Most popular FL cities for home buyers

    Most popular FL cities for home buyers

    If you are still wondering whether it’s better to buy a place or rent, this isn’t an article for you. Because while we are happy to tell you all the reasons why buying is better, we are also here to share the most popular FL cities for home buyers. So without further ado, let’s dive into this analysis and tackle your relocation with the best packing services Florida. So read on to try and determine the up and coming cities in the Sunshine State that will work best for you.

    One of the top places to buy a home in the Sunshine State: The Crossings, a town of roughly 22,700 in Miami Dade County.

    Let’s start with our methodology for the research of top FL cities for home buyers!

    In order to determine which are the best FL cities for home buyers, we are going to look at the following. Which places in Florida that are growing faster than average, but where home prices are below average? In other words, the “deals”. Spoiler alert: the best deal in Florida at the moment? That would be Kenneth City according to our research.

    We analyzed the state’s popular cities using these metrics:

    1. Livability, measuring factors like amenities, employment and education;
    2. Average home listing price;
    3. Median home value;
    4. Home value forecast (evaluating the return you can expect on your money);
    5. And last but not least, the buyer-seller index (a score that determines “if the current market works for the people looking for housing or looking to sell”. Also, they should be relative to other towns in the same metro).

    Here’s a look at the top ten FL cities for homebuyers for 2020:

    1. Kenneth City
    2. Valparaiso
    3. South Pasadena
    4. Mascotte
    5. Lake Alfred

    So, as you can see, according to our analysis, Kenneth City tops our list of best FL cities for homebuyers in 2020:

    1. So why is Kenneth one of the top FL cities for homebuyers?

    • Population: 5,017
    • Median Home Price: $145,300
    • Population Change: -0.7%
    • Home Price Change: 12.3%

    Living in Kenneth City will provide you with an urban environment combined with good schools. If you are moving from Chicago to Florida, you will find a lot of entertainment here: including bars, restaurants, and parks. Besides the youth, a lot of retirees live in Kenneth City and residents tend to be liberal.

    2. Mascotte

    • Population: 5,552
    • Median Home Price: $124,300
    • Population Change: 2.0%
    • Home Price Change: 17.2%

    The town got its name after a small ship that was used to haul tobacco from Cuba during the Spanish-American War. The same ship appears on the seal of the city of Tampa and Mascotte.

    Florida sunset
    Orlando and Palm Beach are two of Florida’s most popular destinations, but that doesn’t make either of them the best FL cities for home buyers!

    3. Lake Alfred

    • Population: 5,565
    • Median Home Price: $116,900
    • Population Change: 1.4%
    • Home Price Change: 1.6%

    This charming city was established soon after the South Florida Railroad was built in the area in 1883. It had a number of different early names, like Fargo, Chubb and Bartow Junction. Call us and we will relocate you to your preferred city from our list!