Moving during summer months – what you should know

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    Don’t be surprised if you are starting to see a lot of moving trucks lately! Did you know that 70 percent of all relocations take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend? This window of time is, in fact, “peak moving season”. And it has officially started! Unfortunately, moving during the summer monthsalthough it’s popular – is a complicated undertaking. Note that you will probably have to deal with pricier moving services. And you’ll also have to gear up for this sweltering and humid weather. Remember, moving furniture and lifting heavy boxes in the scorching sun is a very difficult task. To help you out, Purple Heart Moving Group experts are sharing some amazing tips for moving in this summer’s heat. Read on and stay cool throughout your relocation!

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    To avoid overheating, be sure to prepare a lot of water bottles with you for the move.

    Get moving earlier in the day

    If you want to beat the heat, then do not try moving during summer afternoons. Especially if you live in a peculiarly sweltering climate. When moving during summer months, it’s always best to aim for an early morning relocation. Generally speaking, the intensity of the sun and UV rays are most powerful from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. So relocating during this time window is not ideal. Usually, early mornings are much cooler (hopefully there will be a 10-degree difference or more). Most moving services Miami will prefer to get started in the morning anyway. But if this is not possible, we suggest choosing a different move date – one where the movers can opt for a morning start.

    Wear lighter clothing

    Firstly, make sure you’re wearing lightweight, loose-fitting outfits made of breathable fabric. We suggest cotton or linen because these materials absorb sweat and moisture. They allow faster evaporation, which means you‘ll stay dry during the move. Avoid synthetic fabrics, such as rayon and polyester.

    Secondly, choose light-colored clothing when dressing for relocation. Black and dark-colored clothing only attract more sunlight.

    When moving during the summer months, you should douse yourself in sunscreen! Make sure you thoroughly cover your face, neck, ears, shoulders, arms, hands, feet and legs. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher works the best. Your cheap movers Florida will be wearing it at all times! Get one that is water-resistant, and apply it 15 minutes before going outside. But don’t forget to reapply every two hours to remain protected.

    Finally, wear sunglasses and a hat!

    Have a full day’s supply of bottled water

    If you’re not hydrating and nurturing your body with enough H2O, you could feel some severely undesirable symptoms of dehydration. But if you make sure to bring a cooler of bottled water, your movers will be very thankful. If you need to save money, you should also get extra paper cups and ask everyone to utilize the tap water.

    Portable fan for Moving during summer months
    Having a portable fan handy will help you stay cool which is a crucial thing during a summer move.

    Be aware that not all items can handle the heat well

    • When packing up your belongings, be aware that not everything will fare well while sitting in a hot moving truck for hours. Maybe some of your items even have the potential to melt. That is why you need to make sure to pack these precious belongings (especially electronics) separately. Finally, you need to get them inside the air-conditioned house as soon as you can.
    • First of all, be aware of overheating symptoms. Exposure to high temperatures is dangerous. Stay aware of any signs of overheating and heat-related illnesses. Watch out for elevated body temperature, headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, fainting, muscle cramps, seizures, and general confusion.
    • If you or anyone with you on moving day starts showing any of these symptoms, remove yourself or them out of the sun and heat. Get under the air conditioning as soon as possible. If any of this happens, drink plenty of water, lie down (to avoid passing out and hurting yourself). Or if you need to, take a cool shower or dab yourself with cold towels.

    If moving during the summer months, expect to pay more

    Did you know that summer is usually the most costly time to move? And that’s a fact. Everything from moving supplies to reputable movers is in high demand during the “peak moving season”. Since school is out for the summer, families with school-age children decide to move during this time more easily. College students move into and out of their dorm rooms at the beginning and ending of the summer. Many people think the weather is great for relocating as well. There are also fewer holidays to worry about. All of these mean you’ll likely have to pay more if moving during summer months.

    Remember to turn the AC on in your new home

    The last thing you want is to arrive at a house that is hellishly hot. Make sure you turn on your utilities prior to the move. Cooling down your new home when relocating during the summer months will make the transition much more seamless.

    If moving during summer months, avoid the holiday weekends

    This way there be less moving companies and truck rentals available to aid you with the upcoming relocation. However, it is so much more costly to move during a summer holiday weekend. Not to mention, traffic will most likely be in a deadlock. Therefore, summer holiday weekends to avoid if moving in the summer include Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

    A white alarm clock showing 7 o'clock
    Avoid the high temperatures by starting your move early in the morning.

    Ready for moving during the summer months?

    Moving in the summer heat is much more streamlined when you have professionals to help with the heavy lifting. Lucky for you, you have found the best moving company to conduct your summer move. Purple Heart Moving Group has an extensive network of reputable and reliable movers. Contact us because we are a licensed and insured relocation company, which means you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands.