Most affordable neighborhoods in Miami

    This guy and this girl are sitting on a bench in front of a row of houses in one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Miami.

    If you’re looking for affordable neighborhoods in Miami, then you’re in the right place! Miami, as you know, is a very big place, being the largest city in Florida. And while it does have more than it’s fair share of isolated communities, which are really expensive, it also has quite a lot of affordable neighborhoods where you can live without emptying your pocket. What are these affordable neighborhoods in Miami? Let’s delve into the subject matter at hand…

    If you’re a yuppie, you may want to see the downtown

    In this context, “yuppie” is not derogatory. Lots of urban, young people, corporate hotshots, and future CEOs decide to move to Miami downtown every year. It’s a great place for this sort of people who are willing to work on their careers. Now, is this part one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Miami? Well, in terms of rent or real estate prices? No. Then why is it here? Because it will be much easier to land a good job with career advancement opportunities if you move here. The commute will also be lessened. This results in more money and greater career success in the long run. This is why we believe that downtown neighborhoods and communities, such as Midtown, Brickell and Wynwood are worth a mention.

    This is the view of downtown Miami with a row of suburban houses in the front.
    The downtown of Miami is a great place for urban professionals.

    When it comes to most affordable neighborhoods in Miami, one cannot forget the Coconut Grove

    It’s actually the earliest settlement in Miami, dating back to early 18th century. It doesn’t actually look all that much like Miami – it’s miles upon miles of suburbia, not unlike the suburbia of Toronto. What’s the difference, then? Well, the tropical climate is what makes it different from another such suburbia. What makes it similar? Excellent schools, incredibly low crime rates, and homes that do not require incredibly deep pockets. This is, pretty much, the epitome of rural Florida. Also, it’s very green and family-friendly. If you’re primarily looking to build a family, then Coconut Grove and the entirety of Dade Country might just be the spot for you.

    If affordability is what you’re after, Aventura is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Miami

    Now, as anyone can tell you, Florida isn’t cheap. This, of course, isn’t bad in itself. It may sound like a bad thing, but consider what you get for the price. The average home in Miami is about 300k USD, however, for that price, you also get:

    • An excellent public transport system with almost zero traffic congestion;
    • Low-crime neighborhoods that are perfect for raising a family;
    • An excellent school system, with plentiful academic and business opportunities;
    • Low income, property and business taxes.

    Aventura belongs to Miami, and it isn’t cheap. But, money-wise, it is the cheapest neighborhood in Florida, and for that reason is a particularly good pick for families. Moving companies Miami often recommend this neighborhood for that specific reason. You basically get all the good stuff that Florida’s got, for a lower price. Sounds like a pretty good offer, does it not?

    Neighborhoods such as this block of houses from a drone view are an excellent place to raise a family.
    For prices that aren’t too high, you get a great neighborhood to live in.

    Key Biscayne is there if you’re looking for natural scenery…

    Now, when talking about the most affordable neighborhoods in Miami, the word “affordable” is relative. When we’re talking about Key Biscayne, it is even more so. The neighborhood is located in South Miami, and the real estate market is looking good there, even though it is being pushed ever so slightly upwards with every passing year. This is a place that has suffered through several generations of gentrification, and, as a result, it is now full of opulent, spacious homes. Again, the same principle applies here – it may be more expensive, but what you get is well worth it. What you get here, however, is absolutely worth it. Direct route to the city center, as well as great, green lush scenery that is simply breathtaking to behold.

    …but, if you want to be far away from civilization at an affordable rate, try Coral Gables.

    It’s a little bit secluded from the city center, and that’s why it’s price is a little bit lower. This is how it wormed its way onto our list of most affordable neighborhoods in Miami. It’s a very good place which has been cut apart by canals, which makes it one of the more unusual neighborhoods in Miami to live in. But still, it’s got tons of small businesses and lots of residential homes. It would be, frankly, a little bit naive not to give it a shot if you’re looking for most affordable neighborhoods in Miami. Does it have any disadvantages, you may ask? Well, that depends. As we’ve mentioned, it feels secluded from the rest of Miami, due to its geographical features. However, this is a bad thing only to some people. It’s pretty much subjective.

    These two neighborhoods in Miami seen through a drone view are bisected by a canal.
    Some Miami neighborhoods are cut by canals, which only adds to their charm.

    Alternatively, try Coral Terrace

    If the Coral Gables feels a little bit too secluded for you (and that’s a personal taste, we don’t judge), you may want to move a little bit further to the downtown. The Coral Terrace has all the boons that Coral Gables do. It’s filled with small businesses and there are lots of homes being sold over there. But it is also close to the University of Miami, which is considered to be a very good university. This is excellent for people who are looking for employment, as there are numerous businesses there, no doubt attracted with low business and property taxes. This is, simply put, an advantage of living in Florida.

    With that in mind, why don’t you give us a call?

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