Moving from Florida to Canada – how to prepare?

    A truck on the road

    Moving from Florida to Canada is no small deal. A lot is going on there and a lot of preparation should be done. Long-distance moving can sometimes be overwhelming. But we are here to help and advise on how to be prepared for such things.

    Hire movers for a successful move

    This is a move that will require some of the best long distance movers Florida. It would be a lot more difficult to try moving from Florida to Canada on your own. Moving companies will have your back on large scale relocations such as this one. You will have a lot less to worry about. Your stress levels will be lower and you will have the time and focus to plan out the rest of your move. Moving companies often give great deals if you call in advance. Especially if it is your first time moving, calling a few months in advance is crucial. You will have the time you need to ask around, choose the best movers for you, and make a deal. Take your time to choose the company you want to go with. Long-distance moves need to be handled properly.

    Moving from Florida to Canada means renting a storage unit

    When you moved to Florida you probably stashed your winter wardrobe somewhere in your unit. Moving from Florida to Canada means getting all of that back with you. And once you are at it, purge your storage unit and declutter of all that is unnecessary. Moving and storage Florida have you covered on your storage needs. If you have stashed your winter clothes properly, you can just relocate it along with the rest of your items.

    But if you have stored it in a hurry you may need to find, unpack and wash it first. Packing them along with your clean clothes will only create a bigger mess. Send them off to dry cleaning if you are too busy to do it yourself. Or just divide the tasks between family members and have them do the laundry. Either way, do not forget your winter clothes. If you have excess clothes you can donate or rent a storage unit in Canada to store it.

    A storage unit you need to declutter before Moving from Florida to Canada
    Take care of your items in your storage before moving from Florida to Canada

    Declutter before packing

    Moving long distance is not easy at all. But it would be a tad easier if you declutter first. Moving fewer items will make the move faster and cheaper as well. You will need fewer supplies and maybe even a smaller moving truck. Decluttering your home will give you a fresh start that you deserve. Learn how to relocate with ease and manage everything like a pro. Call some friends and family to help if the workload seems overwhelming. Start from the most cluttered areas in your home and proceed room by room. You can use the excess boxes to pack for your relocation as well. What you have separated as clutter you can toss, sell, or donate if you want. Whatever suits you best, just keep in mind the time you have to do it. Starting your day early is crucial when it comes to moving. And yes, we know it is exhausting, but it is only for a short period.

    a cluttered home
    You need to declutter your home before moving

    Moving from Florida to Canada means buying quality supplies

    Having enough supplies, and good ones, can really ease your moving process. The goal here is to secure items for relocation or storage as much as possible. Moving from Florida to Canada is a long way to go for you and your belongings. So we need to keep them from breakage. Only start buying your supplies after you have decluttered your home. That way you will know how much actually to buy and you won’t spend excess money. Moving from Florida to Canada means acquiring supplies like:

    1. Moving boxes
    2. Plastic containers
    3. Packing paper
    4. Peanuts
    5. Tape

    Ask your friends for some help

    If you are moving on your own you will need some additional supplies and helpers who will do the heavy lifting for you. Moving dolly, for example, is a tool that will ease the moving of a heavy object. Make sure you have enough supplies for your relocation. And always double-check how you have packed. The items need to be as secure as possible. The material damage can be greater than the pricing of some quality supplies. If you are on a tight budget call some friends to check if they have some supplies they did not use. You can also find boxes in your local store for free. Things such as blankets and towels you can use as padding to keep your stuff protected.

    people talking
    You can always ask your friends for help

    Make sure to arrange your paperwork

    Dealing with paperwork requires a lot of time and patience. It always seems like you are missing out on something and it is never-ending. To avoid another frustration like that, start managing it on time. Start as early as possible so that you are sure you have everything settled. Settling relocation paperwork in Canada may be dull, but you can get through this.

    Moving from Florida to Canada means you will need to do your research on the mandatory paperwork. What you will need for sure are your medical and vet records. Find suitable doctors to transfer them to. Also do not forget to change your address and manage your subscriptions. You do not need to pay what you do not use. Keep track of everything you have settled already and a to-do list as well. It will help you focus and remember everything you need to do.

    Moving from Florida to Canada is a long but fun road to take on. With a little help from your movers, friends, and us you can manage it without any issues. Make sure to start on time and plan everything ahead. A plan is a critical part of the move and will make it a whole lot easier for everybody. Good luck with your trip!