Military Moves

If your significant other or you are in the military, you will be needing army movers quite a bit. And, for our finest, Purple Heart Moving Group provides the best military moving service possible. We’ve had plenty of experience as military movers over the years, after all. Hence, last-minute relocations and affordable moving quotes are only some of the commodities we offer. But, we will include all of these and more with a few descriptions of the options on moving plans we have. Hence, as one of the best military moving companies in Florida, we’re going to introduce our services to you.

To begin with, military movers offer local relocation services

Local moving services Florida are based on distance. If you’re moving house somewhere in the same city or close by, you probably qualify for this relocation plan. So, as military movers we offer these at an affordable cost. Here is what these services include. Usually, the basic relocation package will include loading, transfer and unloading. If you have any heavy furniture you want in a specific location, be sure to tell our workers. As one of the best military moving companies in the area, we’re always trying to accommodate our clients’ needs. As a side tip, we also suggest taking a look at our packing and unpacking Florida services. They might be the perfect fit if you’re looking to relocate quickly.

We’re one of the military moving companies that also offer long-distance relocation

Relocating base to base is often done cross country. Hence, we are the long-distance movers Florida who also provide this service as military movers. The basic package includes our workers getting the moving van loaded and ready, as well as driving to your new home. If you’re wondering why we’re one of the best military moving companies around, it’s because of our expertise. We’ve completed a number of cross-country relocations without any damages to our clients’ belongings. And, if you’re needed at your new address right away, you can leave the rest to us. Pack the go bag and we will do the rest. By booking our packing and unpacking Florida services we guarantee utmost professionalism in handling your items. And, if you’re in need of storing some of the belongings when you arrive, we provide affordable depository units Florida.

For a quality and hassle-free relocation we are the military movers of choice.
When moving house with your family you will want the services of one of the top military moving companies in Florida.

Moving overseas can be done with us as your military movers, too

We know that sometimes it’s necessary for army personnel to transfer overseas. On occasion, it’s only the military staff. However, most of the time it’s necessary to take your family with you. If this is the case, we’re the Florida military movers who can provide you with appropriate services to do so. We offer everything from vehicle transport to simple relocation. Be sure to call our representatives and communicate about creating a solid relocation plan.

As a military relocation company in Florida, we offer professional packing and unpacking services

Through our experience, we know that most military relocations are done in a hurry. So, as one of the best military moving companies in Florida, we aim to help speed up the process. This is why we’ve trained our workers extensively in order to accommodate your needs. Let us give you the different options which you have while making your relocation plan.

First, you can opt for a full packing service with your military movers

This is the option where we do everything for you. If you need to transfer as quickly as possible, it is the best option. If you opt to book this service with us, here is how it would look like on a moving day. Our workers will arrive at your address on time, with their own packing supplies. These are moving boxes and padding which are used for professional relocations, and they go together with the cost of the service.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about browsing Craigslist or hunting down supplies at your local Walmart. Instead, we do everything you need, and more. Once all of your belongings which you’ve selected for relocation are packed, we load the van. These boxes are transferred to your new residence and unpacked there. If you want to purchase additional insurance for your items, we offer it. After all, we are one of the top military moving companies in the state.

Another option you have with military moving companies is partial packing

If you have the time to do some of the packing, but need someone to handle the heavy lifting, we’re the military movers for the job. Our partial packing and unpacking Florida services offer just this. You can select any items which you want prepared by our workers. And, we will let you handle the rest. As always, we suggest purchasing professional packing supplies with movers. They will be high-quality if they come from one of the reliable military moving companies. Which, in turn, minimizes chances of damage during transport.

We are among the military movers Florida who offer storage at an affordable cost.
Make your new house a home with a bit of redecoration while we keep your belongings safe.

Finally, our company also offers affordable storage in Florida

After moving house, most homeowners don’t have their new residence ready. It’s natural that you may need a few more days to redecorate. This is when we offer you secure storage units in Florida at an affordable price. You can deposit your boxes there and we will deliver them as soon as your home is ready to accommodate.

We are one of the top military moving companies in Florida because we also offer safe storage.
Consider storing some of your belongings after your relocation until your new home is ready.

Though, there is another reason why most of our customers ask for depository services, as well. In case you’re relocating with military movers to a smaller apartment, you may need some extra space. Hence, we offer secure warehousing units where you can leave your excess boxes until you decide if you need them. As a side tip, we suggest adding a time frame to each of these containers. If you haven’t opened them for more than a year, you may not need the belongings inside. And, then, they are simply using up space. So, we suggest trying to repurpose or donate all of the excess items in these boxes. Though, we will happily keep them safe in storage for you until you make your decision.

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