Miami vs. NYC – which one is better for families

    A family after deciding between Miami vs. NYC

    Finding that perfect city for your family can be tough. When picking between Miami vs. NYC, the decision can be even tougher! Both cities are amazing and full of things to do – so making your pick will be quite a challenge. But this is why we are here! At Purple Heart Moving Group, we strive to solve all your problems! So, in this article, find which city is better for families!

    Miami vs. NYC – moving to Miami

    If you are thinking about moving your family to Miami, then you are in for a treat! Miami is an amazing place and offers plenty of safe and family-friendly neighborhoods. The best places you should consider include:

    • Coral Gables,
    • Coconut Grove,
    • South Miami,
    • Key Biscayne,
    • Pinecrest.

    However, there are many many more! The main reason you would want to call your moving services Miami is because all of these are nearby business districts. Amazing school districts are also there for your kids – so you will need to worry about nothing!

    Miami has amazing weather!

    And then, there’s Miami weather. If you are a fan of sun, warmth, and beach, then this is the place for you! With so many outdoor activities, you can spend many afternoons out in the sun! Miami is also near the confluence of the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico – so you will enjoy water sports too!

    Moving with your family to New York City

    Now let’s talk about the Big Apple! What are the reasons you would call Florida to New York movers? Well, there are plenty of reasons to do so – and many amazing neighborhoods, too. Some of them are:

    • Battery Park City,
    • Tribeca,
    • Park Slope,
    • Newfield,
    • Prospect Heights.

    New York City is also pretty amazing for families with kids! There are so many amazing things you can see and explore. If you love the outsides, there are many beaches around the city you can go for a fun day in the sun! Of course, Central Park also offers so many amazing places to see and explore, as well as spend some time with your family.

    New York City
    New York City is a city of adventure!

    There are also many brilliant schools in New York City. Your kid can go to some of the most prestigious schools in the country – and then to the uni of their choice too. NYC also offers plenty of work opportunities for you! The city is also quite exciting – there is always something to see and do here! Every day will be different – and you will find a new surprise around every corner!

    To conclude, the debate of Miami vs. NYC is a loaded one. And of course, there might not even be the right answer. Every person and family are different and will like different things. it’s up to you to go and explore! Read more about it before making your decision and your family will be happy in their new city!