Moving discounts that you should research

    Moving discounts that you can use

    Let’s face it. Moving isn’t cheap. You have to pay for the packing supplies, movers and a lot of other things. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. When you move you have to buy so many things for your new home. And finding moving discounts for both moving and household items is a great way to save money. So, it’s worth taking the time to research some of those discounts. Here are some tips on how to do it and where to look for them.

    Moving discounts for servicemen and servicewomen

    When you are enlisted you have to move from time to time. And that can quickly ramp up the cost of living. But, there are also a lot of moving companies that aim to help those serving in the military save money on relocations.

    You can get moving discounts if you serve in the military
    A lot of companies offer discounts if you serve in the military

    If you are currently, or have been serving in the military you can find great discounts when hiring movers. There are a lot of military moving companies that offer great pricing for servicemen and servicewomen. Those companies usually either specialize in military relocations or are run by former military personnel. The amount of the discount can vary, but it can be a great money saver. To find those moving discounts try searching for “military moving company” plus your departure or arrival point.

    Save money with your AAA

    If you own a car you most likely have a AAA insurance. And with it, you can save a lot of money both on moving and other things related to moving. Those moving discounts range from junk removal to buying moving boxes. You can even get a discount when hiring movers. To find those deals you should look up “AAA discount”. A lot of companies will pop up. Both moving related and not. Going through all those deal you will most likely be able to find something useful that you can use. Just make sure you start your search early on. Before you hire a moving company. That way you will be able to maximize the savings.

    With AAA you can get deals when hiring movers. That way you will be able to save some money there. Then, if you need storage, a lot of storage providers offer discounts based on your AAA insurance. Storage discounts are greater when upgrading to a bigger unit. But you can get great deals both when renting for the first time and when upgrading to a bigger unit. Another way to save money is on moving supplies. So, when you go to your local hardware store to buy boxes and other packing supplies, ask them if they offer any sort of discount.

    Discounts for changing your address

    If you like to shop online you probably have accounts on many online stores. And a simple act of changing your home address there can get you some sweet discounts. To take the best advantage of this, make sure you change your address before you move. It can take some time for the coupons to arrive. Just make sure you check your inbox regularly since most of the coupons arrive by email.

    This way you can get moving discounts on just about anything that you will need for your home. From new mattresses to cleaning supplies. So, even before you hire professional Miami Beach movers, change your address. 10% here, 20% there and in no time you will be saving hundreds of dollars on everyday items. Just make sure that everything is shipped to a proper address. And that it arrives after you. A lot of people, expecting that shipping will take weeks, order items only for them to arrive before they actually moved. So, make sure you avoid that mistake.

    moving discounts when forwarding mail
    You can get a lot of moving discounts by forwarding your mail

    Forward your mail to get moving discounts

    Forwarding your mail is something that you should do every time you move. It’s not just bills that arrive by mail. And all those letters will probably end up being thrown away by the new tenants. But, did you know that by simply forwarding you mail you can get some pretty nice moving discounts? The United States Postal Service provides many discounts exclusively for people who are moving changing their address.

    You can forward your mail in two ways. You can do it do old-fashioned way by going to the post office. Or you can do it online for $1. Either way, it will bring you hundreds of deals and discounts.

    These discounts cover almost everything you can imagine. You can get a percentage discount for kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, household items and so much more. Or you can get fixed discounts on clothes, beds, tables and so on. Some coupons will arrive by mail after you move, while others will be applicable right away.

    When looking for these discounts it’s best to start your search with terms like “change of address discounts”. And it’s sometimes better to wait and use those discounts than buying things right away. You will regret it if you buy something only to get the discount coupon for it a few days later.

    the importance of timing when getting moving discounts
    There are many ways to get discounts, but timing is important

    How to make the best use of these discounts

    Simply getting moving discounts doesn’t mean that you will get to use them. So, timing is precious here. To start with you should find a moving company that offers discounts. Either because you are moving during a slow period. Or because you are or have served in the military. Then, use your AAA to get discounts on moving supplies and everything else that you will need right away.

    After you move, wait a few days before you start buying items for your new home. Wait for the mail and email coupons to arrive. In the meantime, you can search for stores that offer discounts based on your change of address with the USPS.

    Some of these discounts can also be used to save money when moving your business. A lot of moving companies offer deals to moving businesses in order to form long-lasting relationships.

    When visiting websites that offer discounts, both related to moving and not, it’s a good practice to use incognito mode. A lot of websites track your visits. So using incognito can lower prices by hiding your true identity.