Moving in spring – pros and cons

    When it comes to planning a move, some things first come to mind as the most important ones. Hiring a good, reliable moving company such as the great Florida movers which can make your move a smooth ride is one of those. Another one is to make sure that you have packed all of your belongings in an efficient way. One that is always around is also choosing a good moving date. That may sound like a simple task, but in reality, it is not really like that. Sure, it is possible to look at a calendar and just pick a date. However, that way you increase chances of something unfortunate happening. Choosing the right season of the year for your move can make a really big difference on several levels. Before you is the list of the pros and cons of moving spring.

    orange petaled flowers
    Weather conditions can be super comfortable during spring

    Pros for moving in spring

    There are many pros to moving in spring. The main ones are the increased availability of movers and better prices, as well as nice weather conditions.

    • Movers will offer more dates and will be cheaper – Movers pay a major role in almost every move. They are your number one allies when the time comes to move to a new home. If you decide to move in the spring, then you will have better luck with them. The peak of the season is in the summer, so during spring, it will be easier to book them. You will basically have a larger number of free dates which will make your life a lot easier. Also, their prices are likely to be lower which is always good news.
    • Weather may be perfect for moving, plus the roads will be safer – This is an often underestimated factor, but it is a really important one. While you won’t be actually walking through the rain with your things, because you will hire someone like movers Hallandale Beach offers, you will still want appropriate weather conditions. Spring can provide you with the perfect moving conditions. If you manage to avoid rain, it will not be too hot or cold. In fact, you may get perfect weather conditions. This also means that you will have an easier time on roads due to ice and snow being gone. Also, they will not be as crowded, thus lowering the risk of traffic jams.

    Cons of moving in spring

    As is the case with all things, there are also downsides to moving during spring. The most important ones are the fact that the weather can be unpredictable and that you are in the middle of the school year.

    white lightning
    Weather is slightly unpredictable which can complicate things
    • Weather can betray you – If there is one thing that spring is known about besides the nature blooming and coming to life is that storms and rains are quite a normal occurrence in this time of year. While you will miss out on the snow and ice, rains can be as ruinous at times. Getting your boxes and furniture through rain is far from an ideal way of moving your belongings. You can damage or even break some of your items, but even worse, you can end up hurting yourself.
    • The middle of the school year -Even if you are not a parent, it is a fact that society, in general, gets its chance to take a breath and rest during spring or (to a lesser extent) during winter. That is why people generally prefer moving during the summer. This is an even bigger issue if you have kids or you are a student yourself. Leaving in the middle of a semester is never a good thing for one’s studies. It can have quite a negative effect, especially on smaller children.

    How do other seasons fare when it comes to moving?

    While we have gone through the pros and cons of moving in spring, we would be amiss not to mention the other seasons and their pros and cons. Depending on where you are moving to, which season is perfect for you may very well vary. Every season, for instance, like summer has its own precautions that you have to undertake in order to make the move a smooth one. The best season for moving to Florida is not the same as when you are moving to Alaska. Each season deserves a text of its own, so here we will just go through the basics of each of them.

    Moving in spring has pros and cons like every other season
    Every season has its own pros and cons

    So what does each of them bring?

    • Summer – The season following spring, summer is arguably the most popular of all the season when it comes to moving. There are some good reasons for it, of course. Firstly, you generally do not have to worry about the weather since the sun will be there the whole time.  Then, the days last longer which is always a great thing when you have work to do. On the other hand, there are precautions you should take. Furthermore, summer is the peak of the season, so movers are all busy. It would cost more and it would be less easy to find a good moving date.
    • Fall – Fall is kinda similar to spring. Weather is not as warm during the summer, nor as cold as during winter. However, it can be really moody, so rain may surprise you. Movers are less busy so it is easier to make arrangements and generally cheaper. Furthermore, it would be noticeably easier to find a suitable moving date.
    • Winter – Winter is perhaps the most underrated of all the seasons. Yes, winters are, for the biggest part of the country cold and windy, but that is not all they are. Winter may be the perfect season for moving in Florida because it is not as warm, but it mostly retains its maneuverability for vehicles and carrying boxes and furniture. Movers also have less work to do, so it will be easier to find a good moving date.