored for military personnel.

Once you’ve decided to relocate, you can choose the services you need. Our team of relocation specialists will assist you in every possible way. From planning your relocation to unloading the moving truck in your new home!

One of the West Palm Beach movers carrying boxes.
Our movers will assist you with any part of the relocation.

A family town

As with everything else, the education system in West Palm Beach has also been thriving in the past years. Now, public schools in this city are among the best in the state. Apart from this, a 50% drop in violent crime over the past years has been recorded in the city. This means that WPB is also a tempting place for a family relocation. You can rest easy when you know your children’s education is in good hands. If you decide to move with your family, you should be even more careful when choosing a moving company West Palm Beach. When the safety of your family is in question, never settle for anything but the best! We at the Purple Heart Moving Group will provide you with the safest and fastest relocation possible!

A family of five, happily relocated to WPB.
Make sure you hire reliable West Palm Beach movers when moving with a family.

Opt for our West Palm Beach Movers

When you have so many moving companies West Palm Beach to choose from, it’s hard to make the best choice. However, you can count on our movers to provide the best relocation services in Florida. Many years and many relocations have made our specialists some of the best in the Sunshine State. Our movers are honest and reliable, however, that’s not what makes them the best. It’s their will to treat each and every move with special care and provide satisfaction to our clients. Finally, you should choose our relocation specialists because of our outstanding record in customer satisfaction! Our clients’ testimonials show the quality and dedication of our West Palm Beach movers.

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