Most popular FL cities for seniors

    A couple of elderly people sitting on a bench.

    One of the most notoriously famous questions throughout the history of human civilization has been “What is the life about?”. One of the most poetic answers on this is that “Life is about the journey, not the destination“. Being alive means many things. We struggle, we overcome obstacles. We cry and we laugh. Throughout our lives, we do our best to fulfill the expectations of everyone around us and our own, and we try to provide for ourselves and our loved ones and to make some kind of an impact on the world. And when the time comes and the later years of our lives come knocking, it is only fair that, if possible, we get a nice place for ourselves to retire and live finally at peace. That is why have made this list of the most popular FL cities for seniors.

    people realxing in front of a grass field
    There are many nice places for retirement in Florida

    Florida is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable destinations in the entire world. There are many things about Florida that inspire people on moving to Florida. The things that make Florida such an attractive location are, of course, the warm weather and sunny beaches. Those are the two most important qualities for anyone coming here. However, Florida, like the United States of America, in general, is a much more complex place than that. The USA, and thus Florida too, are both the melting pots of the world. Wherever you go, you will see numerous representatives of cultures and nations from all over the world. These are the qualities that give a special feeling to Florida, which inspired us to make a list of most popular FL cities for seniors a tough task. Here are our top picks!

    1. Naples

    Spearheading our list, the city of Naples is the best place to live in Florida when you retire. The city is located in the southwestern area of Florida, overlooking the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. One of the most important characteristics the most popular FL cities for seniors should have is good medical centers. Naples can guarantee to anyone who comes here the best possible medical care. What makes the health system here even more impressive than having quality medical establishments is the fact that there are more than 28 of them for every thousand of residents.

    Naples is one of the most popular FL cities for seniors
    Naples is one of the best cities for seniors in the USA

    However, probably the best sign of how welcoming this city is towards the elderly is the fact that 51% of the city’s population are seniors. Another important fact about Naples is that it has only 14.60% of the tax burden. This number is perhaps higher in some other states, it is at least on the same level as other Florida cities that we analyzed. The activities here are, of course, numerous and well organized. From jogging to golf and other sports, to gyms, there are enough options for anyone to find their new hobbies. Moving here is a great idea, so checking in for a moving quote just in case, might a good one too.

    2. Hialeah is one of the most popular Fl cities for seniors

    Hialeah is the sixth biggest of all the cities in Florida. It belongs to the Miami metropolitan area, which makes its location a really good one. You should be looking for affordable Hialeah movers right away, as people are moving here all the time. The rather low tax burden is one of the many reasons why. The fact that Hialeah is so close to Miami and yet a more than a self-sufficient community, provides its residents with many opportunities. The culture here is dominantly Spanish which means that you should not be surprised by the fact that you may see street signs in Spanish, with no English translation.

    people on gray sand beach
    Relaxing in the sun is not the only thing that you can do in Florida

    It gives the city a special vibe, one that may be really interesting for anyone, not just the senior citizens. What truly makes it stand out as a good-for-your-health place is that it has a wide plethora of recreational facilities. Most of them have special programs that are tailored for each particular customer. This means that whatever your personal and physical preferences towards physical activity may be, you can find someone to assist you and guide you through it, which is why Hialeah is one of the most popular FL cities for seniors. Hiring a responsible moving company right away sounds like a great plan, right?

    3. New Port Richey

    The third entry on our list is the New Port Richey. This town belongs to the Tamp-St. Petersburg area, which puts it just beside the Gulf of Mexico. The fact that it is close to a major city plays a big role in the city’s attractiveness. There are many recreational facilities and medical centers here. There are also many retirement communities of different types. This means that each of them offers its own benefits that may or may not fit your specific preferences. The tax burden rate here is 15.60% which makes it a bit more expensive in comparison to other cities on our list. However, the fact remains that the state of Florida is one of the best states to retire in due to taxes. Cultural activities give a sophisticated feeling to the whole place and provide more than enough options for seeing and experiencing different things.

    4. Ending our list of the most popular FL cities for seniors is Orange Park

    Orange Park is one of the best inland places in Florida for retiring. It is a small place with around 10,000 residents. It makes the perfect choice for anyone who wants to live out their retirement in a peaceful small town rhythm. Orange Park is a tightly knit little community of welcoming people. Living here means that you will have a familiar atmosphere everywhere you go. It has a lot to offer when it comes to standard life needs. However, some of the amenities that you can find in a city, you cannot find here. Still, living in a peaceful environment, enjoying your well-deserved retirement is something you will surely find here if you decide to come.