Moving from Florida to NYC- what to expect

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    There are new opportunities waiting for you in NYC. Moving from Florida to NYC will be the best decision that you can make. Because of that decision you are on the way to change your life entirely. Florida and NYC are two beautiful opposites and you need to be prepared to make that kind of change.

    Preparing the ‘BIG MOVE’

    Regarding, we can say that moving isn’t an easy task. It is a complicated process, takes a lot of things to think about and plan. But, worry no more! Your guide and moving guru is here. Florida movers will organize the moving process for you. As you can see this is important because you will need someone to take care of the situation from the beginning.

    Our company is a moving company with experience in a long-distance move. Therefore, we will be at your side step by step in this process.

    Packing your home to NYC

    This moving procedure that you have set as a goal is demanding. You need to find a moving company that has to move your entire home to New York City. Moving from Florida to NYC requires that your things be carefully packed, in special fitting boxes. Therefore, our packing services Florida is at your service. As professional movers, we have the necessary know-how. When we see the number of your belongings, we will determine exactly what kind of boxes do you need and what size of boxes.

    We will personally take care of your technics and fragile things. Your pieces of furniture, arts, and valuable items will be specially cared for. They will be packed and ready to be transported to New York City and we will take your belongings to your doorstep.

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    We will take care of your thing while moving from Florida to NYC

    Storage your things while moving from Florida to NYC

    Our climate-controlled storage is a proper way to store your belongings on their way from Florida to NYC. In the process of moving there can be delayed, breaching the deadlines because moving from Florida to NYC is at first, moving to another state. But don’t’ worry, we can offer our storage units in Florida for a reasonable rental price.

    Calculate your costs of moving from Florida to NYC

    In this particular process, it is necessary to be aware of the budget that you have set for moving. Call us right now and get your free estimate moving quotes! In order to get them, all you need to do is to submit your request to our website and we will get in touch as soon as possible. We will make the best offer for your long-distance moving from Florida to NYC.

    Moving from Florida to NYC

    New York City is maybe the biggest city in the world and one of the most populated. Moving from Florida to NYC takes the driving route of estimated 1.142 miles, but by air, the distance is estimated 996 miles. So, as you can see it is a demanding long-distance move.

    Climate Florida vs. New York City

    Moving from Florida to NYC you are leaving a nice, warm wheater and you are entering boots and deep winter terms in NYC. Florida has a history of hurricanes, it’s that kind of area. But, on the other hand, Florida is also called ‘the sunny state’. New York City has a much more stable four-season climate, cold strong winters, and hot summers. Yes, they are on the same coast, but as you can see they are very different.

    Structure of Florida vs. New York City

    Florida is rich with palm trees and flowers, vast land terrains that don’t have hills. The sun is mostly present in the air and it baits the houses and trees. On the other hand, New York City has parks, forests, and rivers, but at the same time, it is a jungle of concrete and glass, high skyscrapers. It is a mixture of greenery and solid concrete. In the beginning, it will be hard for your senses to comprehend moving from Florida to NYC.

    Traffic problems in New York City

    You will always remember how driving a car in Florida used to be fun. While you were driving to the beach, your hair was in the wind, the sun was shining on your face, and you listened to your favorite music. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Because New York City has a shocking traffic rush, we can recommend to you that you leave your vehicle to your family. It will be a complete disaster if you are planning to move there and take your vehicle with you. Because parking is a problem. Traffic as well is a serious problem. You will probably need to change the driving license, because of different regulations in New York City. You need to be aware that moving from Florida to NYC will possibly change your life.

    Traffic is a serious headage

    How to ‘get from point A to point B‘ in the New York City

    New York City is a big ticking arteria. If you need to get to a specific location, you will need to use a taxi or public transportation. But if your destination is not so far away and you decide to go there on foot, you can be sure that it is the healthiest and the quickest way. Please, surround yourself with patience and calmness. These are necessary tools for living in New York City. Maby moving from Florida to NYC can be healthy for you.

    Walking is an easy way to get where you need

    Differences in lifestyle Florida vs. New York City

    During your moving from Florida to NYC do not forget to think about social moments. There are many differences between the people that live in Florida and people that live in New York City. But, business opportunities are blooming in NYC. If you didn’t know, New Yorkers have a good standard. In the hotels, restaurants, beauty salons and transportation is expected of you to be generous and give tips. Tips are for the doorman, for a taxi driver, hair specialist, sellers in stores, for housekeeping, etc. But, beware, they calculate taxes on the prices of many services or goods that you buy in stores or supermarkets. It is always transparent on the bill as a number with a different percentage. Get to know with them and do not be surprised!