Military moving checklist and advice

    Being a soldier is hard, but a noble calling. To be willing to put your life on the line for your country and your family is on top of anybody’s list of most honorable deeds. Unfortunately, as this life is hard, there are many challenges to overcome. There is always a lot of stress involved in the whole process. Being always on the beck and call of your supervising officers and waiting for a call to action is not fun. When there is a family involved then the things get even more complicated. Planning a (usually at least a partially) sudden move for one person is complex enough. Planning a move for an entire family is on a whole other level. We are here to help you prepare your military moving checklist and give you some advice on dealing with this.

    Military moving checklist entry No. 1 – Prepare your family mentally

    The most important thing in this situation, as well as in life in general, is one’s mindset. Preparing yourself mentally for looking for premium moving and storage Florida, packing all of your things, preparing kids etc is a half of the whole thing done. When you consciously accept the harsh reality of being forced to move from time to time, things will be easier. Once you get a hold of this mindset, do your best to instill the same spirit into your kids. Things like having to move in the week of Christmas, for instance, will happen sometimes. If you make a little unit of your family, these situations won’t be a problem for you anymore.

    soldiers boarding a plane
    It is all about the right mindset

    Military moving checklist entry No. 2 – Do your homework

    Lists, lists, and even more lists. Making lists is one of the most important things when it comes to moving. The reason is simple. When you put something on a paper, it is easier to focus on it and to plan on resolving it. There are two (basic) lists that you ought to make. The first one is a general overview of things that you have to do. The second one is the inventory list. After you are done with the move, you might want to hold on to them in case you have to move again. That way you will only need to do update them and you are ready for moving.

    The general to do list

    This list is your go-to list for everything connected to a move. Take a piece of paper and put everything that comes to your mind that you have to do. Check with all the other family members if they have any other suggestions to add. If you are not in a hurry to move, place it on some special spot in your house, so everyone knows where it is. That way, all the family members can add their own ideas. Once it is complete, you can divide it into specific sections like packing, food supplies etc. As you finish with particular sections of the list, you can follow your progress and scratch the done items.

    Military moving checklist is very important
    You and your family should act like a unit

    The inventory list

    This list is really important and useful for several reasons. The first one is the obvious one. If you make an inventory list, you can organize your packing a lot easier. Our advice is to divide the list into groups dedicated to specific rooms. This way you can plan which items you really need, and which ones you don’t need and that can be packed right away. Make an “essentials” box or two for each room. In this box, you can put all the special items that you may need in the first couple of days.

    The second reason for making this list is that it will also make unpacking a lot easier for you. You can choose which boxes to unpack first (if you marked them, which we highly recommend), but also you can check whether there are any items missing or damaged. Which leads us to the third reason for making an inventory list. Whether you looking for military moving companies in Florida or in Alaska, they will most likely require this list if you decide to file an insurance claim. That is why you should also write down the values of your items on this list.

    Military moving checklist entry No. 3

    Communication is really important. In order to make your potential moving(s) a lot easier, and consequently your life, you should get in contact with your spouse’s liaison officer. They are in a good position to help you out with and provide the assistance you may need. Getting exact information about your spouse’s move is crucial when it comes to organizing a move. Another thing to do is for your spouse to contact their administration department. People there could help out with the paperwork which could save you quite a lot of time.

    Think carefully what things do you really need to take with you.

    Military moving checklist entry No. 4

    The moment you get the information that you are moving, start researching your new hometown. There will, of course, be some other pressing concerns, but do your best to get acquainted with it ahead of time. Checking out how their health system works, for instance, is really important. Call them to check what documentation should you bring them so they can put you and the rest of the family in their database ahead of time if possible. Also, find out all you can about the school system in order to pick the best school for kids. Asking around for things like public transportation, available banks etc is also a must-do.

    Military moving checklist entry No. 5

    Think carefully about whether you really need all of the things that you are packing. If you own a home, chances are that you will return there at some point, right? So, if you have to move away for six months or a year, you don’t have to take all the things with you. Just find a furnished apartment and rent it. Then, you can take just the more important things like clothes, books etc.